Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pics of the beach I surfed in Costa Rica

Here are some picutres I stumbled across of one of the beaches I surf in Costa Rica. The surf while I was there was pretty much the same size as depicted in pics, and pretty clean. enjoy

The price of waves

In my last post i reported that we might be getting a decent sized swell heading our way. Well while that may still hold true, those eastie winds are bringing with them some colddddddddddddd wind! anyways, i read this online about the article published in LA times about the guy who is against the war, and they interviewed him and he said this
"Stein said he had long considered the issue and that whenever a politician opposes the war but supports the troops "I just always think they are covering their ass.""
wow that could not have been said any better.
Anyways, well i really hope it starts warming up or its going to be a very very cold session. I will try and stay in the water as long as i can because i have to drive around 1 1/2 hours just to get to the beach. If i was a gazillionare and somehow got over my wierd ideas of cali surf, i would move there. I just have these ideas in my head that i dont want to be in the water with over agro cali surfers, crowded ass waves, and cold water year round. Bleh! Ill move to mexico, which is kind of what i want to do anyways. Last night i read up quite a bit about the surf potential of Angola in Africa. Warm water, nice swell window, a war torn country that warns of land mines when wondering off road, good waves, and friendly people. Hrmm. sounds like an adventure to me!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here come the waves!!!

So im sitting here at work, and i know i have been complaining about the lack of waves and the lack of warm water. well the warm water i decided to forget about and im just gonna charge because i need to get back in some surf. so here is the report as of today from

Looking for surf to start building some tonight into tomorrow pm. on mostly Eastie Boyz winds. Winds to turn more Southerly Friday into Saturday with surf firming up pretty good at this point into the solid waist + to chest + range for late Friday into Sunday am.. Looking like possibility of some rainey conditions for Saturday.A Pacific front due after midnight Saturday at this juncture with 15 mph. NW winds. Looking for a slight warm up in air and water temps.

that is like opening a badass present on xmas day! so im prettty damn excited and im gona get out there, no matter what! hrmm, i really hope it gets that size too cause being on the shortboard, i like to have at least waist high waves. preferably chest to head. well im at work, so i gotta run. im gonna take some pictures of the surf as well. maybe i should head to matagorda.......hrmmmm........ the surf there will be rocking!

Friday, January 20, 2006

In desperate need of surf!

Im dying! I need to get back in the water and fast. I have been reading some surf blogs, mostly from california and it is just unfair how much surf they get! I realized these people are freaking out if they havent gotten good surf in over a week. it has been nearly 2 or 3 months since I have been in the water! I absolutly hate cold water though so that doesnt help me much. Well it seems my friends who might be going with me on my surf trip are messing things up quite nice. They can only stay 2 1/2 to 3 weeks maximum, and I want to stay 4-5. One option is that they ride down with me, and when they are ready to leave I can drive them to Guadalajara and they can fly out. The problem with this is now I will be all by my lonesome for another week or 2 in mexico, and I dont know if this is such a good idea. I totally trust the people and my own spanish/international skills, but I dont like surfing by myself at unfamiliar spots; its just a no-no. Well we have plenty of time to figure it all out so im not worried. In the mean time, I need to do BADASS in my class this semester, pay at LEAST half of my credit card off (shouldnt be too much of a problem), buy my new board (a 6'2" Al Merrick Sashimi, yes i know a little small, but great for texas waves. my other is an Al Merrick K-Board 6'6", worked perfect in costa rica, and should be fine for mexico), maybe get some new tires on the Rav, and maybe just maybe a new camera and a front brush guard with lights for the RAV. Ok well im at work, back to work (kinda haha).

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mexico, oh Mexico

Well im fully wrapped up in daydreams of my upcoming surf trip. Im now officially registered for classes for school, well class i should say as im only taking 1. I signed up late and pretty much everything was full, great. Well anyways, im really trying hard to not turn my blog into something political, but damn i just have to say something with the news thats been coming out as of late on our government. I just cant believe the shear amount of Americans (we should rename them to Stup-ericans) that still have faith in their vote or our government. People, they are there to make money and thats it. Unless u are pretty much a millionare or have some major company, you dont really mean shit to them. The amount of scandals that have been coming out of capitol hill are just amazing. Rich Americans and Companies are BUYING AGENDAS PEOPLE! heres a link on yahoo news, they outline the shear amount of money from one, JUST 1 PAC and a hedge fund. Maybe kids should start paying attention in gonvernment class, because i remember my government class in college talked about all of this, and frankly, its disgusting.
link to article
theres the link. ANYWAYS before i get super pissed off. I cant wait to run my happy ass off to Mexico. I have been thinking alot about the timing of everything i want to do with my life, and I think it would be most beneficial to do my hardcore traveling and adventuring after i grad from college. I almost dont even want to travel with a vehicle. I kind of want to do that "wondering" travel, hitch-hiking and bussing everywhere i need to go, sleeping wherever i may. I want to travel the caribbean, mexico and central america, south america, and then onto africa, europe and asia. I would also like to travel and surf in the middle east. My trip this summer hopefully will be nothing short of amazing. Ok im at work, and im losing focus on this post. im out

Monday, January 16, 2006

WOW, proof that my previous mention in my posts were correct!

