Thursday, December 29, 2005


well i have not posted for a while, so here goes a brief summary because im not really in the mood for explaining all that, yea i guess im not a hardcore deticated blogger, o well i have a life and i dont have sex with my cd rom drive. moving on...... xmas in mississippi was cool. the state is devistated from katrina, and i knew it all along, but i got to see first hand that its truley worse than new orleans. it sucked for everyone, but pure damage, mississippi takes the cake. which brings me to my next point, have you heard them bitching and complaining and all over the news like NO residents? not as much or a hell no are the 2 answers to that. they are patient, and waiting and acting like normal people, REBUILDING. anyways, xmas rocked, and it was good to see everyone. leslie is back in tampico mexico, and i miss her, i had a lot of fun hanging out with her, and i really started to like her before she left. o well, shes back in 1 year to study at UH so we will see what happens then. work is work, picking up and im working everyday now,and tax season starts jan 2nd, and we go live on the 2nd. MONDAY BABY! im actually excited because i want to see how our company is going to do this year with all of our marketting and new offices. i hope we make a killing! my friends and i have been gathering ideas and building maps for a trip for next year. looks like costa rica is pretty much out of the option because of rising plane tickets and other concerns. looks like we are now opting for a mexico road trip and surf trip/vacation. maybe like 2 or 3 weeks, camping and hanging out all over mexico pacific coast, from San Blas in Nayarit to maybe Ixtapa down in Guerrero. that would be one helluva trip. well im going to Swig tonight with some old friends for some drinks, should be fun. I havent seen these guys in a long long time and this little hangout is much overdue.

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