Sunday, October 30, 2005


well im home from an interesting night out. i met up with chris and adam some good friends of mine. they were having a huge fucking party at adams uncles house, and hooters gfirls everywhere. yes im a tad drunk, and im trying my absoluyte best to gwet this in correctly well close anyways. anyways i had a goods time, then frove back to conroe and had some mutha fucking IHOP BABY!!! hahha i love that place when im drunk. i got hit on by thier gay waiter friend they know, dammit. im nbot GAY!! janna called me, and someone slipped shit in her drink, we know this for sure do the absolute very smalll amount she drank, and she was BARLEY coherent wen she called. her friend called me 20 min later and shes not coherent at all, but was home with her, and was eating. fucking a, i jhate pussy bitches who gotta do that shit to girls to get some play. if you are one of these little bastards, i serioulsy hope you get whats coming to you one day. hell in fact ill help bring it, post a reply on my comment thing, anf we can meet up you childish sack of shit. thats soo stupid and immature i canot begin to explain it. right now im talkign to my best friend ash from aussie land (australia) and shes beaing mean seaying i never mention her in my blog like i promised or something. lol.

BuTTs says:
hey you sed you were gunna write about me in your blog and you never did

haha well i did now didnt i hun :)

BuTTs says:
haha ok
BuTTs says:
this will be good
BuTTs says:
you will wake up in the morning and read it and laugh at yourself!!!

night everyone, and to those fuckers who messd with my ex/best friend, i hope we can meet someday, in a dark dark alley.u dont deserve to be breathing. ands ill do my best to ensure you dont take another "normal" breath again

Thursday, October 27, 2005

been a while

well it has been a while since my last one, so here goes. well the surf was ok, saturday was pretty rocking. nice lines, a little small though, waistish to occasional chest, but overall fun. i got some good rides and wore myself out. that night my bro decided to have like 12 beers and like 4 shots of vodka and drive home. he and my step sis wake me up at like 5am, and hes crying, saying something about how he wrecked his car blah blah. so i get up, and its all fucked, and then i dunno, bad shit happened with me and him. i dont want to go into all the details of his past to explain my reasons, but lets just say I HAD THEM. i got into it with him, and i punched him right in his eye, his head, and i think his face. then when he fell, i kicked him in the face a few times. this turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life recently, because the feeling following all of this was horrible!! well anyways, we made up like monday after i got outa school and everything is all good again. surf on sunday was bigger but choppy as hell with a killer NNE wind at like 15mph to 20. o well i still got some good rides, but i started to get tired and frustrated and started thinking alot about my bro, so i got out. anyways, i have just been playing catch up with school work and all that good stuff. had dinner with damien the other night, that was cool. i really wish i could hang out with him more. DAMIEN, U HEAR THAT??? WE SHOULD HAVE A BAR-B-QUE OR SOMETHING!! hhhaaha. ok im out, more homework.

Friday, October 21, 2005

surfing up ahead

well the good gods of surfing have blesses us once again with hurricane wilma. my prayers and thoughts go out to the people in mexico, cuba, honduras, and jamaica. we are already seeing solid 3ft groundswell hitting us, but florida bouys are showing a solid 12-13 ft groundswell headed toward them, its just unfair. i guess thats the gift you get to have your house destroyed. im looking forward to surfing my ass off this weekend. so as these days keep going by, im wondering more and more why im here. im kinda fucking around in school, and not doing so hot. man there just has to be some other alternative in the world, i dunno. maybe i should just stop being lazy and do it, and get out and done, and go see the world. i really need to get my act together and just toughen up. stop going to barneys for ping pong and a beer or 2, stop hanging out, stop wasting time when i could be doing my homework (haha right now) and just do it, and reap the rewards later when i can spend the whole summer, traveling and visiting some foreign land, surfing the waves of this land, sitting back in a hammock with a beer, thats the life. i have been talking alot with sabina (my friend from poland) and i really think we are approaching life the wrong way here. we have discussed the american psychology over and over, and im slowly realizing, americans dont know how to live life, simply put! we work and slave away for the dollar, out lives never really changing, nothing new happening, and we dont know how to enjoy it. ive started to connect this theory with other american problems, divorce, suicide, teenage drug use. amazing that a world a way in latin america and europe and other parts, they dont have much of these problems. life is like a stagnant, and ever tightening in this place. in costa rica it was amazing to see if the store would open for the day. that is life my friends. no wal-mart 24/7. this store opened at 2pm till 6pm, thats it hahaha. most other places closed at around 12 -2pm for afternoon siesta, like a resting time. hammocks, and beer, and fruit, and beautiful beaches, and great food and fish. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED? im gonna end with a quote from fight club, "the things you own, end up owning you" - tyler durdin