In some of my previous posts, I have ranted like crazy about New Orleans getting all the attention from Katrina, when the damage compared to mississippi, was minimal. Heres a link to a Yahoo News front cover story. LINK
Mississippi has been completely forgotten in the media (i hate the corporate media whores anyways) and New Orleans has been getting the vast majority of the coverage. In the article it states some sobering facts, "125 billion in estimated damage, 236 dead, 65,380 houses destroyed.
Louisiana's death toll stands at 1,078. More than 6,000 homes in New Orleans and neighboring St. Bernard Parish may have to be demolished"
hrmmmmm. lets do the math here. i drove through there going to visit family on the mississippi Gulf Coast, the destruction is totally indescribable. total forrests of trees, snapped in half like a nuclear bomb went off or something. My older brother who lives 70 MILES INLAND, told me the city where he lives, and works for, recorded sustained winds over 120MPH!!! katrina skirted new orleans, its the levys that broke (like everyone told them they would) that did all the damage. whats sad is that the media has once again manipulated stories and changed the focus and direction of the american public not directly involved with this catastrophy. too bad.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Plans, Reading, and Maps

Well i have been on this steady stream to get my travel plans for this summer ready. Im trying desperatly to decide if my 97 RAV4 will make it through the rough sections, labeled 4x4 only on my surf maps; in general im stressing!! Will i goto Baja? Will I goto Mainland Mexico? I CANNOT DECIDE! Im starting to feel a little bit of confidence in my car after reading some travel blogs and seeing pictures of people doing it in old VW vans and such. I also might be a on the lookout for a second vehicle, a mexico surf beater if you will. I have located a very nice little mazda b series truck, 5spd, and low miles with a camper for 2800, but once again, my stupid endlessly decision weighing mind is telling me owning 2 vehicles is just too much trouble. I have purchased several good surf maps, a good print map of Baja Norte and Baja Sur (north and south) and now im looking into my gps maps for my gps device. This is a must as following unmarked roads through jungles towards promising coast lines can lead to general disorientation and the following paranoia. I have also been thinking of starting a travel/surf blog or maybe just converting this one. I really want to start documenting all of my travels and I am working on editing some clips of my Costa Rica videos. This next surf trip will have MUCH more photos of surfing and video too. I plan on trying to document as much as I can, and I will be much more prepared for this trip having a good first surf trip under my belt. Im feeling very anxious to get back in the water, and i might just suck it up and hit the beach very soon on our next little decent windswell, despite the high 50's water temps. If you know me and have surfed with me in the winter time, you know I hate cold water. I will sleep in the car before I get in that freezing crap. Maybe I just need a new suit. I have decided to start pushing my surfing extra hard, a commitment that is always hard to keep. I will charge and think later about my fears and what "could have" happened. I know this is a hap-hazard way to live, but surfing demands that you do that, and more often then not, you will come out on top, thrashed... but on top. Its amazing when I look back at my transition into this sport and the lifestyle that comes with it. I have always been fond of travel, I had this weird connection with places when I would visit them, especially in other countries. Surfing and exploring traveling sites on the internet has shown me a world that is immensly huge and the fact that I know I can never see everything drives me insane. I think I will continue my travels and push hard on my college to get it over with, and then, I think I will make my venture into the world. My start though is this summer, with hopefully a month surfing mexico. I will do everything I can to ensure that it happens, whether mainland or baja, it WILL happen. My body needs it, as does my soul.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stress and Tax Season Craziness!!!

Well it has been crazy as hell since monday!!! Monday itself was a nightmare with printer issues all over my networks for some reason. The ones affected were running some of our newly purchased, refurb HP 4000 laserjets, which are badass printers. They would totally stop responding to network print requests but would respond to ping and http admin console requests. i still have not figured this out but im working on a solution that my friend advised using an HP TCP/IP port instead of regular windows xp. anyways, i have been working steady like 10-14 hour days and im going to die. its not too bad, but i havent worked over 7 hours in like 7 months because we have been in the off season. i duno where im even finding the time for this post but im waiting for a computer to update before i can go on. well i think it is finished so i will post later if i can.