Monday, August 29, 2005

surfing recap

well the surf today was pretty good considering its texas surf. it was a little on the mushy side, and it could have used some more punch. hahah but we are not that fortunate enough to be in costa rica again are we? the waves today were about head high (6ft) to an occasional 1-2ft overhead (7-8ft...ur getting it! im gonna turn you all into surfers yet!). i had a good session but we all kept getting the ever living SHIT stung out of us by something called sea lice or something. damn little INVISIBLE things, i got stuck im guessing over 30 times, in EVERY place imaginable. i have never seen this but o well, i live to surf, so im not gonna let some microscopic thing ruin my day. the bouy for galveston is showing a solid 8ft groundswell hitting us, but the bouys out in the sea, close to louisianna (is that how you spell it?? waaaait, it doesnt matter anymore, haha because its GONE!) are showing us a solid 20ft groundswell headed hopefully in our direction. this does make me a little nervous but it should be ok hopefully hahaha. depending on the conditions tomarrow, i might or might not paddle out, we will have to see. well im out guys, school in the morning and its already 1:20am. lates

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