Thursday, December 29, 2005


well i have not posted for a while, so here goes a brief summary because im not really in the mood for explaining all that, yea i guess im not a hardcore deticated blogger, o well i have a life and i dont have sex with my cd rom drive. moving on...... xmas in mississippi was cool. the state is devistated from katrina, and i knew it all along, but i got to see first hand that its truley worse than new orleans. it sucked for everyone, but pure damage, mississippi takes the cake. which brings me to my next point, have you heard them bitching and complaining and all over the news like NO residents? not as much or a hell no are the 2 answers to that. they are patient, and waiting and acting like normal people, REBUILDING. anyways, xmas rocked, and it was good to see everyone. leslie is back in tampico mexico, and i miss her, i had a lot of fun hanging out with her, and i really started to like her before she left. o well, shes back in 1 year to study at UH so we will see what happens then. work is work, picking up and im working everyday now,and tax season starts jan 2nd, and we go live on the 2nd. MONDAY BABY! im actually excited because i want to see how our company is going to do this year with all of our marketting and new offices. i hope we make a killing! my friends and i have been gathering ideas and building maps for a trip for next year. looks like costa rica is pretty much out of the option because of rising plane tickets and other concerns. looks like we are now opting for a mexico road trip and surf trip/vacation. maybe like 2 or 3 weeks, camping and hanging out all over mexico pacific coast, from San Blas in Nayarit to maybe Ixtapa down in Guerrero. that would be one helluva trip. well im going to Swig tonight with some old friends for some drinks, should be fun. I havent seen these guys in a long long time and this little hangout is much overdue.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Off to mississippi

Well I'm driving rite now to mississippi for 3 days to spend with my
family, and yes I'm typing this while I'm driving haha. Well the past
week has been a little crazy! I have been hanging with leslie and rami a
lot. Well leslie is leaving back for mexico on the 26th and it kinda
sucks, I had a really good time hanging out with her. I got a rough
10-15 days coming up wen I get back because now it is party and ping
pong time 100%. We are moving into our apt on feb 1st and I'm very
excited. So I have been debating a lot with myself if I should buy a
sport bike (motorcycle) or take my surfing trip and save the rest of the
money. I really wanna bike but I dunno, I love surfing too much. Work is
driving me crazy! This damn printer keeps messing up in this offices and
all the computers keep screwing up bad wen they try and print, giving
all kinds of wierd errors. I'm starting to think the printer is bad, a
refurbished hp laserjet 4000.ehhh. Yay I'm 18 miles fro layfeyette, the
half way point. Ok I'm getting off my phone. Later everyone

Thursday, December 15, 2005

End of finals

Well yesterday was the end of my finals. I'm a little worried about my
math class but I think I got it. I hope I will find out tomarrow. I
still have 2 more tests to complete for my online class but they
shouldn't be too ahrd. Last nite I went with leslie to agora and then
ginger man in rice village. We had a pretty good time. At ginger man I
tried a beer from mexico I have not had called bohemia. It was pretty
good. They have a lot of different types of beer from all over the
world. Well work is crazy rite now, and I don't know if I get to go to
mississippi and see my family. I really hope I can get overe there for
at least 3 days or sumthing but I dunno. Well I'm outa here I'm still at

Monday, December 12, 2005


Well we arw drunk at mollies. Rami and u are celebrating our app 4 an
apt. Josh is here and we are drunk. I'm bout to pick up leslie a girl
from tampico but her sister is not very good at directions. We are going
to starbucks cause rami has to do an audit and he's drunk hahahah. Damn
this is rockin. Hahahaha omg yea and here is a pictire of josh from the
piture. Later all

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Great News!

I have sum awsome news for everyone, rami and I are like 95% sure we got
our apt. We finnaly picked one and got a pretty good deal. Its a pretty
nice place and if everything goes smooth, we should be in by end of jan.
Sooooooo we are def having a party to break in the place. EVERYONE OF
YOU ARE INVITED!!!!!! Haha well u know who u are. Ok I'm, time 4 more

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

School work sucks

Well we are at the end of the semester and the work load is piling up.
There is no way in hell I can finish all of this but I'm gonna give it
one heck of a shot. I have a math test tomarrow. Then another 2 tests in
my comp class thena final. Then a math,art,and philosophy final.
Ahhhhhhhhh. Plus there is still a lot of chapter home work in comp class
and math class. O well just 4 more days of class. I can't wait till the
end of this semester. I think I mite get the chance to go see my older
bro and real father in mississippi along with my grandparents there and
such. Gonna be pretty cool. Sabina and I and possibly rami are planning
a "get smashed" nite as soon as school is done. This will be much
needed! Ok well I'm at work and on my phone.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Bad day

Well rami and I went around on 1960 2day looking 4 apartments. Wow wat a
waste. We didn't find anything we liked or want to afford. *sigh* now we
ate cici's and we are drinking sum beer and ping pong at mollies. Well
I'm back to the game. Later

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Omg I'm drunk

Hahahah fuck I'm drunk with damien. His girlfriend is driving. Alvero
just called damien and I swear to god he just said we are ' AOL '
INSTEAD of MIA lol. Hahahah damn this is fun. Here is a dark ass pic of

Wow too much

Omg this guy I have known since like 8th grade is like borderline
alcohol poisening. Shieeeettttt. Here is a pic

Friday, November 25, 2005


Ok well this party is a tad redneck but fuck it I'm not driving and we
have a 1.75 of bacardi. Gonna be fun yeeehhaaaaawwww.

Off to alvero's

Well I just met up with damien and we are off to alvero's house for a
party. I haven't seen alvero in a long ass time and this is gonna be
pretty cool. Ill post later

Teague texas

Well I'm with my grandparents and we are in teague texas looking for
furniture. This town looks very old and has a neat little mainstreet.
This town is a tad bigger I think than the town I'm staying in with my
grandparents. I'm not even getting cell service and it has been spotty
since I got up here. Hehe when I can even send this email from my phone
is uncertain. Ill send some more pictures later.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The never ending card game

Ahhhh man this game of skipbo is never gonna end! So what is the rule, u
have to elim ur pile and ur done? Or do you have to get rid of the pile
ur hand and all discard? I suggested the rule that u have to win by
eliminating all 3 because I think that's how my grandmother made me
play. Now this is backfiring and this game will not end. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

In fairfield

Well I'm up here with my grandparents in fairfield, a little ways south
of dallas. We just had lunch and it was pretty good. We are over at a
friend of my grandparents house and right now we are playing skipbo. Man
I love this game and it reminds me of wen I used ro play with my
grandmother in mississippi. I can't wait to go see them this xmas.
Anyways ill post later maybe if I have enouh signal cause I'm out in the
boonies right now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

At mollies 1960

Well we are here at mollies on 1960 and kuykendahl 'i think I spelled
that rite'. I'm with rami and my surfing bud charlie. Ahhh I'm loosing
every game of ping pong to rami and this is ridiculous. Ahhhhhhhh update
a neq challenger to rami looks like he's gonna get put in his place.
Finally someone is gona beat him. Shit but now we lose control of the
table. Well anyways, shit is crazy right now. I think sandy hates me.
*sigh* I really need to get back to who I really am, and stop hurting
people. Anyways I mite post later


Hahaha well my cousins are in town for thanksgiving. We are here at the
park and josh keeps eating it on the monkey bars ands hilarious. Ahhh
lol bout the only thing good going on right now. The rest of everything
is all messed up and ahhh everything is crazy. Well I'm taking off for
my grandfathers tomarrow and I'm gonna chill with him for a couple of
days. Ill post again later

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On my way home

Well I'm off work now. Here's a picture I took while in traffic. Good
ole houston

shes gonna hate me for forever

the title should sum it up. janna will hate me for forever, and i dont think that there is anything i can do about it. i dont expect to ever talk to her again. all i can do is just try to learn from this, and never make the same mistakes again. janna if you read this, i really am sorry for everything that has happened between us, and i mean that, i really do. i really would do anything to take back all the things i did, hell maybe even take back meeting you, just to save u somehow from my destructive path. goodnight everyone

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Just messing around

Hahhahaha man I love this thing

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Good times

Well I'm heading back rite now with my dad and his g/f from my cousins
goin away party. He's leavin monday for the navy. Anyways we had a good
time. Janna and I worked out all our crap I guess I guess we will see as
time passes. Ahh man so 4 tonite I guess we will just see what happens.
I'm kinda in the mood for sum liqour and getting fucked up but we will
see. Well I mite post later.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ahhhh damn

well im home from work, and sitting here now about to start on the homework. amazing how that works isnt it? anyways, im really excited about te end of the semester coming up. I cannot wait! i think im going to head to mississippi to visit my family from like 19-27 or something, but then i have to hurry back in time for work. we go live on janurary 3rd i think, so i gotta be ready. im also excited because im moving to 1960 (north houston) area soon, and thats going to be a big change. no more sharing a room, living with my parents, and i dunno. im really looking forward but im kinda sad at the same time that im finally leaving. i am however very happy that i will and should be leaving on a good note, and i think thats a major plus. i have been cauught up in a bit of drama lately with janna and we are currently not talking. im really hoping this can be worked out but who knows at this point. i think its best that we just stay away from each other right now. im not sure where the future of our friendship lies, but im very concerned with this. i keep having this reoccuring thought that why should i continue to be friends with a friend that i hurt so much? should i just do thr right thing, and not talk to them for their own good? i know that probably sounds super cheesy but it is the damn truth. for one of the first times ever, i finally realized that my actions and hurt i cause her are seriously double edged. not only does it affect her life, but it is starting to affect mine as well from guilt and grudges i hold against myself for causing so much shit in another persons life. i dunno, i really hope i can work all of this out because im going crazy. i dunno..........ahhhhhhh, i could really use a change of scenery, get outa here lol but i cant right now. too bad, would be perfect timing. back to philosophy homework. gotta have something to distract me

