Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Crazyness is About to Begin!

Well, we are nearing our launch date to completely redo our Finance dept and move them to an entirely new software set. The training starts next week on monday and we just have a crazy mess of upgrades facing us. We have to roll them,and update our Utility Billing depts system as well and roll them to a new SQL server and away from a flatfile database. FUN!

Im also going back and forth about whether or not Im going to switch out my standing rigging on my boat. Basically, it could use it, but 700 is a lot of money to throw at it when it isnt really broken. The problem is that I cant really wait until its broken, because if something on the standing rigging fails under sail, there is a very good chance the mast will come down and not the way it was intended. Bleh! I have been going back and forth about this and well, I dont know. The date for the haul out is getting closer and closer and my list of projects is getting bigger and bigger and well, its going to suck basically. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Not exactly the fun part of owning a boat but it has to be done!!!

Im looking forward to a long weekend and sailing my ass off. Its going to be a blast. We are forecasted to have 70F weather all weekend with nice 9-14mph south winds. Perfect sailing weather!!!!!!!!!! Now... If I can figure out a way to make all those damn powerboats stay at home and stop chopping everything up and in general, being stupid.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekends come and go

I had a good sail saturday, I just stayed in the lake cruising around and having a good time by myself. It was a nice day out and sunday I was hoping would be even better. I hung out till like 3am with Heather and Megan and I woke up kinda late, only to find hardly any wind. I decided to make a run anyways and headed for the bay. There were about a million boats out, ok not really, but it seemed like it. The motorboaters were out in full force, waking everything in their path and just stirring things up. I sailed around the bay a little before I finally had enough of no wind and came back in and fought my way through the channel to my slip. Yea... it sucked lol.

Here is an interesting email I got the other day from a friend from San Diego, I met him in La Ticla Mexico.

"what up man, long time. how have you been.....have a good winter...i moved to kauai in december and have been getting nuggs all winter. but thinkin ahead for summer, and conguamas, and barrels, and shrimp burgers.....catch my drift....or somewhere...maybe indo.....what are your plans . what you been up to.....holla back, partner.....yeeehaw barrel fest what what!!!"

This just gets my blood pumping like no other. Damn........... I cant wait to get back to that place!

I need to get wet, its been a while.

Im doing some scouting for a sail down to another port city around 40 miles south of where we sail. Its a place I often go to surf and I think a sail down there via the Gulf would really kick ass. We shall see how it back to work David!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sailing Pics

Im at the helm. That day in the bay was just beautiful!
Here we are again. My bud Chris is going down below for some beers.

I got some shots from me sailing my boat last sunday. It was beautiful out there on the bay and I ran into 2 people that post on the same sailing forum I do and thats where I got the shots from.

Im going sailing again this weekend and Im super excited, I cant wait to hit the water. I have a small list of chores I need to do when I get down there tomarrow but its nothing too daunting. Well, I better get back to work, its going to be a crazy day. Thanks again Gary for the pictures!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ahhhh Madness

Hahaha, Well yea. Im still alive and kicking in this mad mad mad IT world of the government. Working with 50 million different vendors, crappy software for such a specialized environment, and just random crap all over the place. Im hanging in there and coming up quick in this thing.

The sailing has just been going offffffffff!!!! I have been sailing every weekend and my personal life and organization has been suffering as a result of that. I have been learning literally TONS of information on this sailing thing and just getting out there and experierimenting with everything. Ive also gotten out there in the bay by myself in my first singlehand last week and had a blast. It was challenging to work the sails and plan everything in advance to make sure it would work but it forced me to really review my process and see errors I have been making. Anyways, I gotta run. Still at work and working on a bunch of issues. Anyone know why adobe acrobat pro 8 is totally eating it trying to convert a 200mb+ file that is 20 24X36 pages at 3000dpi down to 20 pages of 11X17 @ 300dpi? Dayum, its driving me nuts!