Sunday, September 04, 2005


first and foremost, let me just say that i have had good news from my family in mississippi, everyone is ok. houses are a little screwed but everyone is ok. well...... last night, hahah where do i begin. too much to drink is a good summary of the night, i mean hell im still kinda fucked while im typing this. def buzzing right now. i got to rami's, had a shot of bacardi limon, 2 2shot screwdrivers, then off to barneys. we got there, i had a wet pussy or something, and then had a yager bomb. then i had like 2 pearl beers ($1 beer, you cant beat it hahaha), and then a kamakazi, then a beer bitch shot, then i think another pearl. learned how to play ping pong, and im fucking addicted. we left, raced some girls in a mercedes hahahaha, and then headed to wataburger. i dont remember much of the wataburger part, i feel asleep. then at rami's we are eating, and then i have another shot of bacardi limon, and i have another screwdriver. i start feeling a little wierd in my stomach. i dont even play with feeling sick, so i just forced myself to throw up in the sink, everything came out fine, and i felt great. cleaned the sink, and kept drinking. i think it might have been that greasy ass taquito that got it going hahaha. anyways, i passed the fuck out on the couch like 30 min later, it was too late for me, almost 6am. ahhhhhhhhhh anyways, wow. so whats up everyone? latest news in my life is that my bud brian i was gonna live with, well that might not be happening like i thought it would. im instead going to live with rami, and we are getting a place sometime a little around december or something. woooo im excited. everyone is invited to our parties we will have hahahaha. that means you DAMIEN AND STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok later guys im out

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Thanks for showing me yours. Standback, I'm gonna show you mine!