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First post w/ sidekick

Well here is my first post w/ my sidekick. I'm bored and waiting 4 my
next class. This is goin 2 start gettin fun I can see it already. Ok
class is starting I'm out

new toy

well i switched over to tmobile today. im done with verizon. yes they do have an amazing network, but with the amazing network, comes the bill and they just pull some shady stuff in general. so i bought the sidekick2 which rocks btw, and i have full unlimited internet, email, aim, and txt on it, and all i gotta say is it rocks!!! i have set up this blog so i can now post from my phone, along with pictures from it! this is gonn aget VERY interesting i can tell. well im off to bed. later everyone

Monday, November 14, 2005

on the roller coaster again

it seams that i cannot keep myself off the damn roller coaster of life long enough to enjoy myself these days. as soon as i clear myself of some pending drama, try and recollect my thoughts and move on, WHAM, heres another thing coming. funny thing is, well maybe not so funny but one has to laugh out of frustration, anger, and depression; i think that i cause the better half of everything that is going on. my actions are slowly backfiring and absolutely destroying my life. i think i need to take a serious timeout from everyone, step back, and sit and think. have some long serious thoughts about what im doing, why im doing it, and who im affecting. i dont like this any bit, so i need to take some action fast. as for everything else, i made a 76 on my math test i was stressing hardcore about, which is a good grade for how bad i have screwd that class up. so i took the initive and i didnt drop, and im going to stick it out no matter what happens, and im GOING TO PASS! anyways, i gotta get going. off to help a friend with a paper. later

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


well i havent posted in a while, and i dont really have the time now, but i figured i could take a quick 5 min break from my homework. well school is officially killing me. to rephrase that, i slacked, and that lead up to the pile of school work, so working backwards here, i killed myself. this seems to be never ending. the fact is it isnt that bad, but i have alot of online homework which usually takes a while. i also have a bunch of tests in my online class i need to get finished before i pass the final date to take them. i have a huge math test on friday and i dunno, its gonna be hard. if i dont pass, then im gonna have to drop the class, to take it again next semester for the 4th time. damn i really need to study more and stop playing around if i ever plan on graduating. amazing when you know your problem, and school is easy if you would just to do the work, and you are throwing away money and time and your future because u slack too much. ahhhh anyways. i have been hanging out with an old friend i havent seen in ages. her name is sandy and i know her from like the 1st/2nd grade. shes cool as shit and i really like hanging out with her. so yea, well that was a quick update, and now im back to my homework. ahh btw, i got a freaking ticket today, for expired registration and expired inspection. gonna be a big one, im estimating at around 300 after ticket and getting it all taken care of. well that is the price i pay. later everyone

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

lol another interesting night

well this night is proving to be the most interesting thing of all. well lets start with last night, janna finally found out some of those regrets i always mention, and well lets just say, it didnt go so well, but we are talking again now, and i think everything is ok. man if i can just manage to stop screwing up her life, and just be friends with her. i dont understand it at all! well as for tonight, rami is trying to hookup with this cute girl that he met at his work, and well, as a little joke and for some fun, he called me with her on the line (3way of course lol) and hes like "david, she just broke up with me for the 3rd time. jennifer, tell him why you broke up with me" and well we had a little conversation for a while and it was nice, and i kept trying to get information out of her as to why she is backing down from rami etc. anyways, rami gets josh on, and then joe on. josh leaves, and its just us 4 again, joe, rami, me ,and her. well she gets tired of the barrage of questions or whatever and she left. so rami like called her back in or something, and shes like, yea im on the other line with some friends, and i dont wanna talk anymore. so rami clicks back in, and we are all talking about her,and guy talk. we are trying to analyze the situation, and joe starts saying some crazy shit like, "well dude, fuck her and leave her, and if she doesnt wanna fuck then leave her anyways. move on man u are wasting time" (joe is gay btw). anyways, that is not rami's goal at all, but i said "dude, shes got a kid man, and i dont think she is gonna go for like a light, nothing serious, no commitments relationship. shes looking for a replacement father etc. be careful ur ass gonna be buying diapers and enfamil" blah blah this goes on for some time, then we all disconnect and go about our merry ways. rami calls me like 15 min ago, and well, she pretty much was on the line, and she heard EVERYTHING. well i think this is funny as hell, i mean im seriously hysterical over here. it was mean, but not with bad intentions, we were all just being very realistic and discussing the situation at hand, probably something she should not have heard. hell def. something she should not have heard. i dont know if this makes me an asshole to my readers, particularly female persuasian if there are any, but i know myself, and i know im not an ass. the conversation was a summary of ideas thrown out, from the logic to the highly illogic but just to give rami ideas and broad spectrum of things to consider, because you never really know someone, until they show true colors. anyways, he's got a shitstorm to deal with. i feel bad for her, but hell, its like when u talk with other family members about the fat family member and what they should be doing to fix their problem or the mother should be doing to help or something, and they accidentally hear. lol o well. nothing can be changed. lol PRAY FOR RAMI. and steph and damien, we gotta do something, im down for anything. ill let you guys know on a date. ill call ya tomarrow damien.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


well im home from an interesting night out. i met up with chris and adam some good friends of mine. they were having a huge fucking party at adams uncles house, and hooters gfirls everywhere. yes im a tad drunk, and im trying my absoluyte best to gwet this in correctly well close anyways. anyways i had a goods time, then frove back to conroe and had some mutha fucking IHOP BABY!!! hahha i love that place when im drunk. i got hit on by thier gay waiter friend they know, dammit. im nbot GAY!! janna called me, and someone slipped shit in her drink, we know this for sure do the absolute very smalll amount she drank, and she was BARLEY coherent wen she called. her friend called me 20 min later and shes not coherent at all, but was home with her, and was eating. fucking a, i jhate pussy bitches who gotta do that shit to girls to get some play. if you are one of these little bastards, i serioulsy hope you get whats coming to you one day. hell in fact ill help bring it, post a reply on my comment thing, anf we can meet up you childish sack of shit. thats soo stupid and immature i canot begin to explain it. right now im talkign to my best friend ash from aussie land (australia) and shes beaing mean seaying i never mention her in my blog like i promised or something. lol.

BuTTs says:
hey you sed you were gunna write about me in your blog and you never did

haha well i did now didnt i hun :)

BuTTs says:
haha ok
BuTTs says:
this will be good
BuTTs says:
you will wake up in the morning and read it and laugh at yourself!!!

night everyone, and to those fuckers who messd with my ex/best friend, i hope we can meet someday, in a dark dark alley.u dont deserve to be breathing. ands ill do my best to ensure you dont take another "normal" breath again

Thursday, October 27, 2005

been a while

well it has been a while since my last one, so here goes. well the surf was ok, saturday was pretty rocking. nice lines, a little small though, waistish to occasional chest, but overall fun. i got some good rides and wore myself out. that night my bro decided to have like 12 beers and like 4 shots of vodka and drive home. he and my step sis wake me up at like 5am, and hes crying, saying something about how he wrecked his car blah blah. so i get up, and its all fucked, and then i dunno, bad shit happened with me and him. i dont want to go into all the details of his past to explain my reasons, but lets just say I HAD THEM. i got into it with him, and i punched him right in his eye, his head, and i think his face. then when he fell, i kicked him in the face a few times. this turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life recently, because the feeling following all of this was horrible!! well anyways, we made up like monday after i got outa school and everything is all good again. surf on sunday was bigger but choppy as hell with a killer NNE wind at like 15mph to 20. o well i still got some good rides, but i started to get tired and frustrated and started thinking alot about my bro, so i got out. anyways, i have just been playing catch up with school work and all that good stuff. had dinner with damien the other night, that was cool. i really wish i could hang out with him more. DAMIEN, U HEAR THAT??? WE SHOULD HAVE A BAR-B-QUE OR SOMETHING!! hhhaaha. ok im out, more homework.

Friday, October 21, 2005

surfing up ahead

well the good gods of surfing have blesses us once again with hurricane wilma. my prayers and thoughts go out to the people in mexico, cuba, honduras, and jamaica. we are already seeing solid 3ft groundswell hitting us, but florida bouys are showing a solid 12-13 ft groundswell headed toward them, its just unfair. i guess thats the gift you get to have your house destroyed. im looking forward to surfing my ass off this weekend. so as these days keep going by, im wondering more and more why im here. im kinda fucking around in school, and not doing so hot. man there just has to be some other alternative in the world, i dunno. maybe i should just stop being lazy and do it, and get out and done, and go see the world. i really need to get my act together and just toughen up. stop going to barneys for ping pong and a beer or 2, stop hanging out, stop wasting time when i could be doing my homework (haha right now) and just do it, and reap the rewards later when i can spend the whole summer, traveling and visiting some foreign land, surfing the waves of this land, sitting back in a hammock with a beer, thats the life. i have been talking alot with sabina (my friend from poland) and i really think we are approaching life the wrong way here. we have discussed the american psychology over and over, and im slowly realizing, americans dont know how to live life, simply put! we work and slave away for the dollar, out lives never really changing, nothing new happening, and we dont know how to enjoy it. ive started to connect this theory with other american problems, divorce, suicide, teenage drug use. amazing that a world a way in latin america and europe and other parts, they dont have much of these problems. life is like a stagnant, and ever tightening in this place. in costa rica it was amazing to see if the store would open for the day. that is life my friends. no wal-mart 24/7. this store opened at 2pm till 6pm, thats it hahaha. most other places closed at around 12 -2pm for afternoon siesta, like a resting time. hammocks, and beer, and fruit, and beautiful beaches, and great food and fish. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED? im gonna end with a quote from fight club, "the things you own, end up owning you" - tyler durdin

