Friday, July 08, 2005

sorry haha

well i have been off the radar there a little bit, but im posting again. not too much has happened in the past couple of days, just steady working out and working with my computers haha. I hung out with my bud damien (who inspired me to start this) tonight and we had a grand time. had a few buds, and i tried my best to break into his wireless while he watched and laughed at my futile attempts. i think i kept him up kinda late with my endless babbling (haha maybe if we hung out more, we wouldnt have to catch up so much hahaha) so hes gonna have a long day tomarrow @ work. i love his girlfriend's new bike. CBR is just so damn sexy. i will possibly have the funds by next summer to get a bike, and he tempts me so damn much. o well, we will see what happens. we had some AWSOME surf yesterday (meaning wednesday) and now we are tracking dennis through the gulf, and im thinking, gonna be big swell sun/monday sometime. we almost got in a fight with some kook assholes in the water on wed. but we avoided it, o well. i have been working a little more at work, and getting some things ready for some programs we are rolling out. im in charge of a lot more this year and it is going to be a tad hectic till i get the hang of things. im kinda looking forward to it though, and its gonna rock. im leaving in the morning to go visit my g-pa near dallas, so the drive is gonna suck, but im looking forward to seeing him and my g-ma. Leo where are you??? my friend from monterrey hasnt called yet, but i expect that he will tomarrow probly. lol who knows. so it looks like im leaving for mty on tuesday after work, i will be stopping in south padre for a bit to visit another friend from mty, mariana. i havent seen her in like 2.5 years or something so i gotta jump on the chance while im on my way down there. mty is gonna be crazy but i know im gonna have a ton of fun, even though its only for like 3 days. i was talking with my friend maria from colombia till late last night,and i think im finally inspired to start really focusing in school, and get my shit done. i know i need to do it, but sometimes i just get so pissed with the way it all works, and i hate it. college is nothing but a fucking business and thats it, and it SUCKS! im thinking i will take 5 classes in the fall semester to try and catch up to where i should be, and get my gpa back on track. it is currently a 2.5 but im still recovering from a really bad semster that shattered my 3.25 i will retake the classes i got F's in and hopefully clean my transcript up. on another note, im working on a new debt management server/client program for work, wow what a bitch. my first time working with like 3d deep arrays/matricies, and i really have to think to try and manipulate them with my code. its a pain in the ass!!!! hahahah, damn database shit, i hate it. a month and 7 days till costa rica, damn im excited. well guys im out, there are more pics of pvd if ya wanna see em. here are the links
ahhhhhhhhhhhh yea!!!!!

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dave rich said...

who rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu anonymous hahaha? ill catch ya one day ;)