Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i got jipped!

well monday, i was in school, galveston was 6-8ft with offshores, totally going off cali style. i get out at 12pm, and do some work, then get ready to head to g-town around 2:30. my friend calls me, as he got there around 1:45, it totally went from 6-8ft to around 2.5-3ft, in 4 hours! damn short lived swell, i though that hurrican would churn up a little more than that. crap. well now im worried as hell about my family. i have a bunch that live in pascagoula and guitier (pronounced go-shay). guitier is like 4 miles off the coast, and pascagoula is literally a port. crap! i still cant get a hold of anyone, and im thinking the worst. if you have been readin in the news about gulfport and biloxi, the towns my family lives in are like 15 miles east of these, right on the coast, same as those. well im hoping everyone is ok. well im at work, so i gotta run. later

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