Thursday, October 27, 2005

been a while

well it has been a while since my last one, so here goes. well the surf was ok, saturday was pretty rocking. nice lines, a little small though, waistish to occasional chest, but overall fun. i got some good rides and wore myself out. that night my bro decided to have like 12 beers and like 4 shots of vodka and drive home. he and my step sis wake me up at like 5am, and hes crying, saying something about how he wrecked his car blah blah. so i get up, and its all fucked, and then i dunno, bad shit happened with me and him. i dont want to go into all the details of his past to explain my reasons, but lets just say I HAD THEM. i got into it with him, and i punched him right in his eye, his head, and i think his face. then when he fell, i kicked him in the face a few times. this turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life recently, because the feeling following all of this was horrible!! well anyways, we made up like monday after i got outa school and everything is all good again. surf on sunday was bigger but choppy as hell with a killer NNE wind at like 15mph to 20. o well i still got some good rides, but i started to get tired and frustrated and started thinking alot about my bro, so i got out. anyways, i have just been playing catch up with school work and all that good stuff. had dinner with damien the other night, that was cool. i really wish i could hang out with him more. DAMIEN, U HEAR THAT??? WE SHOULD HAVE A BAR-B-QUE OR SOMETHING!! hhhaaha. ok im out, more homework.

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Anonymous said...

btw he never talked to me about it. And we tryed to make plans with you on your birthday but for some reason it fell through.... maybe soon we can all have a get together at the house. ill see what we can put together.