Sunday, July 31, 2005

haha dayummmm

well i was bored as shit, and could not find a fucking picture i was lookin for, so i put on my little kitty 7 yr old girl pajamas i found in a shopping bag at a car wash once, a 90's suite jacket, my fake aviators, a SERIOUSLY small tank top from my lil step sister, and went to walmart with her and her friend. hahahaha so exciting. i talked to some hot girl from austria, too bad she is leaving in 2 days, and i looked like a douche, too bad. i baught a bottle of KY from walmart then we left. while sitting at a light on some road, i rolled down the window, to talk with these 2 girls sitting next to us thier car. i started talking with them, and as soon as the light turned, i threw the bottle of ky in their car. keep in mind, im still looking like a serious douche and a half. they catch up with us, and i jump outa the car and start running my ass off into the woods while megan and her friend sit in the car laughing their asses off. i came back and the girls gave me my KY back. we then talked a bit at some stop sign, and then we parted ways. then we got bored and wrapped some kids house. well today my mom and i went to see my grandfather and grandmother near dallas, and i helped him work on his house more. we built a back deck, and it was coooooo! i love doing that kind of shit, and i watched him build that ENTIRE house from the ground up, minus maybe the kitchen cabinets and 1 other small thing. then we drove back, and i just sat here all night bullshitting with megan (my step sis) and her friend and talking with some friends from mty on msn. damn i feel like i have taken kind of a stalemate in my life lately. i have stopped all work on my programs, and im running out of time to get my ass to work. i STILL have not registered for classes and im basically fucked in that avenue. i have no idea what to do, except just try and register i guess. well on the good side, I LEAVE FOR COSTA RICA IN 15 DAYS! damn i havent been this excited about something in a while. i have been waiting for this, and needing this. every bit of my body needs this and i am totally looking forward to this. i dont think there is anything short of me dying that will stop me. anyways, i dont wanna jinx myself, ahh too bad i dont believe in that shit. im off to bed guys. have a good night.

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