Sunday, October 16, 2005

im still alive....amazing

hahaha yes its true, i somehow made and im alive. friday night was pretty crazy. i got a lapdance and i made out with sabina, and i got pretty trashed. my bro and i had a blast with rami and everyone. the on saturday, we hit up main event and played some games and a badass game of lazertag, which he beat the shit outa me in. then we went over to tommy bahamas for some of their microbrew, and well i didnt like it that much. it tasted better the first time i had it or maybe i was just drunk lol. then saturday night came, and wow did it come. we started at barneys, played some pool. i didnt drink too much, just like 2 beers, a captain and coke, 2 kamakazi shots. then we headed to tokiyohanas, where i went friday night, and we, well mostly i and janna, got SMASHED! i dont know how much, i dont remember much, but i had ALOT. as soon as we walked in, we had a shot of 4 horsemen. then sabina came, and the group got together, me, my bro, rami, rami's coworker and her friend, sabina, janna, and like 4 of janna's friends. me and sabina and rami and cory all had another shot, then i had a mytai. then i got another shot, and then i got a drink for me and carly (janna's friend) because that night was her graduation from aveda school or something. then i remember friends of sabina's buying me a shot of yager i think, and a shot of petrone, and i pretty much dont remember much after that. i have several stories from everyone of me takign what im guessing is another 2-5 shots that they know about. wow. aparently i made out with like janna, some other girl, rami's coworker, lol i dont know but it was fucking crazy. i threw up in the bathroom of the place and all kinds of crap. they said i pretty much could not even walk out of there, and i was falling down like crazy in the parking lot hahahaha. ohhh man, then we get to the house, and my mom was awake. i was throwing up and laughing in the grass of our front yard for a while, and i ran into a treee and kept eating shit in the grass, all the while laughin and giggling and saying "im 21 yaaaayaya, im 21 and im a virgen". i do not have any clue what that meant, but i said it. then i threw up in the sink in the kitchen, and in my bathroom, and i passed the fuck out. that was pretty much my night, i didnt feel too bad the enxt day either (today). no headache, no puke, close but no. i feel a little crappy, but i have had way worse hangovers on way less drink. i dont think i will be drinking like that again anytime soon. thanks everyone for a badass 21!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005


woooo tonight is the beginning of my 21 celebration. damn im gonna have to change my profile i guess. well i think i should get a camera but damn they are such a bitch to hang onto. i think i might loose it, so i better not. my bro is here from the mississippi land, and we are about to parlay likes its mutha fuckin 1999 in this bitch........... but first comes dinnerrrrrrrrrrrrr. im out. ill post later, if im able and coherent.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

more pictures

WOOO more costa rica pictures. man i want to get on a bus right now, and get outa here. im on the phone with sabina, and she is just tempting me to get outa here like tonight style. damn. i know what im doing in my life right now is not what i want, i know it is not the right thing. damn why am i so afraid?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

