Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of july

Well here we are, at thr 4th of july. not much has happend in the past couple of days. i got drunk as shit with dave and all my ex co workers from kinkos on saturday night. that was fun as hell. friday night i went to a 2600 meeting, kinda lame, but it was good to see some people i havent seen in a while, MICK/BRIAN! well brian and i talked abotu getting a place together in houston, and i think we are gonna try and follow through this december break from school. ahh shiet!!! we got a depression/TS moving through the gulf baby, gonna be sum damn surf , FINALLY! my friend leo from mexico is arriving in houston with his family from monterrey this thursday so i will be hanging out with him for a couple of days. then next week, maybe like wednesday, im thinking about driving to monterrey to visit all of my other friends that i havent seen in a while. i think i will go get my vehicle pass this wednesday from the mexican consulate. i have been working with some new tools on my laptop and i have to say , whoppix is AWSOME. i have been using alot of the exploits on my machines in my network for a testing scenario, and i have been working alot with the wireless tools to get better at cracking WEP. aircrack and kismet are now my friends! ohhh not to mention aireplay because it causes larger #'s of IVs and i can crack faster. sorry back on a topic everyone can understand. well i just got out of shower to clean up from my workout, and i think im out to try and find something to do for the 4th. everyone have a happy 4th. i dunno i why i celebrate, im not very fond of what our country stands for, or our joke of a democracy, but whatever. BTW FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT THE FUCKING G8 BABY. FIGHT IT. I WISH I COULD PROTEST THERE, HELL I WOULD BURN THE FUCKING HOTEL DOWN!!!.... if i could hahaha. to everyone protesting over there, YOU HAVE MY FULL FUCKING SUPPORT. fuck the g8, fuck thier aid to africa, they will never help them fully pull out of poverty and everyone knows it. we need to them to be in poverty so we can drive lexus and have our nice diamond rings. FUCK THE G8, THE G8 CAN GOTO HELL BABABABAYAYAYAYAYA! fuck you bush


Anonymous said...

i saw u geek watching those fireworks tonight...i know u did

Anonymous said...

damn u hackers make me horny! hail lenox.. want me to downurload ur program???? ;)

Damien said...

Who uses that anymore? j/k

No but really we will soon be disabling the WEP protocol on all of our access points. We are moving to an 802.11x protocol that uses a certificate server.

No more security keys. Yea!

dave rich said...

hahaha damn! who are these people?? lol, i know you damien, but anonymous, hrmm. im trying to think of everyone i know who has this blog addy, but i duno. o well. ill figure it out soon enough i guess. all in due time