Sunday, October 16, 2005

im still alive....amazing

hahaha yes its true, i somehow made and im alive. friday night was pretty crazy. i got a lapdance and i made out with sabina, and i got pretty trashed. my bro and i had a blast with rami and everyone. the on saturday, we hit up main event and played some games and a badass game of lazertag, which he beat the shit outa me in. then we went over to tommy bahamas for some of their microbrew, and well i didnt like it that much. it tasted better the first time i had it or maybe i was just drunk lol. then saturday night came, and wow did it come. we started at barneys, played some pool. i didnt drink too much, just like 2 beers, a captain and coke, 2 kamakazi shots. then we headed to tokiyohanas, where i went friday night, and we, well mostly i and janna, got SMASHED! i dont know how much, i dont remember much, but i had ALOT. as soon as we walked in, we had a shot of 4 horsemen. then sabina came, and the group got together, me, my bro, rami, rami's coworker and her friend, sabina, janna, and like 4 of janna's friends. me and sabina and rami and cory all had another shot, then i had a mytai. then i got another shot, and then i got a drink for me and carly (janna's friend) because that night was her graduation from aveda school or something. then i remember friends of sabina's buying me a shot of yager i think, and a shot of petrone, and i pretty much dont remember much after that. i have several stories from everyone of me takign what im guessing is another 2-5 shots that they know about. wow. aparently i made out with like janna, some other girl, rami's coworker, lol i dont know but it was fucking crazy. i threw up in the bathroom of the place and all kinds of crap. they said i pretty much could not even walk out of there, and i was falling down like crazy in the parking lot hahahaha. ohhh man, then we get to the house, and my mom was awake. i was throwing up and laughing in the grass of our front yard for a while, and i ran into a treee and kept eating shit in the grass, all the while laughin and giggling and saying "im 21 yaaaayaya, im 21 and im a virgen". i do not have any clue what that meant, but i said it. then i threw up in the sink in the kitchen, and in my bathroom, and i passed the fuck out. that was pretty much my night, i didnt feel too bad the enxt day either (today). no headache, no puke, close but no. i feel a little crappy, but i have had way worse hangovers on way less drink. i dont think i will be drinking like that again anytime soon. thanks everyone for a badass 21!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005


woooo tonight is the beginning of my 21 celebration. damn im gonna have to change my profile i guess. well i think i should get a camera but damn they are such a bitch to hang onto. i think i might loose it, so i better not. my bro is here from the mississippi land, and we are about to parlay likes its mutha fuckin 1999 in this bitch........... but first comes dinnerrrrrrrrrrrrr. im out. ill post later, if im able and coherent.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

more pictures

WOOO more costa rica pictures. man i want to get on a bus right now, and get outa here. im on the phone with sabina, and she is just tempting me to get outa here like tonight style. damn. i know what im doing in my life right now is not what i want, i know it is not the right thing. damn why am i so afraid?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

police today

well as it just so happens, the beating in new orleans is something i have been talking about for a while. im really getting scared of police today. i think, and i will carry this thought to the grave, that they are a bunch of gun toting fucks that swing their weight around while they drive around all day, making their measly salery in true high school diploma fasion, while they fuck with innocent people. "The confrontation came as the New Orleans Police Department — long plagued by allegations of brutality and corruption — struggles with the aftermath of Katrina." i too was a victom of this shit in New Orleans, and its BULLSHIT! i was attempting to get into a strip club when i was there for my first time, and i had been declined all night. when finally i had a chance, we went to to get my older brothers friends, and then we tried, but the doorman had changed, and wham, they wouldnt let me. out of frustration,i flipped the card of the place over my shoulder when i walked off, and it seriously pissed off the doorman, and he proceded to yell shit at me in the street trying to get me to come and fight him. i just stood there, and laughed my ass off with josh, cory's (my older bro) friend. the doorman then walked to a new orleans police officer and told him what happened, which was obviously NOT A CRIME! i proceded to walk off, and then they grabbed me from behind, jacked my wrist/arm around my back, and the officer said to me exactly these words "welcome to new orleans, your going to apologize". now, isnt that some shit. if the world ran my way, i would, and i mean this seriously, i would have shot him right in the face where he stood for that corrupted bullshit. needless to say i apoligized, or else i was headed to jail for whatever bullshit charge they would have hit me with. people wonder why the youth of today is so against government, police, and authority, well shit i wonder why. when bush and all his clowns can go golfing and fuck the entire world up over $3000 a plate dinners, i would say we are in a pretty shitty state folks. people always say, " i would never live there, that country is so corrupted". WAKE UP! YOU THINK THE USA IS ANY DIFFERENT?? and no im not some liberal guy, running my mouth. political parties are bullshit they brainwashed you with so you would pick sides. im on NO ONES SIDE. anyways, police of this nation need a wake up call. just read this is excerpt from yahoo news, about the police depts quote on the matter. "Police Superintendent Warren Riley said any misconduct would be dealt with swiftly. He noted the video showed "a portion of that incident."
"The actions that were observed on this video are certainly unacceptable by this department," Riley said.
ummmm, seriously they can all goto hell, and i wish every bit of evil shit upon them. thats all i can do when what i would really like to do to them and all their bosses would land me on death row. if any "real, honest" police or former "real,honest" police read this, im sorry if you do a good honest job every day but the rest of your idiot friends are screwing it up for you. good night

Monday, October 10, 2005

Been a while

well it certainly has been a while since i last posted. well i had a great time that night i went riding. i could have used a little more variety in the riding there, but it was much needed, and i did some big shit that tested my confidence in my skill. i have been encountering this all the time now due to the length of time that i stopped riding. i come to shit i have done before, balls to the wall, and now i have serious second thoughts for some reason, i guess im just getting older and that bulletproof sense is leaving me. well i have been working on work, haha imagine that. i have been once again, recoding certain pieces of my debt checking program trying to get it ready for roll out. I also have been looking into changing the manual database population into one fed by an access file from ODBC stuff. this is kind of new to me so im learning. i have also finished wiring my hardest store, and everything is up and running fine. i need to finish setups of antivirus and user accounts before everything is 100% operational on that side of the store. I have also been working on VNC deployments, and little html pages that will launch web browser to vnc view any desktop in my stores, nice eh? i have also been trying to keep up with school and right now i have a shitload of homework piling up before me. rami and i partied with sabina (a good friend of mine from poland) on tuesday night and that shit got fucking crazy!!!!! it was her 21st, allthough she has been drinking for some time using her polish id. for those of you who dont know, the rest of the world uses for the format dd/mm/yy. this means when displaying the date, you do day/month/year, instead of US format of month/day/year. so her birthday was october 5th, but id said 5/10/84, which for the non knowing, made her 21 back in may, and needless to say, it worked EVERYWHERE!! well im getting excited because my 21st is almost here. i will be 21 on saturday, or 12am friday hahahhaa, october 15th! this is gonna be one helluva weekend, allthough i think i have a math test on the following monday, which is just not nice at all! DAMIEN, U AND STEPH ARE INVITED, I WILL CALL YOU WITH FINAL PLANS VERY SOON! my older bro is coming from Miss. to stay with me for a couple of days, and we gonna throw this shit down!!!!! ok well, im out guys. ineed to keep up with this damn thing, but its soo hard sometimes hahaha. well hopefully i wil have a shitload of pics to post of my bday! lates

Friday, September 30, 2005

cant think of a damn title

well, that is pretty much how the night is going. i have seriously sunk to an all time low now. my head is just a fucking massive swirling of thoughts and general randomness. a chance arose for janna and i to possibly get back together, but that was quickly shot down. i have been trying to talk to her and just kinda talk about things, and i guess tonight was the night. lets start with a shitty fucking day, i woke up late and was 10 min late for my philosophy class, so i missed a reading quiz. in general im screwing up school lately. moving on... before i really loose it, janna and i went to see a movie, and im in an ultra depressed mood. so we ditch the movie because it sucks, and we discuss us on the way back to my house. ever get that feeling that u are a massive walking disaster, or fuckup might be a better term, but yea, know what im saying? i have been friends with her for the past 6 months,and i will always be a good friend to, but i will always have something in my heart for her. i cannot explain it. it seems that the more time passes and we remain friends, i realize what i really threw away, well, on my grand scale of fuckups, litterly nuked it. she pretty much told me all of my "wonderful" things i tend to do, that makes her not want to be in a relationship with me, not that i can say i blame her after what i heard. not really super super bad shit, but little things that make a person feel like they are not #1 in your life, add up fast. not to mention, i cheated on the girl. i know, i know. i know what you are thinking. yes, i have already thought of drowning myself in the toilet. so, with this new load of shit, i move on. i sit here, typing this, wondering what step to take next. i dont believe in suicide, i think thats for cowards, but i do believe in CRAZY shit to get one through a rough moment. its always in these crazy times, or whatever one can get himself into, that one can learn to define oneself, and understand the nature of his depression, and how to defeat it. this may sound extreamly stupid, but just think about it, and you will see what i mean. its always the worst experiences of our lives, that define us as a strong or weak person. if we have mental stability, however overrated that may be. if we have physical and emotional strength, enough to pull us through, and somehow, pull everything back together into a semi coherent state. im pondering my struggle i will endure on top of what i have already, and im getting ideas. but the more i think about it, i want something random to happen, so therefore i will not be prepared and i cannot cheat my situation. i feel like im sliding off on a tangent. anyways lets get back to the topic at hand, janna and my pretty much not being the person she thought i was, or im not good enough. it almost childish, wait no....very unimportant in the grand scale of things when typing. it is when you say it out loud, several times, and then you think of what could have been, what you could be having with one of the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, and down to earth girls, and how you blew it on some scale that cannot even be described by cosmic standards. then you realize, what the meaning of those words are. you realize this is some definate turning point in your life. i cannot even explain why this is so fucking important, we were together for like maybe 5 months. i did all my giddy puppy love shit when i was like 14, trust me, i spent 2 years with a girl like 12-14, i know. im not saying she is the one by any means. its just that i hate the idea, the notion, of being like hrmmm.............99% of the fucking problem with an awsome girl and not to mention, loosing her. if i could totally remove myself from her life, and her from mine, at this point i would seriously consider it. there are not many memories that can offset this load. so what i need to do is focus. focus on not repeating the mistakes that i have made. focus on changing the shit that i do. this will take time as these things do, but better now than anther post on this fucking blog, maybe a year or 2 from now, with the same story. well now what to do what to do, to finish off the night on some grand scale. my 2 options, ping pong at barnyes with josh, and possibly rami, even thought he invited my friend (female) to come over after he gets back from the bar, and he didnt invite me. maybe im taking it too personal, i just think he knows alot more than anyone else what is going on in my life right now. but whatever. option 2, riding with my other buddy josh in downtown houston. i ride street bmx, and i love it, and tonight, im thinking i can do anything i put my mind to. pain is just an illusion. we will see, either way i will try and make it interesting to say the least. im out. goodnight my friends
ps.. vids of me and 1 of josh so far, check it out!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


well i havent posted in a while. nothing happened with rita, not a damn thing. i didnt even go surfing. ran around in it a bit drunk, but that was all. nothing is really going on, just trying to sort shit out. seems like im doing that alot lately. time to unplug again. ill post a longer one later

