Friday, March 30, 2007


Its friday!!!!!

Not a whole lot been going on. We have been having a consistently crappy week of surf. Mushy wasit high all week and after my last session, Im not driving back to the coast until she hits chest high or bigger. The good news is the water temp is up to 73f now so its totally trunkable. Im just praying for some surf right now. Taking that much time off from surfing is just not good especially when Im heading to Mexico in a month and a half. Grrrrrr there has to be a better place to live with a better line up and warm water.

On a sidenote, I was talking with one of my Palestinian friends today. She moved back to the westbank around a year ago and has been living there ever since. She is very involved with the protests and NGO groups there and she is just doing awsome things. Anyways, she invited me to come over there and hook me up with a place to stay provided by the NGOs for a little while. I deeeeply support the Palestinian cause and this would be a chanceto first hand get involved. The protests turn violent very very often but she assured me they only shoot rubber bullets, tear gas, and sound bombs hahaha. Still sounds horrible but it is just a small price to pay to be involved and to show my support for them. Its something I will consider for the next year as its looking pretty good that my boss has given the green light to 4 months off next summer. damn I just cannot wait! I need to save like hell and come up with a good itinerary for after a month in Israel/West Bank. Maybe take a hop down to S. Africa or Madagascar??? GOOOOOOd SURFFFFF! Who knows, we will see how the money goes and the possibility of working in the insurance field next sumer. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And the Surfing was...

Yup. It did not.

Nope, not even.


Joe, Charlie, and I all met up at the Chevron this morning at 5:30am to gas up and grab some food and stuff. Then we were off, complete with some 2way radios, toll roads, Monsters, and little Mexican pastries.

5:55am, driving

Charlie: BEEEEP "Hey David, Whats the Galveston bouy reading?"

David: BEEEEP "Hrmm, Its at 4.3ft but reading a NNE swell at 6 seconds. Thats wierd, it must be malfunctioning. I know it always reads lower but NNE?"

Charlie: BEEEEP "Yea, Lets just hit Gtown, I dont think surfside is going to be much better. Whats the water temp at flagship?"

David: BEEEEP "Yea surfside bouy is showing solid 6.3ft at 8 seconds but crazy winds. Flagship water temp is a cozy 67F"

Charlie: BEEEEP "Alright, lets hit Gtown then, we can tuck in behind the jetties to break the current"

David: BEEEEP "Im down"

And thats how it went. You just have to love modern technology. Upon arriving in Galveston we quickly saw just how disorganized and choppy it was. O well, 80 miles, we are getting in the water no matter what. I'm in a fullsuit for the beginning of the session. I'm thinking about some software changes I made at work last night and praying I dont start getting blasted with tech calls and end up driving back to Houston. I twas waist - waist+ and very mushy. My 6'2" was just not cutting it, but I trudged on, wanting desperately to get the board wired and see her potential. Wave after wave missed, blown, not popping up fast enough.

I get out and change into some board shorts, a vest,and a rash guard over that and just brave the water and too my suprise it was not that bad. After missing another who knows how many waves, I decided to end the session before I threw my board into the seawall.Charlie and joe just kept trying to reassure me not to get pissed over such shitty conditions and that it was hard for everyone today. *Sigh*I just want out of this state. I want warmth, sun, good waves....I want to progress. I want to surf a lot!I want to surf well!I want to never see a wetsuit again...Im very down trodden with today. I'm just getting that wierd rush of "stuckness" all over again. I'll never make it out of this shithole....

*this was an old post, but blogger was screwing up. the date of this post should be marchh 21st, wednesday

Monday, March 19, 2007

And Here We Are...

The week of the long lost surf has finally arrived. Its spring, its warm, and its currently waist to chest and building. THANK GOD! Already I'm checking which classes I can skip and dodge without missing too much material. Im going to try and DP all week if I can and possibly just get a day off of work for some surffffffff. I can't wait to be in boardshorts on my new board and in sizable surf. The first and only time I have ridden it was in less than ideal shortboard conditions and I was in a fullsuit which I hate surfing in. I'm ready to see this boards potential and what I can do on it. No more big thick shorties, Im moving into the 'potato chip' series now.

Well I have been communicating a little with the online magazine Drift (link on the sidebar) and there might be a little "voyage of the swell" type deal in the works. As the countdown timer shows, my friend and I are setting out on a huge trip this summer and I would love to write about it. Im going to try my best to film the entire trip as well and document as much as I can. I have a few issues about writing about my trip though so those of you who read this, please feel free to chime in and let me know what you think.

The issues I have with writing about my trip stem from a sense of selling out and/or possibly exposing secret or lesser known breaks. I will do everything in my power not to expose places as Im pretty secretive about the spots I do know of and the ideas of future spots in my head. To me, even just giving the state that Im in is already too much information. I have to really think hard about this and see if it is worth it to write and potentially expose or just keep my stories to myself. I love writing, especially about my adventures I embark on and I would really love the opportunity to write for the surf and surf adventure community. I feel like my travel style has a special ring to it that would attract readers and inspire others to try their own style of adventure travel. Whether I write about and publish them or not, I can guarentee you all that I will be exploring some very remote regions and surf. I have several ideas down on paper and I have been googling and reading guidebooks about the local areas, and the more I find some to no information, I get very very exited. I have already been scouting some other countries for some future expeditions and I can say Im looking at the Caribbean and South America actively.

In other areas, everything else has been going fine. I have been promising myself to start blogging more, especially after I saw that I only had 15 total posts so far for 2007. I just dont have much to say lately and I dont want to bore you all with the same ole repetative shit. Well, hopefully, I will have some surfing to be writing about very very soon.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Spring break is here. Water still chilly (64ish). We have no waves to speak of. Dammit.

Well Im still alive. Its beena while since I posted last so I figured I would throw something up on here.