Tuesday, August 02, 2005

wooooo UPDATE

well everyone im still alive. hahaha thats always good news right? right! anyways, well as of this posting, we leave for costa rica in 13 days. im seriously counting minutes here people, dont make fun of me. we got confirmations on our hotel, and the rental car, and the car is right at the price we wanted,and from a good company. if you are renting a car in costa rica anytime soon, check out tricolor, they have awsome prices, pretty much 100 - 250 lower than anyone else, and recomended by everyone. anyways, things are semi patched with charlie, and he is gonna go on the trip. im having some serious padre withdrawels, and i miss my friends alot. good news is, sabina is back from poland and me her and mo hung out last night. everything else seems to be going well, work is nice. i have alot of work/testing to do in the upcoming months, and im very excited about it. i have to plan the network, and work on setting up my vpn's and remote desktops, getting serious on implementing permissions for my users and locking down the machines, re-wiring and wiring soem new offices, and just maintaing order in this mess hahaha. well thats all part of being a network admin, and im looking forward to this very much. i think this is great practice and experience for me for after my grad. wow im seriously excited hahahahaa, i cannot even contain myself. im having a hard time sleeping etc, because i know in less than 2 weeks, i will be surfing in prestine waters, perfect sets, and the perfect temperatures. i will be visiting a beautiful tropical country, and i just might stay there, FOREVER. hahaha. well guys im at work, im out!


Damien said...

Ahh Surfing sound so much better that street racing in the white rex. lol

dave rich said...

HAHAHA, man i loved that car, thanks for the link :) BTW anyone readin this, that is my old crx in that vid hehehehe. man i loved her... that was seriously her last night racing