Wednesday, November 02, 2005

lol another interesting night

well this night is proving to be the most interesting thing of all. well lets start with last night, janna finally found out some of those regrets i always mention, and well lets just say, it didnt go so well, but we are talking again now, and i think everything is ok. man if i can just manage to stop screwing up her life, and just be friends with her. i dont understand it at all! well as for tonight, rami is trying to hookup with this cute girl that he met at his work, and well, as a little joke and for some fun, he called me with her on the line (3way of course lol) and hes like "david, she just broke up with me for the 3rd time. jennifer, tell him why you broke up with me" and well we had a little conversation for a while and it was nice, and i kept trying to get information out of her as to why she is backing down from rami etc. anyways, rami gets josh on, and then joe on. josh leaves, and its just us 4 again, joe, rami, me ,and her. well she gets tired of the barrage of questions or whatever and she left. so rami like called her back in or something, and shes like, yea im on the other line with some friends, and i dont wanna talk anymore. so rami clicks back in, and we are all talking about her,and guy talk. we are trying to analyze the situation, and joe starts saying some crazy shit like, "well dude, fuck her and leave her, and if she doesnt wanna fuck then leave her anyways. move on man u are wasting time" (joe is gay btw). anyways, that is not rami's goal at all, but i said "dude, shes got a kid man, and i dont think she is gonna go for like a light, nothing serious, no commitments relationship. shes looking for a replacement father etc. be careful ur ass gonna be buying diapers and enfamil" blah blah this goes on for some time, then we all disconnect and go about our merry ways. rami calls me like 15 min ago, and well, she pretty much was on the line, and she heard EVERYTHING. well i think this is funny as hell, i mean im seriously hysterical over here. it was mean, but not with bad intentions, we were all just being very realistic and discussing the situation at hand, probably something she should not have heard. hell def. something she should not have heard. i dont know if this makes me an asshole to my readers, particularly female persuasian if there are any, but i know myself, and i know im not an ass. the conversation was a summary of ideas thrown out, from the logic to the highly illogic but just to give rami ideas and broad spectrum of things to consider, because you never really know someone, until they show true colors. anyways, he's got a shitstorm to deal with. i feel bad for her, but hell, its like when u talk with other family members about the fat family member and what they should be doing to fix their problem or the mother should be doing to help or something, and they accidentally hear. lol o well. nothing can be changed. lol PRAY FOR RAMI. and steph and damien, we gotta do something, im down for anything. ill let you guys know on a date. ill call ya tomarrow damien.


Damien said...

Talk to all of you boys on a conference call about your girl problems? lol Who does that?

No offence anyone but real men don't do that!! Ya'll need to play some football or pump some iron or something.


Although it is pretty comical. :-)

Anonymous said...

Are you positive your not gay david? damien is right