Monday, December 15, 2008

Long Time, No Update

Well... the Catalina is finally gone. I had her picked up with a wrecker and we took her to the landfill. She's gone and now no longer trying to suck cash from me in the afterlife.

Not much else has been going on. I passed my Microsoft exam for windows xp, so I now have my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification. I got a raise at work for being there 1 year and my review went well. Im trying to get a promotion, we will see how it goes.

Ive been working on my hobie cat and trying to get her ready for the spring time. I was working on the side rails of the trampoline frame when I noticed a large crack in the rail along a hole that developed from the sea/salt eating through the aluminum. New rails are $145 each (2 total) but right now Im investigating the use of epoxy to bond some aluminum stock over the hole and stress crack to strengthen it. Apparently there are issues with epoxy and aluminum due to oxidation and the bond will fail eventually.

Anyways, I will get back to work on updating this damn blog. Im still here. Just dont have much to report.