Monday, October 10, 2005

Been a while

well it certainly has been a while since i last posted. well i had a great time that night i went riding. i could have used a little more variety in the riding there, but it was much needed, and i did some big shit that tested my confidence in my skill. i have been encountering this all the time now due to the length of time that i stopped riding. i come to shit i have done before, balls to the wall, and now i have serious second thoughts for some reason, i guess im just getting older and that bulletproof sense is leaving me. well i have been working on work, haha imagine that. i have been once again, recoding certain pieces of my debt checking program trying to get it ready for roll out. I also have been looking into changing the manual database population into one fed by an access file from ODBC stuff. this is kind of new to me so im learning. i have also finished wiring my hardest store, and everything is up and running fine. i need to finish setups of antivirus and user accounts before everything is 100% operational on that side of the store. I have also been working on VNC deployments, and little html pages that will launch web browser to vnc view any desktop in my stores, nice eh? i have also been trying to keep up with school and right now i have a shitload of homework piling up before me. rami and i partied with sabina (a good friend of mine from poland) on tuesday night and that shit got fucking crazy!!!!! it was her 21st, allthough she has been drinking for some time using her polish id. for those of you who dont know, the rest of the world uses for the format dd/mm/yy. this means when displaying the date, you do day/month/year, instead of US format of month/day/year. so her birthday was october 5th, but id said 5/10/84, which for the non knowing, made her 21 back in may, and needless to say, it worked EVERYWHERE!! well im getting excited because my 21st is almost here. i will be 21 on saturday, or 12am friday hahahhaa, october 15th! this is gonna be one helluva weekend, allthough i think i have a math test on the following monday, which is just not nice at all! DAMIEN, U AND STEPH ARE INVITED, I WILL CALL YOU WITH FINAL PLANS VERY SOON! my older bro is coming from Miss. to stay with me for a couple of days, and we gonna throw this shit down!!!!! ok well, im out guys. ineed to keep up with this damn thing, but its soo hard sometimes hahaha. well hopefully i wil have a shitload of pics to post of my bday! lates

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Anonymous said...

i wnat to come out for your birthday to!! it isnt fair! why cant the stupid ocean just dry the F up!