Monday, September 19, 2005

hello rita

well here she comes, the indefinite, ready to smite us all here on the texas coast. the sad part is, im debating on whether i would stay and ride this bitch out, because i really want to, or should i head south for good surf. dammit decisions decisions. ahh i dont know what to do. whatever my decision, i think its gonna get a little crazy around here. for those of you not paying attention, here ya go.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

If <> "tropical" then call Unhappiness()

Haha, what a fitting title, dont you think? Well i have finished my book, "In search of Captain Zero", a wonderful book about surfing and a huge road trip south of the border, ending in costa rica. I sit here, trying to collect my thoughts, and try and pull them into some sort of coherent pattern, free them from their indefinently deranged order. I feel like a kid, staring at candy in a store, completely unable to decide what i want, and knowing that my window of time is ever growing smaller. This is an exact relation to my situation currently. Im staring in that window of opportunity, school, a career, surfing, my lust for foreign lands and travel, and my window of time, the time in which i can choose to submit to my wants and desires, or stay firmly planted in my ever so stagnant social situation; is growing smaller by the day. I feel the need for a good surf to relax me, and clear my thoughts. That moment when you drop down the face, make the bottom turn, launch yourself back up the face and down the line, is the most enlightening, head clearing, of any activity i have ever done. In the book i finished he mentions the term "seahabilitation". I know i have to stay focused in school, keep my job, and somehow keep my desires in check, until i have better view and hold on life. Im already in knee-deep in day dreams in school or any other spare moment, of my next wave i will catch, on some far and distant land. Will it be mexico, riding buses all over the country, spending weeks, maybe a month surfing every point on the coast, living in tents and hammocks? Will it be El Salvador, with her luring tales of uncrowded, world-class breaks, untamed jungles, warm and friendly people, the left over gun toting militants from her bloody civil war? Will it be Panama, with her pristine waters, uncrowded breaks, and ever further into that region south that is so untamed and natural? I have the next 10 months to think and flip quarters, try and maximize my wave count and adventure. Its a long road ahead, but thats what in essence makes even the worst of travels worth it.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

costa rica pictures

and life moves on

"he just wanders around, unaffected by the winter winds and he'll pretend that he's somewhere else, so far and clear about two thousand miles from here" - Jack Johnson - Poor Taylor. That is a good summary of me and my life right now, and probably for a while. i went surfing today after class, just not that same feel as costa rica. the waves wernt working, and i was just getting frustrated but a few good rides, and i was just grateful to be in the water again. everything is moving at its own pace, me included. life is working its hands on me slowly, and i try and do like i do with the waves, and just work with it, and be one with it. its difficult to explain really, i guess im just in a little slump. there isnt really a reason for it, i just feel it. i can pull out and everything is great, but as soon as i let my mind wonder, there it is again, looming over me like a cloud. sure i have my health, im in school doing decent, i have a good job, great friends, parents, but i dunno. a part of me is missing. maybe the part of me, i left back in costa rica, when i boarded that plane. i left something there, something in that little town, on the beaches, in my hammock. maybe its a part of me i left with the people. my life is working like an old silent movie, and i go about my day, interacting where needed and wanted, and putting forth the effort to get out of bed, but somehow, im missing something in my heart. night after night i look at my costa rica pics, and i just try and remember that feeling i had when i was there, that piece of me i left, and i try and feel whole again. so many things in our lives, that we all wish we could change. i have so many, and the things i regret the most, are the people i have hurt in my past. all of these things combined, just cause this hole to grow, and become deeper, never to be filled. i keep looking at flights to costa rica, el salvador, panama, and just counting the days till im central america bound again. why is it that life and society tell us to do the things we love and want to do with our lives, but at the same time, it makes it so hard to do so? it tells us, pursue your dreams, do what you dream about, but yet it creates this invisible wall, an impenetrable force that holds us here, and keeping us "in the mix". slowly, i realize that im afraid. im afraid to pursue my dream, because our society says that our dreams are meant to be pursued, as long as they are appropriate and keep us responsible adults. im afraid to do the things i want to do with my life, because society and everyone in it will not accept my decions as being rational. the truth is, i want to run away. i want to roam the land, and explore the things that i have not seen. i want to live in a tropcial climate, and surf non stop. i want to see the world, without that "tourist" label on my head. i want to quit my job, take some time off school, and see just what is out there, and what it has to offer me. yet somehow, im afraid, and thats what saddens me so much. im afraid of my own dreams, and thats whats so damn pathetic. so here we are now, coming up on my 21st, and im still firmly planted in everything i have grown up knowing. sure i have enlightened myself way beyond normal comparison to other people, but what is enlightenment without experience? what good are these regrets i hold on to? where is my ding repair kit, to fix this hole i have in my heart? tomarrow i will wake up, and do it all over again, and live moves on.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


first and foremost, let me just say that i have had good news from my family in mississippi, everyone is ok. houses are a little screwed but everyone is ok. well...... last night, hahah where do i begin. too much to drink is a good summary of the night, i mean hell im still kinda fucked while im typing this. def buzzing right now. i got to rami's, had a shot of bacardi limon, 2 2shot screwdrivers, then off to barneys. we got there, i had a wet pussy or something, and then had a yager bomb. then i had like 2 pearl beers ($1 beer, you cant beat it hahaha), and then a kamakazi, then a beer bitch shot, then i think another pearl. learned how to play ping pong, and im fucking addicted. we left, raced some girls in a mercedes hahahaha, and then headed to wataburger. i dont remember much of the wataburger part, i feel asleep. then at rami's we are eating, and then i have another shot of bacardi limon, and i have another screwdriver. i start feeling a little wierd in my stomach. i dont even play with feeling sick, so i just forced myself to throw up in the sink, everything came out fine, and i felt great. cleaned the sink, and kept drinking. i think it might have been that greasy ass taquito that got it going hahaha. anyways, i passed the fuck out on the couch like 30 min later, it was too late for me, almost 6am. ahhhhhhhhhh anyways, wow. so whats up everyone? latest news in my life is that my bud brian i was gonna live with, well that might not be happening like i thought it would. im instead going to live with rami, and we are getting a place sometime a little around december or something. woooo im excited. everyone is invited to our parties we will have hahahaha. that means you DAMIEN AND STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok later guys im out

Friday, September 02, 2005

lucky lucky

well i havent posted in a while, not much is going on, just school and shit. i would really like to talk about the hurricane and everything that is the result of it. i almost lost a good deal of my family, i have slight confirmed reports that they are ok, nothing of their homes or anything. most of my family live in the small town of gautier, pronounced "go shay", mississippi. this is one of the coastal towns that have been destroyed. it is right next to biloxi and ocean springs. anyways, moving on, these fuckers, and i do mean FUCKERS from new orleans are starting to really piss me off. im literally thinking of grabbing my 30-06 and 22 rifle, and heading somehow to new orleans to "help" the national gaurd. this is BULLSHIT. everyone of those mother fuckers should just be shot, dont even takes names, just shoot. yes i agree relief should have been faster, i agree that blah blah, i agree with everything, but, YOU CAN ACT CIVIL. YOU ARE NOT FUCKING ANIMALS. so.....back to the same conclusion, they want to roam the streets with guns, robbing people, shooting cops... then just shoot the mother fuckers back. they want to act all hardcore and shit, oooooo big bad gangster, shoot that mother fucker. no more playing. my father is enroute to mississippi right now, with over 70 gallons of gas in th back of his truck, and may god help anyone who tries to rob him. (hes got alot of food as well, for my other grandparents, living in lucedale). i know hes carrying a pistol and a shotgun, and my little brother is with him. anyways, im thinking of going to the astrodome with a big fucking poster that says "SEND NEW ORLEANS TRASH HOME!!!!!" after i heard they are now fileing a lawsuit against houston for mis treatment and no cars/money or something like that. also being extreamly rude to houston PD. o well, such is life.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i got jipped!

well monday, i was in school, galveston was 6-8ft with offshores, totally going off cali style. i get out at 12pm, and do some work, then get ready to head to g-town around 2:30. my friend calls me, as he got there around 1:45, it totally went from 6-8ft to around 2.5-3ft, in 4 hours! damn short lived swell, i though that hurrican would churn up a little more than that. crap. well now im worried as hell about my family. i have a bunch that live in pascagoula and guitier (pronounced go-shay). guitier is like 4 miles off the coast, and pascagoula is literally a port. crap! i still cant get a hold of anyone, and im thinking the worst. if you have been readin in the news about gulfport and biloxi, the towns my family lives in are like 15 miles east of these, right on the coast, same as those. well im hoping everyone is ok. well im at work, so i gotta run. later

