Sunday, August 07, 2005

yoody hooo

well im back from my grandfathers. well actually i got back last night. i did a bunch of work, and i think i will go again this weekend before costa rica, to help him install his water heater, and run the gas line under the house. other than that, my weekend was pretty much uneventful . im sitting here, looking at my pile of laundry on my bed, and all the shit i have to rewash because i left it in my basket thing, and now they are seriously wrinkled. damn. i hung out with chris and adam and my bud david last night at chris and adams place. good to see them again, it has been a very long time. we hung out, shot the shit, enjoyed every episode of family guy ever without commercials on adams tv thanks to xp media center (we didnt watch them allll, but could have!). janna is in cali right now, and shes coming back soon. maybe we will hang out, who knows. things seem a tad weird right now with mo, but i dunno, who knows if that situation will ever be back to normal. nothing against him, but i dunno, i think the damage to our friendship was done, so im not gonna lose sleep over this. i will do what i can to try and rebuild it, but it is not looking promising. fuck people take it sooo serious when you just want to be by yourself, i swear. i have been trying to hang out with them again, and one night i decide not to go out with them, and holy shit i have commited murder or something. man sometimes i enjoy just being by myself, or seeing other friends. i feel like im married. maybe i should look for another relationship, because my little goal of being single for a while, is flopping at this rate. if its not a woman in my life at the center, its one of my friends trying to run me. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh madness. anyways, i have been working on some cool programs i might release soon. i ported a cisco vulnerability tool to windows, pretty damn easy, just HTTP requests, so not really that difficult of a port. well im gonna do some laundry and code a little or something. im bored. later

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Jayzor said...

doooooood! i didnt read your post, maybe i will later, but where the fuck are you dude?! come to austin, lets get down syndrome in here