Monday, February 26, 2007

Getting Warmer

The Gulf is warming her cute butt up, and I cannot tell you how exicted I am. I dont think I have been in the water since sometime around December, hell maybe even November! We are rapidly approaching warm spring trunkable waters and decent spring time surf. I hope we have an active spring time this year because last years left something to be desired.

So this weekend was a blast. I hung out with my bud Damien and we hit some new bars here in The Woodlands. In general it was a good time. I ran into an old friend from Venezuela at a bar here and it was good to see her again. They used to be part of the big Latin crew at the local junoir college I attend but they have all since moved on except a few. I too am left in this damn college. Sunday I woke up at Damien's and we decided to head out to this little pond (about the size of a football field) that I discovered wayyyyyy off in the woods by my house. This is all private property owned by The Woodlands Corp. We decided to try and fish it since I hadnt been fishing since I was a kid and I recently bought a rodnreel for my trip to Mex. We didnt catch anything but had some strongggg bites. We are going to change up the bait/lures when we head back out next weekend and hopefully we will have more luck.

Well not much has been going on, just counting the days. I have been thinking of trying to produce a surf movie lately about hardcore surf adventure. Think "Second Thoughts" by Timmy Turner. I think I am capable of doing this but getting it out there and licencing all the music and crap is discouraging me very fast. Ill keep everyone posted on this project.

Ohhh also... Im walking with a team for my company on March 11th here in AIDS Walk 2007 Houston. Please if you have the chance/time, drop by my donate page for my team and donate a couple of bucks if you can.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Never ending wanderlust

It just doesn't stop.

Im actually considering going to work in Iraq/Kuwait/Africa or pretty much anywhere overseas that I can drum up a shitton of cash fast so I can try and curb some of this wonderlust. My buddy Damien offered me that old spot at the City that I passed up on a while back. Dammit.....I cant get tied down yet to something predictable. I need to wonder, to surf, to just find something. Maybe that something is myself. Maybe that something is the meaning of life. I know people will try and pass off some religious "meaning of life" statement, but that just does not cut it for me. I need something solid. Something real. Faith does not hold that answer for me, well at least at this point in my life.

Truth be told, I think I am in the middle of an identity crisis of no small scale. Im hopelessly lost in my mind. Who am I? What am I to do with my life? Why must I follow the path set out before me by everyone else and their ideas of what is right? Why am I so afraid to take the 'leap'? What does money really mean? Why do I feel the need to have so many materialistic things in my life? Why am I now feeling the need to rid myself of everything, clothes, furniture, and all my useless shit?

Those are a fraction of the questions I am dealing with on a day to day basis. Hopefully, I will find some answers soon.

To change the subject up a little, I went shopping with Joe on sunday to try and grab some more stuff for the trip. I bought a new smaller backpack that I like for small hikes. I got a fishingpole for trying to catch a majority of our food when we are in Mex. I grabbed a small camp shovel/pick that folds up all nice and small. I got a meat cooker thingy you lay over/in the fire to cook the meat without it falling into the fire/dirt. Last but not least, the camp chair! Joe saved me as I was reaching out for a $4.00 collapsing metal chair and told me to go for the $12.00 one. I quickly remembered all those occasions when those shitty metal chairs break a leg or support beam. The time is flying by. Im saving my cash. Im getting mentally prepared. Im getting physically prepared.

Thy time is nigh o' captain.
Guide us through the depths of the lands
Bring us safely to Neptunes gifts
And return us as we came

The idea for whatever is written above was shamelessly stolen from Queen of the Surf Pirates. Thanks Paula the Surf Mom!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Math Sucks

Yea....I failed my first Trig test. Yay. Failed completely out of lack of trying or care. I hate it. I can just tear myself down so bad mentally that I dont even want to do the work. I would do homework in almost any other class except math. I hate it. I understand math completely. I just hate the fact that I have to do so much of it for nothing. Blah

So yea the template changes that were supposed to go down on my blog didnt finish. I worked up a nice banner collage from a bunch of my photos and then.... WHAM! It was the wrong size. So.. in the middle of moving out of my apartment and back home, I havent had time to set shit up and get my computer up and running at home. So, I havent had time to completely recreate my bannner. No I cannot resize it because I rescaled all the pictures exactly to certain sizes to resizing just blurrs everything really bad.

So Im officially moved out and it sucks. Its not bad, I just dont feel that welcome in my home. I guess we will see how and if it will all work out in due time right? I think Rami is doing ok back at his parents house so I know I can tough it out. He has been out on his own for 4 years now, and decided to go back home to saveup some cash.

In other recent news, I think my mom may be headed off to Iraq to work for KBR as a bus driver on base. Se is determined to get her hand son some of that cash, and her fearlessness is kind of motivating me to follow her. They have several tech jobs open for Iraq and Im very qualitified for several of them. I might be submitting my resume after I return from my trip this summer. I wouldnt mind working there I guess. It would be dangerous and all, but I will be inside the green zone mostly and just working indoors on computers and making my cash. I could even do this a couple of years in a row maybe and save up a good amount. Then.... SEE YA LATER! Who knows. Jessica and I also broke up. I never blogged about her much, but shes the "cant say" person who was bitching that my blog was personal enough haha. We were together roughly 5 months I guess and it all pretty much came down to that Im an asshole and I just couldnt make enough effort to see her and spend time with her. She is a great girl, and Im hoping to pick things up after I get back from Mex and my school is over for a bit. Right now, especially living 45 minutes in the wrong direction from her with school and work everyday, things are not easy. I think its best for now.

Anyways.... Im off. I need to go run some errands for work and do some system updates. I have been doing these freaking updates for like 1 week now because Jackson Hewitt corporate has dropped 3 updates (.07a, .07b, .07b) in a damn week. This is GETTING ANNOYING! 10 stores, 3 updates, 30 trips. Probably over 1K miles of driving. For those few tech readers I still have, ever heard of a program to do taxes crashing a p3 1ghz machine with 256mb of ram with "Windows is low on virtual memory" warnings??? yea neither have I. Sounds like very very shitttty programming to me.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Up to Nothing

Yea... I havent been surfing, havent been doing shit. Just studying non stop for stupid trig and working. Thats about it. Some "people" have been bitching lately that this blog isnt personal enough, its repetative etc. I agree. I will be doing my best from here on out to make this blog more personal and less repetative.

Im going to try and start updating my blog and get some more links. There are many blogs I read yet I do not link them. Somehow maybe I might be pissing other "bloggers" off with this. To those of you that I offend, Im sorry. Im not exactly up to date on the latest and greatest blogging trend faggotry. With that said, Ill defend myself and say no.. Im not anti gay and all that. I just needed a great word to describe anything that might resemble "blogging ettiquette" because there is no such thing. I just blog. I mean to make hyper links, and make my blog all cool and flashy but then again, I dont want to spend the time. I personally like the simplicity of my blog. It gets... ya know... TO THE POINT.

Ok sorry for my rant and probably pissing off whatever is left of my reader base. Sorry I dont have anything interesting to talk about. Sorry Texas is not exactly affording me the greatest of my surfing adventures. I can say though that I will work on making this blog better. I will work on scoring some surf. This blog will KICK ASS when Im finally in full travel mode. It will be littered with travel and surf and all that great stuff and it will be the envy of God Blogger himself. K well not really. Probably will not have any more or less readers than it currently does. Dammit, who needs a beer?