Friday, October 27, 2006

The news!

Well the bad news is I missed the surf today because I had some work to do at the primary job, no not kinkos :). The good news is I talked to my boss today about me taking off like 2 months next year withOUT pay, and he's pretty much given me the green light.

Now Im on a major saving spree. I have been analyzing the shit out of my accounts and trying to find every place to cut corners, even stopped buying beer. I know, I said I would never do it, but I realized my dreams are much more important than a 6-pack, however good said 6-pack might be haha. I have been plotting out a expenses chart and I have a saving goal set up with my savings account. I need 1800 by next May, and I know I will achieve it with just my tax return but I need that other 1800 for car maint, and I need to buy a little more equipment. I should be purchasing a new surfboard soon in Nov. Im looking at getting a 6'2" Al Merrick Flyer2. Its an all around good small to medium wave board and Im looking to explore more in the realm of smaller machines if you know what I mean.

My goal for next summer is after I return to also try and take as many side trips as I can possibly afford. Im trying to get on with FedEx shipping or Continental Airlines next summer so I should have a better sidejob income and with some flying benefits. I have realized I can also travel, even if its not 1 month in every place I adventure to. Im really thinking of flying to Colombia next summer to check it out because I have a huge obsession with that place even though I have never been. I have just talked to too many people and read to many travel blogs I guess! I would like to take some side trips maybe into europe. GUYS,,,,,, SIGN UP FOR TRAVELZOO.COM NEWS LETTERS! They have stupid cheap deals. For instance, Spirit airlines was running limited route $8 one way trips like 1 week go! Detroit to NYC was like $8 bucks man, you seriously cannot beat that. All these new small airlines are competing like mad for our dollars, and hell, Ill be glad to jump on. I also found some roundtrip Houston to Madrid for $550. WOOOOO! Anyways, Im happy about my news and plans. I neeeeeeeeeeed some good new surf, but Im really and honestly just more excited saving and dreaming of my trip.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Birthday Pictures!

You caught me!

Sarah, MEEEE, and Mr Daniel

I DO NOT remember that at all! Apparently I puked like a madman shortly after, 151 babe

Dammit, all these bathroom shots

Post for Tuesday Oct. 17th

Well my computer just crashed in the middle of typing out a long one so you cannot even begin to imagine the anger I have right now. Im retyping, haha, more like hesitating in retyping all that wonderful joy I typed out. Does anyone read this thing anyways??? Fuck it, Im summing it up with this. I went surfing for a belated birthday surf on tuesday. The swell was still holding waist+ to chest+ with light onshore winds and a great Autumn day. It was perfect. I got 3 great rides that I care to mention, and all somehow resembling crazy Mexico rides I got. I took out my Al Merrick 6'6" which I wish desperatly that it was shorter. The fish and I are not getting along right now, and I have another Merrick in my sites. 6'2" Flyer, probably my dream board, so we will see very very soon. Anyways thats all I have to say. Sorry, Im just not retyping all that again.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My Birthday

So... Sunday was my bday, so happy bday to me! I had a great time on Sat. night celebrating with all my friends. I think I got a tad too trashed though, especially since I was trying to maintain composer for surfing on Sunday morning. So, lets just say I didnt come even close to waking up, but my good buddy Joe shows up. He lets himeself in because everyone is in an alcohol induced coma, especially me. I dont even remember leaving the bar so that should say enough. He wakes me up, and eventually we get on the road. Im driving, and well, I shouldnt have been driving. Im wearing my shirt I made at kinkos, has a huge picture of horrible hurricane surf from hurricane Emily last year. She came way too close to us, and totally blew the surf to bits. Ill post the pic. Anyways the caption on the shirt says "The Life of a Texas Surfer", and the picture is just sooo fitting. Im wearing it from the night before, coverd in puke, and other shit. We head to the surf. Head high to head +, choppy. I love it!

We are walking out along the jetty to jetty jump in conditions like these and Im telling Joe I dont know how so many people fuck up jetty jumping. Its not exactly that complicated. Joe makes it off the jetty without an issue, and Im stupidly getting lower on the low rocks to jump off, not eyeing the approaching set. The first wave hits, not too much. Second wave, Im calf deep in water, trying to hold my ground, but sliding on the slippery rocks. Third wave, I get seriously rocked and I almost lose it. I start looking to higher ground when the fourth hits, water rushes almost waist deep, and I go down when the tail of my board catches water. Now here I am, sliding on my back, head first down the rocks and into the water/impact point of where the waves suck off the side of the jetty in a neet curling design and slam back into it. Full of treacherous barnacles and all kinds of lovely joyous shit. I go right through it, board still in hand. I make it out into the water rather unharmed, just a torn up hand and lower back, but still in good shape considering what just happened. The board looks ok despite alot of scratches in the glass around the nose and some chewed up part of my fin. Other than that, I had fun surfing. I love surf with size as it always gets me pumping. I had only 2 decent waves due to the still fairly impaired motor skills and nervous system but I still had a blast.

In all, I had a great time for my birthday and surfing, and Im looking to head down again tomarrow now that all this nasty rain/storm/flooding business is finally over. The winds are supposed to relax, and we should be left with clean head to head+ surf all day tomarrow. We will see...

Monday, October 09, 2006

No surf for me

Well I didnt get any surf. Texas did but I didnt. I was being a little bitch and didnt drive down. I really dont know what got into me, but I missed some great sessions as it was epic all week. O well. Im still working like crazy just trying to get my head clear for next summer. Joe and I hung out last night and looked over a road map of Guatemala for a couple of hours, deciding entry and exit points, points of interest, coastal geography, and other countries we might detour through (Belize, and El Salvador). Its all pretty much still up in the air though, but trust me my few readers out there, I will keep you posted!
Heres some Corpus Christi, south Texas waves from friday

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Warning Captain...Surf Approaching

We are due to start recieving a fairly long period E E/SE swell tomarrow and through the weekend. Im seriously considering driving south for this one, and when I say south I do mean 4+ hours. The problem is my work schedule of the second crap job. I want to just call in for saturday but I will in the process be screwing a good friend of mine and I just dont see that happening. Im still considering it because of the fact that Im already getting screwed for the dates of my 22nd coming up. I will be turning 22 on october 15th, and I have to work all damn weekend. I have been trying my hardest to get it off, but the best I could muster from my crap-anager was "see if you can find some others in the store or district who will pick up your hours". Thanks again for shortstaffing the crap out of us while you reap the benefits. Anyways, Im gonna surf Friday no matter what and Im very excited. YEEEEEHAAAWWW <----- did I really just say that???