Monday, August 29, 2005

surfing recap

well the surf today was pretty good considering its texas surf. it was a little on the mushy side, and it could have used some more punch. hahah but we are not that fortunate enough to be in costa rica again are we? the waves today were about head high (6ft) to an occasional 1-2ft overhead (7-8ft...ur getting it! im gonna turn you all into surfers yet!). i had a good session but we all kept getting the ever living SHIT stung out of us by something called sea lice or something. damn little INVISIBLE things, i got stuck im guessing over 30 times, in EVERY place imaginable. i have never seen this but o well, i live to surf, so im not gonna let some microscopic thing ruin my day. the bouy for galveston is showing a solid 8ft groundswell hitting us, but the bouys out in the sea, close to louisianna (is that how you spell it?? waaaait, it doesnt matter anymore, haha because its GONE!) are showing us a solid 20ft groundswell headed hopefully in our direction. this does make me a little nervous but it should be ok hopefully hahaha. depending on the conditions tomarrow, i might or might not paddle out, we will have to see. well im out guys, school in the morning and its already 1:20am. lates

Sunday, August 28, 2005

parlay time hahahah

well im about to be off to rami's for a little get together. nothing big just yada yada and all that mess. so i have started riding bmx again. this is a huge joy to me as this was my primary love when i was a kid/teenager. i got pretty good at street and shit, and i was riding for like 4-6 years or something before i quit. well i have gotten my ass back on my bike, and i have been riding again and damn it feels good. anyways, we have a ncie hurricane in the gulf AGAIN, so im off tomarrow and monday for some badass surfing. well not costa rica, but hey. i have my first day of school on monday, im soooooo excited. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. well im out, time for a shower. later

Friday, August 26, 2005

its official, im retarded

well guys, its true. i have officially been diagnosed with "retardism" (not making fun of disabled people). yup, no details here, but lets just say, i hit the jackpot of retarded shit. gonna be a long road ahead

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


well....its official. i am back from costa rica. i dont even know where to start telling about the trip. costa rica is an amazing country, with some of the warmest, friendliest, and most educated people i have ever met. it is my paradise. already i am feeling sick and longing for this place i have only spent 9 days in, a mere blink of my life i have spent here in the usa/texas. how can one miss a place he has just barely experienced so badly? how can i feel so welcome and at home in a country almost 2000 miles from my home? these are the questions that i keep running through my head. i cant stop thinking about it. looking around here, and just going through my day, im in a daze i cannot pull out of. everything seems so fast, fake, and unwelcoming. i can see right through the bullshit now of everything people try and chase in america, the money, the status, the big house, the nice and fancy thing. seeing costa rica, and seeing it for how the locals live, shows me that we need none of this crap in our lives. america is full of materialistic views and beliefs, and we will work and die chasing these things. when you are dead, and 6 feet under, your house and your mercedes are not with you. anyways, i guess ill let up on that rant. the trip was amazing. as soon as we landed, we knew this was costa rica. the airport was litteraly a huge hanger thing with a big ass fan to blow air. we went through customs, grabbed our bags and boards, and went through a check. when we got outside in the front, we did not see our rental car guy. some guy supposedly called them for us, but he did not. anyways, long story short, they never got our reservation, so they picked us up, only to find out that our credit card (charlies) did not have enough balance to cover the rent and the 1500 deposit on the car. we had a bad feeling about this, but charlies dad gave us his card and it didnt work either. so already first day and disaster is striking. but we got a ride on a taxi and started making our way towards nosara. man the drive in was soo beautiful, and amazing. the best way to describe it to you, is to say it looked like they filmed jurrasic park there, and that is the damn truth. mountains covered in jungle soared over 2000 feet around us, while we drove over a plain, and into the mountains. we went through a couple of small villages, and then into nicoya. the last big one before our town. after nicoya, it was all dirt roads with big ass holes from there. the last 30-40 miles were gruesome, but fun and awsome nonetheless. just how i like it, rough style!!!! it took us around 2 maybe 2.5 hours to cover those last miles, thats how slow the pace was. dodging holes, 1 lane bridges, other cars, pedestrians, bicycles. we get our first view of the beach at playa garza, just another 10km outside of nosara (gringo village). BEAUTIFUL. anyways we get to our little hotel at dark, so most of the view would not be seen until the following morning. it gets dark VERY early in costa rica, due to closeness of the equater (i guess) and no day light savings. the sun sets 5 maybe 5:30 ish, and it is dark at 6-6:20something. so it throws you off a good bit, and you cannot figure it out. we had an excellent dinner and got to know some of the people. we stayed up for a bit and then went to sleep. the best part of this trip was that NONE of us had any watches or clocks, i highly recomend this for any vacation, it is alot of fun. we woke up at sunrise, 5:30am. the sun rises very early too, hrmmmm. also the waking factor was..... monkeys. thats right, monkeys. howler monkeys are very loud little bastards, hahaha, and they wake you up when they decide it is time to get up. not to mention some very loud birds as well. we later found out that costa rica alone is home to over 200 different species of birds! anyways we get ready to paddle out and check the surf. when we walked out to playa guiones, the surf was pretty damn big and clean. it was around 6-9 feet, which is some of the biggest i have ever been in so i was a little nervous. only charlie and i made it out, kevin shane and matt just couldnt make it out at first past the 4 foot walls of white water, and i dont blame them, they were not missing much. so now we are on the outside, after duckdiving some of the biggest waves i have ever been in , and im a little nervous, and i know i cannot ride these massive beasts. then a set comes in from the outside, pushing 15 feet. shit. i paddle for the horizon(toward the wave) like a madman, so i can hope to duck dive underneath her, a stupid thought. it closed out maybe 30 feet in front of me, a massive roar and wall of white looming to destroy me. charlie jumps off his board and swims under, praying his leash would hold. i tried to duck dive. 20 seconds later or so, i surface again for a breath of air, only to be dragged under again for another 5 seconds it seemed. now terrified and officially shaking, i start telling charlie, screw this im headed for the shore. anyways, we finally make it back in, blah blah. through out the trip though i got used to waves that size, and it doesnt scare me much anymore. ill try and skip to some better parts now. we surfed and had a good time, but found out fast that 35 fuckers from south carolina, had booked a little surf camp thing, and were staying/crowding the local breaks. not keep in mind we dont have a car so we cannot travel to other spots. pelada was packed every day with these little fucks, and guiones was just not working out that well. guiones is like 3 mile beach, so plenty of room,but the swell was closing out much of the time. we partied and ate like kings ill tell you. i had snapper in avacado, BEST FISH OF MY LIFE, fresh catch, for like 6 bucks. now most people never believe fresh catch, well i saw it. i was asking for the specials, and the bartender (a coooooool guy named carlos) told me, "the truck has not arrived, we dont know what they caught yet". haha then i saw the truck pull out, they checked out the ice chest thing, and sure enough, tuna and snapper. wow. we met a girl from argentina, living and working there in nosara. she showed us around for the next couple of days, and we all hung out with her and partied with her. we rented bikes, and checked out some other villages, and went into nosara(tico village) where all the native costa ricans live (ticos). sooo beautiful, and lush, and the people are soo friendly. we had no worries. we were litteraly the only white people in town, that i could see on the streets, and we were talking with people, and checking the place out. skipping a couple of days because im getting tired of typing, we met a couple from florida, who were the coolest, craziest people that i have ever met. they were in the early 40's and the lady sharon, took us all into nosara tico village for breakfast. well it was sunday morning, and all the stores were closed, but we walked around and the church let out, and then there is gonn be a huge soccer game on the field. wooooooooooo yea a local game between the 2 local towns, and thier respective town teams. this is gonna be good! we ran into 2 girls, from toronto, backpacking through costa rica. niaomi (i think thats how you spell it) and her friend laura. there were cool, and my friends talked with them, while sharon and i went into a bar to get a beer. so i was telling her about the local tico custom to eat the turtle eggs, raw. its supposedly and aphrodesiac, they call it the costa rica viagra. she is a crazy woman, and shes like i want 2 for me and my husband hahaha. so she gets some and this tico guy and i ware discussing it at the bar. this other tico was taking shots of them (with salsa and the egg embreyo in a shot glass). so he buys another and calls me over, due to my interest in them. he bought one for me!!!!! now normally i dont do this shit, but a pure tico, bought a shot of this for me, and i was not going to dissapoint him, and be rude. i shot that bitch, and it was damn good! hahaha. no it didnt work, but it was a custom, and i had to do it. for all the animal rights people, the ticos are allowed to poach a certain amount, because, if they dont let them, they will anyway and create a much larger problem, and also when the second and much larger wave of turtles comes through, they destroy half the nests anyways, so CHILLL!!!!!!!!!! anyways we watch the game, and we decide to be nice and let the girls stay a night in our room (i decide to sleep outside again in the hammocks hahahaha) and we head back. that night we had a huge party( it was lauras bday the next day) and the couple came with us, and we all had a huge dinner at this cool surf bar/restaraunt called blewdogs( we all were having fun, drinking, the couple bought everyone shots, blah blah. charlie is like sucking back long island ice teas like they are going out of style. next thing i know, hes trashed, and i dunno. then hes throwing up for the net hour on the side of the bar. lol wow. i had a bit myself, but didnt get near that point. we got back to the hotel, kevin, matt, and i went skinny dipping with the toronto girls, and some german guy from the bar showed up and joined. what a fun night. netx day was pretty much the same pattern , just awsomeness hahahhaha. alot of surfing now that surf camp kids were gone, thank god. i got some badass rides, and one night, just before dark, i took a wave in because it was getting really dark fast and i was a wayyyyys out, i rode a good 10 foot wave in, a badass right, and i tore that bitch up for one of the best rides i have ever had. our lasy day came together like clockwork, we took a badass hike into these waterfalls with a guide (the co owner of our hotel). we jumped off it, and then charlie and i climbed it and followed the stream a bit to another bigger waterfall. on the way back im talking with joe(owner of hotel/guide) and hes selling the place and his house and moving to niccaragua. he asks me what my plans are for next year during like jan, feb, march, and april and says he needs a guide to help him in the busy season with his kayaking biz. WOW. so now my head is in tangles trying to figure out if i should quit my badass job and go work and live in paradise for 4 months. anyways, we had a badass lunch, and then went surfing for the best session i have EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. the swell direction changed and pelada was GOING OFF!! head high to 3 feet over head were coming through, perfect lefts, and an occasional right. damn what fun. shane was ripping shit up, and so was charlie. i got a few rights, mostly close outs, and some really fun lefts. charlie and kevin go in, shane, matt, and i stay out as the sun is setting. the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen is occuring, huge waves are still coming in, and i take off on a perfect 7-9 foot left, that almost killed me. i drop down the face so fast, and bottom turn, grab the rail, whoooooosh im gone. flyin down the line, i try and pump, and remember to turn a little, but im so exhilarated and amazed, i cant. i race the line and fly off the wave at the end, but stoked as hell. best left i ever caught. i watched the rest of the sunset, the whole sky turning an orange and pink,, litterally in 2 minutes, as the sun got closer to the water and the light bounced off. i caught a little 6 foot right into the shore, and ran through the trail in the woods over the point to catch a better view of the best sunset i have ever seen. i sat on a log on the beach watching it, and i think i almost cried. my last night in costa rica, and everything so beautiful and perfect. had a good dinner that night with the couple and all of us (the toronto girls left a day earlier for more backpacking) and then we drank a little. then off to the airport the next day, and then home. now here i am, another day later, still caught up in the mix, and just watching things unfold before me. its amazing how much 9 days can change a person, and even more amazing how it can influence them for the rest of thier life. i will never forget my costa rica experience, the people there, the friends we made, the locals we partied with, the things i saw, and the time and waves i had. i will miss you costa rica. te extrano por toda mi vida.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

