Saturday, May 30, 2009

At sherlocks in cleeeeearlake

Here is a mobile blog. I havent blogged in a bit and i have some very interesting tails to write about including a trip to jail!!! Yes! Ur host Dave Rich did some time, a measly 8 hours for inciting a riot/public intoxication. Yup yup. Anyways.... Have a good a good night my fellow surfers and hackers and geeks and sailors.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

A typical texas summertime storm

A small front from the ENE. Cool air collides with warm air.

The trimaran

Just looking at her for right dreaming.

Been awhile

Man, i was doing so well with blogging this time around but i fell off again.

I went and looked at a boat this weekend that was just amazing. Its a Norman Cross 38. Thats a 38ft trimaran and its super badass! They are asking for 25k and i have half of that already. The problem is, because of the size of trimarans, the slip fees in marinas are very expensive. Typically in the kemah area id be looking at 300-500 a month to put her in a marina! Thats insane! If i bought her, id have to work another 3yrs or so before id have enough cash to set out. Ughh...... I cant ever make a decision.

Ive had a few accidents on the hobie lately. Ive flipped her a few times and the mast keeps filling with water making it literally impossible to right her. So ive purchased a few new parts (300 worth) and she should be in good running shape for the cruise. I dnt know if i mentioned or not but ill be sailing her on a 200 mile cruise of the texas coast on the bays and intracoastal waterways. Is the link and I can be seen under the "whos coming" section of the site under David Richey, Hobie 14 Perdido.

Well im at the dentist office right now doing all that fun shit so ill have to post some pictures of the trimaran later.