Saturday, November 26, 2005

Omg I'm drunk

Hahahah fuck I'm drunk with damien. His girlfriend is driving. Alvero
just called damien and I swear to god he just said we are ' AOL '
INSTEAD of MIA lol. Hahahah damn this is fun. Here is a dark ass pic of

Wow too much

Omg this guy I have known since like 8th grade is like borderline
alcohol poisening. Shieeeettttt. Here is a pic

Friday, November 25, 2005


Ok well this party is a tad redneck but fuck it I'm not driving and we
have a 1.75 of bacardi. Gonna be fun yeeehhaaaaawwww.

Off to alvero's

Well I just met up with damien and we are off to alvero's house for a
party. I haven't seen alvero in a long ass time and this is gonna be
pretty cool. Ill post later

Teague texas

Well I'm with my grandparents and we are in teague texas looking for
furniture. This town looks very old and has a neat little mainstreet.
This town is a tad bigger I think than the town I'm staying in with my
grandparents. I'm not even getting cell service and it has been spotty
since I got up here. Hehe when I can even send this email from my phone
is uncertain. Ill send some more pictures later.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The never ending card game

Ahhhh man this game of skipbo is never gonna end! So what is the rule, u
have to elim ur pile and ur done? Or do you have to get rid of the pile
ur hand and all discard? I suggested the rule that u have to win by
eliminating all 3 because I think that's how my grandmother made me
play. Now this is backfiring and this game will not end. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

In fairfield

Well I'm up here with my grandparents in fairfield, a little ways south
of dallas. We just had lunch and it was pretty good. We are over at a
friend of my grandparents house and right now we are playing skipbo. Man
I love this game and it reminds me of wen I used ro play with my
grandmother in mississippi. I can't wait to go see them this xmas.
Anyways ill post later maybe if I have enouh signal cause I'm out in the
boonies right now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

At mollies 1960

Well we are here at mollies on 1960 and kuykendahl 'i think I spelled
that rite'. I'm with rami and my surfing bud charlie. Ahhh I'm loosing
every game of ping pong to rami and this is ridiculous. Ahhhhhhhh update
a neq challenger to rami looks like he's gonna get put in his place.
Finally someone is gona beat him. Shit but now we lose control of the
table. Well anyways, shit is crazy right now. I think sandy hates me.
*sigh* I really need to get back to who I really am, and stop hurting
people. Anyways I mite post later


Hahaha well my cousins are in town for thanksgiving. We are here at the
park and josh keeps eating it on the monkey bars ands hilarious. Ahhh
lol bout the only thing good going on right now. The rest of everything
is all messed up and ahhh everything is crazy. Well I'm taking off for
my grandfathers tomarrow and I'm gonna chill with him for a couple of
days. Ill post again later

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On my way home

Well I'm off work now. Here's a picture I took while in traffic. Good
ole houston

shes gonna hate me for forever

the title should sum it up. janna will hate me for forever, and i dont think that there is anything i can do about it. i dont expect to ever talk to her again. all i can do is just try to learn from this, and never make the same mistakes again. janna if you read this, i really am sorry for everything that has happened between us, and i mean that, i really do. i really would do anything to take back all the things i did, hell maybe even take back meeting you, just to save u somehow from my destructive path. goodnight everyone

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Just messing around

Hahhahaha man I love this thing

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Good times

Well I'm heading back rite now with my dad and his g/f from my cousins
goin away party. He's leavin monday for the navy. Anyways we had a good
time. Janna and I worked out all our crap I guess I guess we will see as
time passes. Ahh man so 4 tonite I guess we will just see what happens.
I'm kinda in the mood for sum liqour and getting fucked up but we will
see. Well I mite post later.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ahhhh damn

well im home from work, and sitting here now about to start on the homework. amazing how that works isnt it? anyways, im really excited about te end of the semester coming up. I cannot wait! i think im going to head to mississippi to visit my family from like 19-27 or something, but then i have to hurry back in time for work. we go live on janurary 3rd i think, so i gotta be ready. im also excited because im moving to 1960 (north houston) area soon, and thats going to be a big change. no more sharing a room, living with my parents, and i dunno. im really looking forward but im kinda sad at the same time that im finally leaving. i am however very happy that i will and should be leaving on a good note, and i think thats a major plus. i have been cauught up in a bit of drama lately with janna and we are currently not talking. im really hoping this can be worked out but who knows at this point. i think its best that we just stay away from each other right now. im not sure where the future of our friendship lies, but im very concerned with this. i keep having this reoccuring thought that why should i continue to be friends with a friend that i hurt so much? should i just do thr right thing, and not talk to them for their own good? i know that probably sounds super cheesy but it is the damn truth. for one of the first times ever, i finally realized that my actions and hurt i cause her are seriously double edged. not only does it affect her life, but it is starting to affect mine as well from guilt and grudges i hold against myself for causing so much shit in another persons life. i dunno, i really hope i can work all of this out because im going crazy. i dunno..........ahhhhhhh, i could really use a change of scenery, get outa here lol but i cant right now. too bad, would be perfect timing. back to philosophy homework. gotta have something to distract me