been a while

well here is my first post in a while. i dont really have to say much cept, that things are looking good. im happy, my moms happy, hahahaha, who knows what im talking about. im leaving in 4 days, and im hella excited. hrmmmm gonna be super fun super fun super fun!! well everyone, i just wanted to say hi, and im alive. ill post longer later like tomarrow or something.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

yoody hooo

well im back from my grandfathers. well actually i got back last night. i did a bunch of work, and i think i will go again this weekend before costa rica, to help him install his water heater, and run the gas line under the house. other than that, my weekend was pretty much uneventful . im sitting here, looking at my pile of laundry on my bed, and all the shit i have to rewash because i left it in my basket thing, and now they are seriously wrinkled. damn. i hung out with chris and adam and my bud david last night at chris and adams place. good to see them again, it has been a very long time. we hung out, shot the shit, enjoyed every episode of family guy ever without commercials on adams tv thanks to xp media center (we didnt watch them allll, but could have!). janna is in cali right now, and shes coming back soon. maybe we will hang out, who knows. things seem a tad weird right now with mo, but i dunno, who knows if that situation will ever be back to normal. nothing against him, but i dunno, i think the damage to our friendship was done, so im not gonna lose sleep over this. i will do what i can to try and rebuild it, but it is not looking promising. fuck people take it sooo serious when you just want to be by yourself, i swear. i have been trying to hang out with them again, and one night i decide not to go out with them, and holy shit i have commited murder or something. man sometimes i enjoy just being by myself, or seeing other friends. i feel like im married. maybe i should look for another relationship, because my little goal of being single for a while, is flopping at this rate. if its not a woman in my life at the center, its one of my friends trying to run me. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh madness. anyways, i have been working on some cool programs i might release soon. i ported a cisco vulnerability tool to windows, pretty damn easy, just HTTP requests, so not really that difficult of a port. well im gonna do some laundry and code a little or something. im bored. later

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

wooooo UPDATE

well everyone im still alive. hahaha thats always good news right? right! anyways, well as of this posting, we leave for costa rica in 13 days. im seriously counting minutes here people, dont make fun of me. we got confirmations on our hotel, and the rental car, and the car is right at the price we wanted,and from a good company. if you are renting a car in costa rica anytime soon, check out tricolor, they have awsome prices, pretty much 100 - 250 lower than anyone else, and recomended by everyone. anyways, things are semi patched with charlie, and he is gonna go on the trip. im having some serious padre withdrawels, and i miss my friends alot. good news is, sabina is back from poland and me her and mo hung out last night. everything else seems to be going well, work is nice. i have alot of work/testing to do in the upcoming months, and im very excited about it. i have to plan the network, and work on setting up my vpn's and remote desktops, getting serious on implementing permissions for my users and locking down the machines, re-wiring and wiring soem new offices, and just maintaing order in this mess hahaha. well thats all part of being a network admin, and im looking forward to this very much. i think this is great practice and experience for me for after my grad. wow im seriously excited hahahahaa, i cannot even contain myself. im having a hard time sleeping etc, because i know in less than 2 weeks, i will be surfing in prestine waters, perfect sets, and the perfect temperatures. i will be visiting a beautiful tropical country, and i just might stay there, FOREVER. hahaha. well guys im at work, im out!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

more SPI pics

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa more spi pics. 2 girls, i forgot their names, then bilbao in the black shirt, some other girl (shit i feel bad now haha) and sefo. more to come folks

haha dayummmm

well i was bored as shit, and could not find a fucking picture i was lookin for, so i put on my little kitty 7 yr old girl pajamas i found in a shopping bag at a car wash once, a 90's suite jacket, my fake aviators, a SERIOUSLY small tank top from my lil step sister, and went to walmart with her and her friend. hahahaha so exciting. i talked to some hot girl from austria, too bad she is leaving in 2 days, and i looked like a douche, too bad. i baught a bottle of KY from walmart then we left. while sitting at a light on some road, i rolled down the window, to talk with these 2 girls sitting next to us thier car. i started talking with them, and as soon as the light turned, i threw the bottle of ky in their car. keep in mind, im still looking like a serious douche and a half. they catch up with us, and i jump outa the car and start running my ass off into the woods while megan and her friend sit in the car laughing their asses off. i came back and the girls gave me my KY back. we then talked a bit at some stop sign, and then we parted ways. then we got bored and wrapped some kids house. well today my mom and i went to see my grandfather and grandmother near dallas, and i helped him work on his house more. we built a back deck, and it was coooooo! i love doing that kind of shit, and i watched him build that ENTIRE house from the ground up, minus maybe the kitchen cabinets and 1 other small thing. then we drove back, and i just sat here all night bullshitting with megan (my step sis) and her friend and talking with some friends from mty on msn. damn i feel like i have taken kind of a stalemate in my life lately. i have stopped all work on my programs, and im running out of time to get my ass to work. i STILL have not registered for classes and im basically fucked in that avenue. i have no idea what to do, except just try and register i guess. well on the good side, I LEAVE FOR COSTA RICA IN 15 DAYS! damn i havent been this excited about something in a while. i have been waiting for this, and needing this. every bit of my body needs this and i am totally looking forward to this. i dont think there is anything short of me dying that will stop me. anyways, i dont wanna jinx myself, ahh too bad i dont believe in that shit. im off to bed guys. have a good night.

Friday, July 29, 2005

pic of (from L to R) David, Sefo, and Me

hahaha here is the food we were living off, well for lunch and shit anyways. can of tuna (brand TUNY), some corn, and some sunny sea oysters.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

BACK FROM SPI. all i gotta say is WOW

well the title should say it all. hahaha where the hell do i even start??? that shit was just plain madness. as soon as i got there, my friends from monterrey and i got a room, and the drinking started. we hit the beach, but saida was pretty much dead, as was everywhere else. we met up with our other friend salas, and we just chilled, has some beer. the next day we hit the beach and pretty much just drank all day on the beach, went home, shower, and we had some vodka that night i think. i dunno i got my days all mixed up. anyways, this guy i met through mty friends named chuy, we talked with these HOT girls from matamoros, and arranged a nice size party that night consisting of like 4 18 packs, a 30 pack, and a bottle of vodka. well in the morning it was pretty much all gone. fun fun! then my friends had to return to mty, and we had our parting moment. i went on to saida again to hang out for a bit before leaving. i ran into some of our other friends, checo and jonathan, and they invited me to stay another night with them in their house they ahd rented with a bunch of other people. HELL YEA IM DOWN. i basically ended up staying until wednesday hahahaha, and we partied like crazy. one there was a big mty party at padre grand or something. anyways, big turned out to be a crowd of like 300 people. it was fucking crazy. we met a bunch of people, and then a fight broke out with the gangsterish, not so rich, quarter back of TEC de Monterrey and some other kids (mostly rich kids from San Pedro). hahah it was hilarious. anyways, we met up with some american girls and 2 came back to the house. i semi talked to one for a bit, but then texas holdem was calling my name so, that was WAY more interesting. the next nigth was probly the craziest. the younger guys staying with us got 2 girls to come over and they were all hanging out etc, jonathan and i left to go grab food and some vodka. when we got back we were informed that the girls had "made out" etc. hrmmm, good girls from monterrey dont do this shit, so we had us some 'special' ones hahaha. anyways they came back, and we had this huge game called "mamas" or something, and its very fun. anyways, one girl was like upstairs making out with one of the guys, and the other girl was playing this card/drinking game with us, and she was already drunk. anyways when u get a king, you have to give a command. wel all the guys were getting kings, and we making her loose clothes, but she made us too as part of the deal. we only got her panti-less and bra-less, the 3rd king we got to slap her on the ass and she did us too. so now there is like 4 cards left, we know there is 1 more king in the pile. guess who gets it? yours truly. hahaha now im not one to demand girls do shit, so i handed over my demand rights to the other guys, and wow they got a good one. her friend came down and they made out, im talking ass grabbing, boob grabbing, rolling on the couch kissing like crazy. guess who has a video ???? yours truly hahhahaa. i will be getting a better one soon from my friends digital cam when he gets back, so i will post that one. the one on my phone is not that great for quality. anyways, we get trashed again, and jonathan and i walk to saida cause we heard about a party. no party but fun nonetheless. well that about sums it up folks, i know there is a shitload of details im leaving out, but its just too much to type. im off to go reg for school, i hope there are some classes still open dammit.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


man im headed to south padre to meet my friends. yes they finally got it all together, and i gotta hurry fast as hell and get there. they have like 3 hour headstart without telling me. haha o well at least awe are going. LATER EVERYONE.

