Monday, October 27, 2008

Harvest Moon pictures part2

Greg and Cliff, early morning

Sailing into Port Aransas

s/v Barefoot Babe rounding the marker

Getting swept out of the channel

Greg at the helm, pure concentration


Looking aft towards the gulf and the markers

First entering the channel, Arty is our lookout

Sailing Backwards

The current was horrendous!

s/v Barefoot Babe on the left

Yours Truly, Dave Rich in person, steering for the win

Traffic jam in the channel, port aransas

Arty in pre-celebration

Vagabond 47.. a beautiful boat. This is everyone stuck in the channels

The Renegade Burgee

Group picture of crew with the addition of Don (far left) from the forum we frequent for sailing and general rowdyness

Tankers in the houston ship channel

Greg, owner and fearless captain of Catharsis

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Damn! Where Have YOU been Dave Rich?

The answer is quite simple... in many many places and forms.

Ive been dealing with boat insurance bastards.
Ive been sailing on other peoples' boats.
Ive been celebrating my birthday.
Ive been sailing in the Harvest Moon Regatta in which our boat took 2nd place in our division.
Ive been reading non stop about preparing boats for ocean passage and other sailing material.
Ive been working... thats all that can be said about that topic.
Ive been looking at boats and trying to decide on what my next one will be.

Ive been doing everything EXCEPT SURFING.

Isnt that how it always goes? With this job, it has turned me into a weekend warrior and it is almost impossible to catch surf. Living 1.5 hours from the beach and working 8am-6pm is just making it impossible to even think about surfing right now. Its ok though, its making me even more motivated that I have ever been.

I have been working hard on the first step of my huge goal of escape, and that is paying off my debt. Its official right now... IM DEBT FREE! The boat is paid, the credit card is empty... its time to kick it into high gear and I already have my first grand in savings. Im dead serious about getting the fuckkkkkk outtaaaaa this place.

Like I mentioned up top, we just got back from competing in the harvest moon regatta. I was crew on a Morgan 382 and we took 2nd place in Cruising non Spinnaker division group d. It was one of the coolest things I have done. Sailing offshore is just amazing and I wish we could have been out there for weeks. That trip greatly increased my interest in taking a sail boat for my trip so I have been doubling up on my reading. Time to get serious.

Well, I shall be posting some pictures of the sailing trip. Until then...