Thursday, December 29, 2005


well i have not posted for a while, so here goes a brief summary because im not really in the mood for explaining all that, yea i guess im not a hardcore deticated blogger, o well i have a life and i dont have sex with my cd rom drive. moving on...... xmas in mississippi was cool. the state is devistated from katrina, and i knew it all along, but i got to see first hand that its truley worse than new orleans. it sucked for everyone, but pure damage, mississippi takes the cake. which brings me to my next point, have you heard them bitching and complaining and all over the news like NO residents? not as much or a hell no are the 2 answers to that. they are patient, and waiting and acting like normal people, REBUILDING. anyways, xmas rocked, and it was good to see everyone. leslie is back in tampico mexico, and i miss her, i had a lot of fun hanging out with her, and i really started to like her before she left. o well, shes back in 1 year to study at UH so we will see what happens then. work is work, picking up and im working everyday now,and tax season starts jan 2nd, and we go live on the 2nd. MONDAY BABY! im actually excited because i want to see how our company is going to do this year with all of our marketting and new offices. i hope we make a killing! my friends and i have been gathering ideas and building maps for a trip for next year. looks like costa rica is pretty much out of the option because of rising plane tickets and other concerns. looks like we are now opting for a mexico road trip and surf trip/vacation. maybe like 2 or 3 weeks, camping and hanging out all over mexico pacific coast, from San Blas in Nayarit to maybe Ixtapa down in Guerrero. that would be one helluva trip. well im going to Swig tonight with some old friends for some drinks, should be fun. I havent seen these guys in a long long time and this little hangout is much overdue.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Off to mississippi

Well I'm driving rite now to mississippi for 3 days to spend with my
family, and yes I'm typing this while I'm driving haha. Well the past
week has been a little crazy! I have been hanging with leslie and rami a
lot. Well leslie is leaving back for mexico on the 26th and it kinda
sucks, I had a really good time hanging out with her. I got a rough
10-15 days coming up wen I get back because now it is party and ping
pong time 100%. We are moving into our apt on feb 1st and I'm very
excited. So I have been debating a lot with myself if I should buy a
sport bike (motorcycle) or take my surfing trip and save the rest of the
money. I really wanna bike but I dunno, I love surfing too much. Work is
driving me crazy! This damn printer keeps messing up in this offices and
all the computers keep screwing up bad wen they try and print, giving
all kinds of wierd errors. I'm starting to think the printer is bad, a
refurbished hp laserjet 4000.ehhh. Yay I'm 18 miles fro layfeyette, the
half way point. Ok I'm getting off my phone. Later everyone

Thursday, December 15, 2005

End of finals

Well yesterday was the end of my finals. I'm a little worried about my
math class but I think I got it. I hope I will find out tomarrow. I
still have 2 more tests to complete for my online class but they
shouldn't be too ahrd. Last nite I went with leslie to agora and then
ginger man in rice village. We had a pretty good time. At ginger man I
tried a beer from mexico I have not had called bohemia. It was pretty
good. They have a lot of different types of beer from all over the
world. Well work is crazy rite now, and I don't know if I get to go to
mississippi and see my family. I really hope I can get overe there for
at least 3 days or sumthing but I dunno. Well I'm outa here I'm still at

Monday, December 12, 2005


Well we arw drunk at mollies. Rami and u are celebrating our app 4 an
apt. Josh is here and we are drunk. I'm bout to pick up leslie a girl
from tampico but her sister is not very good at directions. We are going
to starbucks cause rami has to do an audit and he's drunk hahahah. Damn
this is rockin. Hahahaha omg yea and here is a pictire of josh from the
piture. Later all

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Great News!

I have sum awsome news for everyone, rami and I are like 95% sure we got
our apt. We finnaly picked one and got a pretty good deal. Its a pretty
nice place and if everything goes smooth, we should be in by end of jan.
Sooooooo we are def having a party to break in the place. EVERYONE OF
YOU ARE INVITED!!!!!! Haha well u know who u are. Ok I'm, time 4 more

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

School work sucks

Well we are at the end of the semester and the work load is piling up.
There is no way in hell I can finish all of this but I'm gonna give it
one heck of a shot. I have a math test tomarrow. Then another 2 tests in
my comp class thena final. Then a math,art,and philosophy final.
Ahhhhhhhhh. Plus there is still a lot of chapter home work in comp class
and math class. O well just 4 more days of class. I can't wait till the
end of this semester. I think I mite get the chance to go see my older
bro and real father in mississippi along with my grandparents there and
such. Gonna be pretty cool. Sabina and I and possibly rami are planning
a "get smashed" nite as soon as school is done. This will be much
needed! Ok well I'm at work and on my phone.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Bad day

Well rami and I went around on 1960 2day looking 4 apartments. Wow wat a
waste. We didn't find anything we liked or want to afford. *sigh* now we
ate cici's and we are drinking sum beer and ping pong at mollies. Well
I'm back to the game. Later