police today

well as it just so happens, the beating in new orleans is something i have been talking about for a while. im really getting scared of police today. i think, and i will carry this thought to the grave, that they are a bunch of gun toting fucks that swing their weight around while they drive around all day, making their measly salery in true high school diploma fasion, while they fuck with innocent people. "The confrontation came as the New Orleans Police Department — long plagued by allegations of brutality and corruption — struggles with the aftermath of Katrina." i too was a victom of this shit in New Orleans, and its BULLSHIT! i was attempting to get into a strip club when i was there for my first time, and i had been declined all night. when finally i had a chance, we went to to get my older brothers friends, and then we tried, but the doorman had changed, and wham, they wouldnt let me. out of frustration,i flipped the card of the place over my shoulder when i walked off, and it seriously pissed off the doorman, and he proceded to yell shit at me in the street trying to get me to come and fight him. i just stood there, and laughed my ass off with josh, cory's (my older bro) friend. the doorman then walked to a new orleans police officer and told him what happened, which was obviously NOT A CRIME! i proceded to walk off, and then they grabbed me from behind, jacked my wrist/arm around my back, and the officer said to me exactly these words "welcome to new orleans, your going to apologize". now, isnt that some shit. if the world ran my way, i would, and i mean this seriously, i would have shot him right in the face where he stood for that corrupted bullshit. needless to say i apoligized, or else i was headed to jail for whatever bullshit charge they would have hit me with. people wonder why the youth of today is so against government, police, and authority, well shit i wonder why. when bush and all his clowns can go golfing and fuck the entire world up over $3000 a plate dinners, i would say we are in a pretty shitty state folks. people always say, " i would never live there, that country is so corrupted". WAKE UP! YOU THINK THE USA IS ANY DIFFERENT?? and no im not some liberal guy, running my mouth. political parties are bullshit they brainwashed you with so you would pick sides. im on NO ONES SIDE. anyways, police of this nation need a wake up call. just read this is excerpt from yahoo news, about the police depts quote on the matter. "Police Superintendent Warren Riley said any misconduct would be dealt with swiftly. He noted the video showed "a portion of that incident."
"The actions that were observed on this video are certainly unacceptable by this department," Riley said.
ummmm, seriously they can all goto hell, and i wish every bit of evil shit upon them. thats all i can do when what i would really like to do to them and all their bosses would land me on death row. if any "real, honest" police or former "real,honest" police read this, im sorry if you do a good honest job every day but the rest of your idiot friends are screwing it up for you. good night

Monday, October 10, 2005

Been a while

well it certainly has been a while since i last posted. well i had a great time that night i went riding. i could have used a little more variety in the riding there, but it was much needed, and i did some big shit that tested my confidence in my skill. i have been encountering this all the time now due to the length of time that i stopped riding. i come to shit i have done before, balls to the wall, and now i have serious second thoughts for some reason, i guess im just getting older and that bulletproof sense is leaving me. well i have been working on work, haha imagine that. i have been once again, recoding certain pieces of my debt checking program trying to get it ready for roll out. I also have been looking into changing the manual database population into one fed by an access file from ODBC stuff. this is kind of new to me so im learning. i have also finished wiring my hardest store, and everything is up and running fine. i need to finish setups of antivirus and user accounts before everything is 100% operational on that side of the store. I have also been working on VNC deployments, and little html pages that will launch web browser to vnc view any desktop in my stores, nice eh? i have also been trying to keep up with school and right now i have a shitload of homework piling up before me. rami and i partied with sabina (a good friend of mine from poland) on tuesday night and that shit got fucking crazy!!!!! it was her 21st, allthough she has been drinking for some time using her polish id. for those of you who dont know, the rest of the world uses for the format dd/mm/yy. this means when displaying the date, you do day/month/year, instead of US format of month/day/year. so her birthday was october 5th, but id said 5/10/84, which for the non knowing, made her 21 back in may, and needless to say, it worked EVERYWHERE!! well im getting excited because my 21st is almost here. i will be 21 on saturday, or 12am friday hahahhaa, october 15th! this is gonna be one helluva weekend, allthough i think i have a math test on the following monday, which is just not nice at all! DAMIEN, U AND STEPH ARE INVITED, I WILL CALL YOU WITH FINAL PLANS VERY SOON! my older bro is coming from Miss. to stay with me for a couple of days, and we gonna throw this shit down!!!!! ok well, im out guys. ineed to keep up with this damn thing, but its soo hard sometimes hahaha. well hopefully i wil have a shitload of pics to post of my bday! lates