recap of tuesday(night) and wed morning

well, the meeting at work went ok, they were impressed with the work i have been doing thus far. i have some new assignments so ill be working on those in the weeks to come. well charlie fucking called me like 6 times in 30 sec in the middle of my meeting, which seriously pissed me off. anyways, i get to surfside and meet my friends. the SURF WAS A MESS!! the hurricane was pretty much just too close to us, and was all blown out. if you could imagine the inside of a washer on spin cycle, thats what the damn waves looked like. anyways, after talking with shane and them, they were already pissed at charlie for some shit he was pulling once again. so as the night wore on, we were steadily getting more and more mad at his commands and attempts to somehow run the night. (keep in mind he is like 6 months older than me) so he gets a little trashed at dinner, and we get back to the room. shane and the rest of us want some beer, but charlie is freaking. we decide, fuck him, we are having fun too. (i paid 56 for the hotel, so i wanted to do something cause the waves sucked and i dropped cash for nothing). so we get some beer and come back, no biggie, except charlie is trying to sleep. its 11pm haahahahaha. hes like ok just be quiet. we were really quiet but charlie kept waking up and freaking out, only yelling at me. i kept telling him to fuck off/fuck himself and it was getting funnier by the minute. we almost got in a fight when i walked out with my beer in my hand on cell call, and he snatched it outa my hand. i wasnt mad because i didnt even pay attention that i had it in my hand when i walked out. we had made an agreement to keep it in the room since hes a cop and we are under age. so then he comes out to talk shit to me, gets right in my face and starts babbling about what the fuck is my problem, blah blah, so i told him to get the fuck out of my face and i walked off. hes still freaking when i come back in, and we are just ignoring him more. we then goto sleep, surf in the am (SUCKED EVEN MORE) and i decided i was going home. well i was charlie's ride so that made for an interesting drive back. long story short, we had it out, and i told him everything everyone has wanted to tell him but didnt have the balls. i dont think he is going to costa rica with us anymore (his choice cause HES A FUCKING SELL OUT AND A HALF) and i dont know where our friendship lies at this point in time. pretty much it is up to him. i will only meet people half way so many times, and if you have a serious character defect/flaw such as him, then i duno what to tell you because im not very interested in helping you sort your shit out at my expense. i have dealt with you long enough, now you get it together. thats pretty much everything. o hahaha, now i dunno about spi anymore, because my friends in mexico are in the middle of the tropical storm right now. i will call them again tomarrow and we will see. hopefully i can still meet them, i need a good vacation after that bunch of drama. anyways, time for bed. night everyone

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

mizzonday night haha

well im home, its technically tuesday morning, but o well. i drank with my surfing bud shane and everyone. saw a BUNCH of people from old school conroe high, hadent seen em in a while. hahah good to see ya kenny, derrick, gram, jason hahaha. man surfing is gonna rock tomarrow and for wednesday. fucking a i will slashing it hopefully. damn storm better not fuck up my spi plans for thurs - sun meeting my friends from mexico. damn i saw heather rayez at shane's as well, good to see her again even though i talk to her pretty regularly on aim. o welll lol. damn peopel posting comment, jay eat my shit, i need to come out there, ill see what i can do soon when i get abck from spi. janna haha i duno what to say about you. ur a mystery to me, one that i need to stop dabbling with and just deticate myself to being a friend to. i need to stop letting my head wonder, o well one day i will regain control of my mind and what im thinking and what happens. i got in a semi argument with charlie tonight on the phone, its a matter of time before i just tell him off. everyone is getting sick of his shit, hes probly the laziest person i have ever met. always like "david shut my door" or "hey david grab that wax", "carry this water bottle", "rub my back it hurts" im fucking tired of that shit. im not ur fucking mother, and im suprized she has put up w/ u and ur dads shit for this long. good luck finding a woman to do that charlie. anyways, he kept calling me, wanting me to come to his house after i left shanes to fix some stupid fucking hobby aircraft training software he SPENT OVER 200 ON!!!!! at 2am folks, i kid u not. dude i get paid over 33 an hour to do that shit, and u want me to fix yo shit at 2am, leave the party, for free? u tripping bitch, u can deal. ill fix it when i fucking feel like it. so i told him on the phone "dude u need to get the fuck off me, always making me do shit. ur lazy dude. spending 500 on a fucking RC helicopter, and im not coming to fix ur stupid fucking software at 2am." i just 1/4 of the way let him have the shit i have been building inside, and his reply, "david ur uhh drunk or something, ill talk with you later" haha, i had, maybe 4 beers guy, not drunk, just pissed at you and all the shit u pull. anyways enuf bout charlie. man im tired, and i have a meeting tomarrow at my main store with the owner and the other owner and my general manager. gonna be fun. nothing serious, but not fun none-the-less. well im out, i need sleep for surf and meeting tomarrow. later guys

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday again

Well shit, its saturday again, and im bored as all hell. I was supposed to go into work today to do some inventory n my stores, but i just dont feel like it. i hung out with janna for a while last night. i went over there after i was done working out, because i was being accused of forgetting to upload her pictures/word docs after i fixed her laptop. i know i did restore them and i found them in a place i had put them, and fixed her lappy again. anyways, we hung out here at my house and watched a movie ("Saw")... it was decent, the acting was kind of shitty though. anyways, so i found out she has been reading my blog, i found it in the history in her address bar hahahahahaha. i also think she has been the one posting comments as anonymous talking about how she wants to fuck me... thanks janna for fucking w/ me hahaha. last night was very boring after the movie, she fell asleep on the couch and then i took her home. i was determined not to let my night goto waste, so i stayed up and played with my new whax distro on my desktop with Vmware. pretty nice, but fucking booting off the cd is getting old, especially when it has to read the cd every 2 min or so, to see what the fuck im doing or when im accessing files not stored in ram. anyways, damn i cannot figure her out sometimes i swear. i think she is flirting with me , but then i duno. maybe i have just lost the balls to test the water. thats probly more like it. fucking becca, the random girl i kissed, called me AGAIN last night at like 3am, and i did not answer. argggggggggggggggggggggg i just wanted a random kiss, im lonley dammit, but stop fucking calling me lol. damn the vodka, its his fault hahhah. yea easier for him to take the blame, the vodka, and rum, and wine. yup yup. anyways my day is pretty much ruined, and i need to do something before i DIE OF BOREDOM. i think i will go ride my bike or something, fucking a,ill go play some basketball hahahhaha. later guys

Friday, July 15, 2005

shit weather

well today has been uneventful once again hahahha. i woke up and drove my mom to the dentist in southwest houston, only to find out that she was too nervous so they would not do the surgery or whatever. so now im back home, looking at my laundry i have left to do, and looking at the bowflex, and the workout i have to do. damn i do not feel like either, but hey, if i want clean clothes, and i want to get a little bigger and into better shape, then i gotta do it right? right. last night i didnt do much, programmed a little, and then i fell asleep backwards in my bed around 2:30 i think, then i woke up when my little sister came in to talk with me, and i turned around and went back to sleep. yay! tonight i dunno what im doing, but i think its gonna be some fun. i have some 'projects' to work on, and im gonna meet up with brian and see whats going on. grrr i spent freaking 10 hours in my office yesterday trying to get everything updated and ready for next year, and god what a pain. i updated all my machines(tax computers anyways) to xp pro corp, and then suddenly, they REFUSED to do netbios name resolution on the ONE computer (their server) i need it to work on. but heres the kicker, netbios would resolve and connect to shares on any other comuter i specified, but when i tried to connect to my main servers shares with its netbios name, NADA. ip would work, but no netbios name. this drove me freaking nuts and yes there are plently of work arounds, but i had to figure out what in the hell was going wrong here. needless to say i checked EVERYTHING, and it was all good, i even checked security policies on the damn server, which would make no diff, but i did none the less, and of course it still didnt work. i ended up just giving the server a static ip outside my dhcp pool, and adding its ip/netbios name to the hosts file of every computer (thanks damien, i totally forgot windows has /etc/hosts as well haha ). so now they are working, but im still pissed because its a work around and not a complete solution. o well kill me. anyways, im off to work out and do my shit.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

wednesday oh wednesday

ahhh nothing much going on today or yesterday. yesterday i went to the mexican consulate for the 2nd time to try and get my pass to take my vehicle into mexico, and it was just too much of a hassle, and wait would have taken forever, so i left. then i went into work, and the office was closed. i called my boss alan and he told me that he forgot to call me that they were at some convection. yay. i went back to soundwaves off montrose to take another look at the sweet ass board i found in there i want. the brand is called "watercooled" i looked them up and they are based out of australia. i have never seen one of thier boards in the water around here, and im thinking of getting one just for that, not to mention they have a great shape for the gulf and the color is awsome! anyways, charlie and i played some good basketball last night, i lost again.... but i was raining them from outside. i lost by 2 points, dammit! last night was pretty much uneventful. i was going to go play pool with my friends but i decided i didnt wanna go out. i have been feeling like shit lately, with all this crap my little bro is doing. he has seriously gone off the deep end again, and i have a bad feeling about this time around. a little history is, hes seriously addicted to any drug the kid touches, and he also has some serious mental things wrong. i dunno, he tried to stab himself the other day, well he did, across his wrist, and so that let to a ton of drama. one part of me worries and the other part of me, having grown up with a drug addict, has put up a massive wall, because that is something you have to do when dealing with these people. they will tell you anything you want to hear and when they leave the house it is a different story all together. my wall is to protect me from suprise when the really bad shit happens, because i have come to expect it to happen. trying to have hope all the time for this situation is nothing but disastrous for the person hoping because you WILL be let down. anyways. i think today i will go talk with an advisor at moco so i know what classes i need to take for the next semester and hurry and get my ass signed up because i have waited so damn late , they might be all full. then i will go work out, and i gotta find something to do today. no more sitting around in my fucking house. im out the door, and gotta do something. well im out guys, later