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First post w/ sidekick

Well here is my first post w/ my sidekick. I'm bored and waiting 4 my
next class. This is goin 2 start gettin fun I can see it already. Ok
class is starting I'm out

new toy

well i switched over to tmobile today. im done with verizon. yes they do have an amazing network, but with the amazing network, comes the bill and they just pull some shady stuff in general. so i bought the sidekick2 which rocks btw, and i have full unlimited internet, email, aim, and txt on it, and all i gotta say is it rocks!!! i have set up this blog so i can now post from my phone, along with pictures from it! this is gonn aget VERY interesting i can tell. well im off to bed. later everyone

Monday, November 14, 2005

on the roller coaster again

it seams that i cannot keep myself off the damn roller coaster of life long enough to enjoy myself these days. as soon as i clear myself of some pending drama, try and recollect my thoughts and move on, WHAM, heres another thing coming. funny thing is, well maybe not so funny but one has to laugh out of frustration, anger, and depression; i think that i cause the better half of everything that is going on. my actions are slowly backfiring and absolutely destroying my life. i think i need to take a serious timeout from everyone, step back, and sit and think. have some long serious thoughts about what im doing, why im doing it, and who im affecting. i dont like this any bit, so i need to take some action fast. as for everything else, i made a 76 on my math test i was stressing hardcore about, which is a good grade for how bad i have screwd that class up. so i took the initive and i didnt drop, and im going to stick it out no matter what happens, and im GOING TO PASS! anyways, i gotta get going. off to help a friend with a paper. later

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


well i havent posted in a while, and i dont really have the time now, but i figured i could take a quick 5 min break from my homework. well school is officially killing me. to rephrase that, i slacked, and that lead up to the pile of school work, so working backwards here, i killed myself. this seems to be never ending. the fact is it isnt that bad, but i have alot of online homework which usually takes a while. i also have a bunch of tests in my online class i need to get finished before i pass the final date to take them. i have a huge math test on friday and i dunno, its gonna be hard. if i dont pass, then im gonna have to drop the class, to take it again next semester for the 4th time. damn i really need to study more and stop playing around if i ever plan on graduating. amazing when you know your problem, and school is easy if you would just to do the work, and you are throwing away money and time and your future because u slack too much. ahhhh anyways. i have been hanging out with an old friend i havent seen in ages. her name is sandy and i know her from like the 1st/2nd grade. shes cool as shit and i really like hanging out with her. so yea, well that was a quick update, and now im back to my homework. ahh btw, i got a freaking ticket today, for expired registration and expired inspection. gonna be a big one, im estimating at around 300 after ticket and getting it all taken care of. well that is the price i pay. later everyone

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

lol another interesting night

well this night is proving to be the most interesting thing of all. well lets start with last night, janna finally found out some of those regrets i always mention, and well lets just say, it didnt go so well, but we are talking again now, and i think everything is ok. man if i can just manage to stop screwing up her life, and just be friends with her. i dont understand it at all! well as for tonight, rami is trying to hookup with this cute girl that he met at his work, and well, as a little joke and for some fun, he called me with her on the line (3way of course lol) and hes like "david, she just broke up with me for the 3rd time. jennifer, tell him why you broke up with me" and well we had a little conversation for a while and it was nice, and i kept trying to get information out of her as to why she is backing down from rami etc. anyways, rami gets josh on, and then joe on. josh leaves, and its just us 4 again, joe, rami, me ,and her. well she gets tired of the barrage of questions or whatever and she left. so rami like called her back in or something, and shes like, yea im on the other line with some friends, and i dont wanna talk anymore. so rami clicks back in, and we are all talking about her,and guy talk. we are trying to analyze the situation, and joe starts saying some crazy shit like, "well dude, fuck her and leave her, and if she doesnt wanna fuck then leave her anyways. move on man u are wasting time" (joe is gay btw). anyways, that is not rami's goal at all, but i said "dude, shes got a kid man, and i dont think she is gonna go for like a light, nothing serious, no commitments relationship. shes looking for a replacement father etc. be careful ur ass gonna be buying diapers and enfamil" blah blah this goes on for some time, then we all disconnect and go about our merry ways. rami calls me like 15 min ago, and well, she pretty much was on the line, and she heard EVERYTHING. well i think this is funny as hell, i mean im seriously hysterical over here. it was mean, but not with bad intentions, we were all just being very realistic and discussing the situation at hand, probably something she should not have heard. hell def. something she should not have heard. i dont know if this makes me an asshole to my readers, particularly female persuasian if there are any, but i know myself, and i know im not an ass. the conversation was a summary of ideas thrown out, from the logic to the highly illogic but just to give rami ideas and broad spectrum of things to consider, because you never really know someone, until they show true colors. anyways, he's got a shitstorm to deal with. i feel bad for her, but hell, its like when u talk with other family members about the fat family member and what they should be doing to fix their problem or the mother should be doing to help or something, and they accidentally hear. lol o well. nothing can be changed. lol PRAY FOR RAMI. and steph and damien, we gotta do something, im down for anything. ill let you guys know on a date. ill call ya tomarrow damien.