Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday again

Well shit, its saturday again, and im bored as all hell. I was supposed to go into work today to do some inventory n my stores, but i just dont feel like it. i hung out with janna for a while last night. i went over there after i was done working out, because i was being accused of forgetting to upload her pictures/word docs after i fixed her laptop. i know i did restore them and i found them in a place i had put them, and fixed her lappy again. anyways, we hung out here at my house and watched a movie ("Saw")... it was decent, the acting was kind of shitty though. anyways, so i found out she has been reading my blog, i found it in the history in her address bar hahahahahaha. i also think she has been the one posting comments as anonymous talking about how she wants to fuck me... thanks janna for fucking w/ me hahaha. last night was very boring after the movie, she fell asleep on the couch and then i took her home. i was determined not to let my night goto waste, so i stayed up and played with my new whax distro on my desktop with Vmware. pretty nice, but fucking booting off the cd is getting old, especially when it has to read the cd every 2 min or so, to see what the fuck im doing or when im accessing files not stored in ram. anyways, damn i cannot figure her out sometimes i swear. i think she is flirting with me , but then i duno. maybe i have just lost the balls to test the water. thats probly more like it. fucking becca, the random girl i kissed, called me AGAIN last night at like 3am, and i did not answer. argggggggggggggggggggggg i just wanted a random kiss, im lonley dammit, but stop fucking calling me lol. damn the vodka, its his fault hahhah. yea easier for him to take the blame, the vodka, and rum, and wine. yup yup. anyways my day is pretty much ruined, and i need to do something before i DIE OF BOREDOM. i think i will go ride my bike or something, fucking a,ill go play some basketball hahahhaha. later guys


Anonymous said...

Jayzor said...

dude quit bitching and come get drunk in austin


Anonymous said...

hey so i read that somebody is leavin u anonymous msgs bout fuckin, well i fucked u before!