Monday, December 14, 2009


Well... Im just sitting here looking over a few things; numbers, timing and a few other blogs of people who have made "the drive". The two blogs I have found both went through Mex and Central America around Jan-March and they found empty flat beaches at places I was scoring goooood waves.

So.. we have come to a cross roads you could say. I plan on jetting south in August.. when the last of the good southern swells will be filling in. I will be hitting all the same places at roughly the same damn time they did and I will possibly get skunked just as bad as they did or I did before. Well.. DAMN! This is CERTAINLY an issue.

Im trying so hard to maximize my dollar and wave counts but its almost impossible... I will indeed be heading through these places in the dead of winter, not a southern swell in sight. On the return trip I could time it just right but still... damn.. back to the drawing board.

OZ (Australia) is out right off the beginning because Im pretty sure Id blow all my cash within a year and never return to the states... or be brrrroooke as hell when I did and Id never make it to Central America... or maybe this is a better plan in the long run? August... the end of the aussie winter.. the beginning of the good surf season and warm water. Shit!!!!!!!!! My plans just went to hell.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The New Van

Well.. I did it; I bought my van! Im having major second thoughts right now but Im sure they will go away after awhile. Here she is in all her glory....

make: GMC
model: 2500 Vandura
year: 1993
miles: 78,000
engine: Chevy 5.7l (350)
amount paid: $1900