Monday, May 12, 2008

Back from the weekend

Well this weekend was nuts. I only wish I had pictures!

It started out with me arriving to Hattisburg Mississippi 1 hour ahead of my bro who drove to the coast to pick up his friend from the airport. I wanted to mess with him, so before I even got the house, I swung by a gas station and grabbed a 4 pack of sparks. I drank with his roommate Ryan and when he showed up I was already a little toasty. We all had a few beers and headed out the bar where I sucked horribly in some pool. We met a bunch of my brothers friends from school and we all decided to head out to some club called Zodiac.

At Zodiac I was already a little messed up and then I figured out that they had like $2.00 gin & tonics. Bad news for me. I started buying drinks left and right and got into some hispanic discussions with a friend of Cory's who is also big into their culture. The last thing I remember is holding 3 drinks somehow and attempting to drink them all.

I woke up in the morning and felt pretty damn good, the result of a post bar super drunk chips and salsa binge that my brother and I engaged in. We all got dressed and headed up to the University for graduation ceremony. Don and I just checked out all the hot girls the whole time and half listened to the guest speaker who seriously rambled on for about 10 minutes about some Babe Ruth story and not even giving up in life. Im dead serious. We all decided that we would stay only as long as to watch Cory walk and nail a pic and we would be outa there. Ryan and I made an agreement to yell pretty loud when my bro hit the stage and that was pretty damn embarressing. Back at the house it was pack pack pack time as we all were headed down to New Orleans for some night-time festivities.

As soon as we hit New Orleans I was amazed at the destruction I saw before me, even 3 years after that infamous storm. Whole apartment complexes just abandoned, abandoned stores, buildings...... homes. In downtown there were several high rises with windows completely blown out, standing there as silent but obvious reminders of this city's recent hardships. Spray painted on a wall, there was graffitti that read "Wealth in the face of such poverty is a crime against all humanity". We rounded a corner and turned onto Canal and there I saw an entire tent community living under the I10 bridge, maybe some 50 tents. I saw another sign that read "New Orleans bars never closed while we have no homes". This all put me into a very somber mood as I immediatly felt horrible for coming to this city to party and to forget my problems while these people still have not recieved help or care for what they went through. There are a million things one could assume in both directions, but I saw what I saw and NO American city should ever look like that. We have abandoned them. Left them to fend for themselves. That did not have the look of any American city and Im ashamed of that.

Anyways.... after talking with Don a little while about it and seeing that he was equally as moved, we both decided to just try and put it behind us. After dinner, a mojito and a gin&tonic, I felt much better. We all headed over to Tropical Isle for the famous hand grenades and I had a heck of a time finding a damn ATM that would read my debit card. I finally found one after I walked 16 blocks round trip.... and it was hot! We started on the drinks and eventually made our way to another bar called BeerFest. My bro Cory had been telling me about this place becuase they have a squiddy. A huge beer bong that can support 7 people at once! 2 beers per person were filled and we all went for it, chugging our hearts out. Yours truly took the first game and narrowly lost the 2nd. All that beer so quickly and so soon after a big dinner had my stomach in fits and not to mention I had a major shit moving inside haha. I headed down the street to hotel and snuck into the bathrooms and did my biz and made myself throw up 3 times to get all that beer out of me. I felt great!

I took off down the street to find my bro and everyone who had headed to Club Utopia. I was blocked by a bunch of police, an ambulance, and a huge crowd. I later found out someone had been shot right there in front of everyone on Bourbon street. Utopia was a blast and I was trying to catch up to everyones level of drunkness, after all, I had just thrown up all my beer and liqour. I started going for gold and blew all the rest of my cash and was buying everyone shots and it got expensive fast. I ended up dancing a little but it was mostly Don and Cory who were stealing the show haha. I left with 2 of our friends and headed with them back to the hotel where I once again, somehow hurt my face while drinking. I was jumping on the twin beds back and forth and I decided to dive and missed the bed and fell down into that hole thats always between hotel beds and the wall, smashing my face into said wall. A little phased I got up and decided to calm down and eventually went to sleep. This is where I had smash #2. I rolled off the bed in my drunken sleep and caught my face yet again on the end table that is usually between twin beds in hotel rooms. I never even woke up.

Back in Hattisburg we all just sat around playing video games all day saturday and having fun. Later that night the hangover started kicking my ass so I started in on the beer in an effort to curb its attack on my head and stomach. At dinner I started slamming em down and had a jagerbomb to help with the peppiness. We headed out to a bar after that where I had another 4 beers, 2 shots of patron, and 1 of jack daniels. Back at home I finished the night off right with a nice good glass of Captain Morgan. A toast that my fellow sailing/surfing friend Chris said one day while sailing and drinking Sailor Jerry Rum... "To all the sailors at sea, and all the sailors that wanna be!".

I had a long drive back home but it was fun. I love being on the road and even a road I have driven countless times since I was in elementary school is still a blast. You just have to rememebr the places you stopped for gas and food last time and try not to hit the same ones again. I made it home pretty quick considering I got gas 2 times and stopped 2 more to pee. 7 hours total. My bro is a now a grad with his masters and Im super excited for him and proud of him as well. Now if I can just convince that bastard to move to Houston and live with me for a while, hehehe... Lord only knows what will happen.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Brother's Graduation

Well, Im headed to Mississippi tomorrow to watch my older brother graduate with his masters from USM!!!!! How awsome is that????

We have a fun filled weekend planned that includes friday night hotels in New Orleans a couple of blocks from Bourbon street. Yeaaa... Ill be more careful this time as I was almost arrested last time I was there. Yeeeaaaaaa hahahaa.

So we have been having some good times sailing lately as the weather has been perfect. I have a bunch of picutres I need to put up on here and I just started editing some videos I shot the day of a day we were out there. I will get them up on Youtube soon for everyone to see. Ok well... I need a shower. Im off to a special place :)