Tuesday, December 06, 2005

School work sucks

Well we are at the end of the semester and the work load is piling up.
There is no way in hell I can finish all of this but I'm gonna give it
one heck of a shot. I have a math test tomarrow. Then another 2 tests in
my comp class thena final. Then a math,art,and philosophy final.
Ahhhhhhhhh. Plus there is still a lot of chapter home work in comp class
and math class. O well just 4 more days of class. I can't wait till the
end of this semester. I think I mite get the chance to go see my older
bro and real father in mississippi along with my grandparents there and
such. Gonna be pretty cool. Sabina and I and possibly rami are planning
a "get smashed" nite as soon as school is done. This will be much
needed! Ok well I'm at work and on my phone.

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