Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eeesh... Fell Off Again

Ok well... damn I have to stop that, this whole falling off and not blogging or finishing a story type of thing. I made it home from that ride that night and it sucked bad, especially after a huge buck decided to try and take me out about 5 miles from my house. I did make it home around 12am or so and slept for like 14 hours to try and recoup. It was a long but immensly fun ride and I cant wait to do it again.

About that ticket, I paid it already and I got them to drop a the no motorcycle endorsement charge. The speeding 90 in a 60 and the passing in a no passing came to the whopping amount of $551 bux and that pissed me off. This thing is really starting to eat into my money and I need to be more careful because this is valuable trip money im blowing here! That $550 was basically a months worth of living on the road accoriding to my budget!!!!

Lately there hasn't been too much going on except some sailing here and there. I was going to do the Harvest Moon Regatta (sailboat race) again this year but my work cut me off with a planned network upgrade for that weekend. Well... the good news (for me anyways) is that Cisco, a huge networking company, delayed all of our core equipment until november or early december! Soooo... Im headed to Kemah wed night (sept 30th) because the race starts on Oct 1st. We will be racing 150 miles south to Port Aransas and expect to be there saturday at the latest. Then its parrrrttyyyy time! This year I also got the time off to help bring the boat back so I will be sailing back with Greg (double handed) on monday morning. Im super excited this year and Im hoping we will have a good chance because we wont be 40 minutes late for our start this time! Im also hoping we will have equally amazing winds like we did last year (20kts from the NW, making it a very broad reach, surfing at 10kts) and we will stomp the competition.

Anyways.. this has been my catch up blog. Ill write some more later... thats all I can muster right now.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Outside of san antonio

Im 160 miles from houston and im hurting. Th twisted sisters really took it out of me and thn i rode for almost an hour in pouring rain, i was incredibly soaked and extreamly cold. I got nailed with a ticket outside Leakey, cnt remember if i mentioned it already or not but 93 in a 65, no moto license, and passing in a no passing zone lol. Soo... Thats gonna hurt but what the fuck ever. Just dollars right?

Im hurtng bad right now. My shoulders nd throttl hand are on fire and im still over 2 hours from home. Ugh, i shoulda just camped in bandera again. I swung by and said goodbye to th indians again and they gave me a beautiful necklce as a parting gift from my (apache brothers). I was very moved by this and i cant wait to see them again in novemer when they come to traders village in houston.

Ok, ima finish my wtburger ndget on the road. Ohh, one last complaint, my damn MP3 player just went dead lol. arrrggggg

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Some pics from my ride and the campsite

Bandera, Texas

Wel i made it to bandera alive. sh16 was totally fucking crazy with twists and turns and super steep grades, I mean i wasin heaven. I saw signs in kerrville for trucks to take a different route and thats when i got pumped! I rode through Medina and on into bandera. I had plans to return to a ranch outside kerrville tha i stopped at along the way. There is a folk/hippy fest going on and i wanted to check that out but as i wasgetting back on the road the rain set in. SH16 is no road to ride in the rain so i headedback into bandera and found a campsite along the river in the town park. This is where im staying tonight and i later i think ill walk up the street and check out the bars. Earlier it rained here and i took refuge under a tree and i dunno, maybe the sound of the rain but all of a sudden i got super tired. So i leaned across my tank bag and passedout for an hour!

Lunch in Fredericksburg

I just finished lunch and now im about to hit hwy 16 ad blast towards kerrville. Update later.

In Luckenbach!!

This place is awesome! I wish i could stick around for the hippy country jam fest but ive got to make it to bandera tonight and find somewhere to sleep. The ride so far has been beautiful and id love to do it again as soon as i get the chance. But... Thenext time im out here, i will be partying in luckenbach

San Marcos

I forgot to write yesterday because as soon as i got to san marcos i headed out to canyon lake nd went sailing with some friends. We had a great sail and i showed them a few small tricks. Shane is becoming a pretty good sailor and im happy to see him just rush into it. Its a pretty small lake so as long as he is decently careful he should be fine, in summer anyways lol. Hes even taken it out without and engine before but ended up having to be towed back!

He let me crash on his couch lst night and that was awesome because i didnt have to camp. I love being back in the hill country and ill try and take some pics today. K gotta hit the road im running late. More later.

Friday, September 04, 2009

In Giddings!

Well, im having a blast so far! I rode my fav. Route and i just blasted it!! Its so beautiful out here in this part of texas and i dont think there is anything that beats seeing by motorcycle, especially a sport tourer. I was pushing corners semi hard but would just blast the gas on exit and go from 65 to 100 in a matter of seconds. With no cars or police, u have nothing to worry about. My favorite part is a sweeping right hand turn that at 50 will have u banked hard, and u go up hill... Boom straighten out for 40yards then back downhill in a sweeping left.

Im running late to be in san marcos though, i got a super late start! Im not pushingmyself or the bike too hard, just enjoying the ride. More later....

In navasota

Well i just finished the 149 route through the forest to navasota via 90/105 outa Anderson. Its been raining but now finally clearing and drying out. Good thing too because i was getting a little cold back there. Im stopped to top off my tank and grab some grub and then im back on the road.

Heading out

Hitting the road :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pics of the bike - Post 149 forrest run

Here are some pics I took of the bike while taking a break on the side of 1375 and I45 in New Waverly. I rode the forest after work but I never make it to Anderson due to the animals. Tooo many deer!