Monday, July 11, 2005

well, surf summary

the surf was fucking awsome and perfect no doubt but just like i said, it did not start picking up intil around 4, peaking at 6. good thing i learned a new way to to do swell arival timing, MATH AND SCIENCE GO A LONG WAY!!! charlie and his dad kept sayign all day and on the way there, ohh there will be surf, well guess what fuckers, it was about knee high when we got there! next time, ill make my own damn call, sometimes gut instinct is better, but when you have a swell interval, and waves headed towards a coast, yea maybe the best spot to surf it is gut, but the speed of a swell is math and has been discovered long ago, so lets just stick to the books people. anyways, enough ranting, cause maybe i just lucky (funny i gave myself a margin of error, but i ended up being dead on). i surfed like crapo! charlie and i both, just couldnt get with the program today. we both had some decent rides, but for me especially those were few and far between, meaning, i wasnt having a very good time. at least a i got a badass tan, on top of my already badass tan, so now im just plain, dark hahahahahahaha, and i think we will go out again tomarrow, so i plan on getting... thats right folks, DARKER! hopefully i will get my shit together tomarrow, i think i was just in a bad vibe, o well. man i did get a few nice rights though, cracked the lip on one, but didnt have enough speed to return into the bottom, damn. anyways back to the info, my shoulders are sore as shit from all the paddling, someone please, perferably female (hahaha) come and give me a massage, and i will do seriously anything in return. money whatever u name it. shit i might goto a massage thing tomarrow if im still this damn sore (more than likely, i will be). o well good work out though. man im soooo tired, it is def time for bed, but i feel like i brought the damn ocean back with me on my skin, no good. o well im way too tired to stand in the damn shower, so ill just rough it out, and feel salty, i really dont care right now. ahhhhhhhh damn. i could really go for a corona right now, and pass the fuck out. laters

Sunday, July 10, 2005

sunday morning

well, charlie, his dad, and i are headed to g-town (galveston) to catch some of that g-town brown baby! hahaaha, well the swell hasnt exactly hit yet, but we are gonna head down and wait it out. hopefully dennis has some presents for us before he wrecks shop on the gulf coast. DAMN WHY CANT HE HIT HERE????? i would love for a damn hurricane haha. allthough the surf would be super shitty though, so i dunno, surf or excitement....i think ill take surf. anyways, ill post later tonight when we get back, i dont expect the swell to start hiting till 4pm at least, so i dont have any idea why we are going this early. laters

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Its Saturday woooooooooooooooo

well it is now saturday, time to celebrate i guess. no mr damien, i didnt get stuck in the traffic thank god, i would have fallen asleep. i came through huntsville around 11:30pm. as for today, i have alot of shit to do. im getting ready right now to drive to 1960, to work on a customers computer, just some side work i do for him. i need the extra cash for gas to mexico in a couple of days. speaking of mexico, my damn friend who flew in still hasnt called me..... hrmmmm. well guys its looking like we have the potential for some epic surf once again from dennis on late sunday and monday. i will be gone probly all day and riding the shit outa this one cause ya never know how long it will be before we get some good ones again. ohh yea, back to what i had to do today, i need to do my laundry, damn i havent dont it in a while, and its backing up on me haha. i also need to workout, i missed wednesdays and yesterdays, so i gotta do it today. i need to shave as well, and im not looking forward to that. i have let it get a tad long, and well, its not gonna be comfortable. ahh damn and i gotta run 40 bux up to kinkos cause i owe my friend dave. wow now this is suddenly turning out to be a shitty day. perhaps i should just crawl back into my bed and goto sleep hahaha. would be nice if therrrrr was sum damn company in it, i would be def more tempted to. anyways..... so yea, todays gonna suck, but who knows what tonight will bring ..... hahahhahahaa. perhaps sum drank with rami or damien, who knows. maybe leo will finally call, and we can chill. my debt collection program i have been working on for my offices is almost finished. im just working out the bugs and final touches are being applied. this thing is gonna rock cause it was coded by me! i need to get back to work on and finish my ARP MitM (man in the middle) hijacking program, because it was pretty leet too! im also working on alot of other stuff too, and trying to get my damn card to work with aireplay. what a bitch!! at least some guy replied to my post on the whoppix forums and he has the same card and he got his to work, and hes gonna tell me how to do it. yayayayay! i scanned for wifi all the way to fairfield yesterday, and i used gps logging as well, and damn i hit alot of shit. a couple of access points i grabbed for almost 5 miles! i need to go back and check those out. well i gotta get moving, time to go make some cash. LAAAAAAAAATES!!!!!!!!!!!

Im en route back 2

Im en route back 2 home. the visit was good. i miss my g-parents alot. damn im ready 2 b home. ill post longer later

Friday, July 08, 2005

sorry haha

well i have been off the radar there a little bit, but im posting again. not too much has happened in the past couple of days, just steady working out and working with my computers haha. I hung out with my bud damien (who inspired me to start this) tonight and we had a grand time. had a few buds, and i tried my best to break into his wireless while he watched and laughed at my futile attempts. i think i kept him up kinda late with my endless babbling (haha maybe if we hung out more, we wouldnt have to catch up so much hahaha) so hes gonna have a long day tomarrow @ work. i love his girlfriend's new bike. CBR is just so damn sexy. i will possibly have the funds by next summer to get a bike, and he tempts me so damn much. o well, we will see what happens. we had some AWSOME surf yesterday (meaning wednesday) and now we are tracking dennis through the gulf, and im thinking, gonna be big swell sun/monday sometime. we almost got in a fight with some kook assholes in the water on wed. but we avoided it, o well. i have been working a little more at work, and getting some things ready for some programs we are rolling out. im in charge of a lot more this year and it is going to be a tad hectic till i get the hang of things. im kinda looking forward to it though, and its gonna rock. im leaving in the morning to go visit my g-pa near dallas, so the drive is gonna suck, but im looking forward to seeing him and my g-ma. Leo where are you??? my friend from monterrey hasnt called yet, but i expect that he will tomarrow probly. lol who knows. so it looks like im leaving for mty on tuesday after work, i will be stopping in south padre for a bit to visit another friend from mty, mariana. i havent seen her in like 2.5 years or something so i gotta jump on the chance while im on my way down there. mty is gonna be crazy but i know im gonna have a ton of fun, even though its only for like 3 days. i was talking with my friend maria from colombia till late last night,and i think im finally inspired to start really focusing in school, and get my shit done. i know i need to do it, but sometimes i just get so pissed with the way it all works, and i hate it. college is nothing but a fucking business and thats it, and it SUCKS! im thinking i will take 5 classes in the fall semester to try and catch up to where i should be, and get my gpa back on track. it is currently a 2.5 but im still recovering from a really bad semster that shattered my 3.25 i will retake the classes i got F's in and hopefully clean my transcript up. on another note, im working on a new debt management server/client program for work, wow what a bitch. my first time working with like 3d deep arrays/matricies, and i really have to think to try and manipulate them with my code. its a pain in the ass!!!! hahahah, damn database shit, i hate it. a month and 7 days till costa rica, damn im excited. well guys im out, there are more pics of pvd if ya wanna see em. here are the links
ahhhhhhhhhhhh yea!!!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of july

Well here we are, at thr 4th of july. not much has happend in the past couple of days. i got drunk as shit with dave and all my ex co workers from kinkos on saturday night. that was fun as hell. friday night i went to a 2600 meeting, kinda lame, but it was good to see some people i havent seen in a while, MICK/BRIAN! well brian and i talked abotu getting a place together in houston, and i think we are gonna try and follow through this december break from school. ahh shiet!!! we got a depression/TS moving through the gulf baby, gonna be sum damn surf , FINALLY! my friend leo from mexico is arriving in houston with his family from monterrey this thursday so i will be hanging out with him for a couple of days. then next week, maybe like wednesday, im thinking about driving to monterrey to visit all of my other friends that i havent seen in a while. i think i will go get my vehicle pass this wednesday from the mexican consulate. i have been working with some new tools on my laptop and i have to say , whoppix is AWSOME. i have been using alot of the exploits on my machines in my network for a testing scenario, and i have been working alot with the wireless tools to get better at cracking WEP. aircrack and kismet are now my friends! ohhh not to mention aireplay because it causes larger #'s of IVs and i can crack faster. sorry back on a topic everyone can understand. well i just got out of shower to clean up from my workout, and i think im out to try and find something to do for the 4th. everyone have a happy 4th. i dunno i why i celebrate, im not very fond of what our country stands for, or our joke of a democracy, but whatever. BTW FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT THE FUCKING G8 BABY. FIGHT IT. I WISH I COULD PROTEST THERE, HELL I WOULD BURN THE FUCKING HOTEL DOWN!!!.... if i could hahaha. to everyone protesting over there, YOU HAVE MY FULL FUCKING SUPPORT. fuck the g8, fuck thier aid to africa, they will never help them fully pull out of poverty and everyone knows it. we need to them to be in poverty so we can drive lexus and have our nice diamond rings. FUCK THE G8, THE G8 CAN GOTO HELL BABABABAYAYAYAYAYA! fuck you bush