Friday, September 02, 2005

lucky lucky

well i havent posted in a while, not much is going on, just school and shit. i would really like to talk about the hurricane and everything that is the result of it. i almost lost a good deal of my family, i have slight confirmed reports that they are ok, nothing of their homes or anything. most of my family live in the small town of gautier, pronounced "go shay", mississippi. this is one of the coastal towns that have been destroyed. it is right next to biloxi and ocean springs. anyways, moving on, these fuckers, and i do mean FUCKERS from new orleans are starting to really piss me off. im literally thinking of grabbing my 30-06 and 22 rifle, and heading somehow to new orleans to "help" the national gaurd. this is BULLSHIT. everyone of those mother fuckers should just be shot, dont even takes names, just shoot. yes i agree relief should have been faster, i agree that blah blah, i agree with everything, but, YOU CAN ACT CIVIL. YOU ARE NOT FUCKING ANIMALS. so.....back to the same conclusion, they want to roam the streets with guns, robbing people, shooting cops... then just shoot the mother fuckers back. they want to act all hardcore and shit, oooooo big bad gangster, shoot that mother fucker. no more playing. my father is enroute to mississippi right now, with over 70 gallons of gas in th back of his truck, and may god help anyone who tries to rob him. (hes got alot of food as well, for my other grandparents, living in lucedale). i know hes carrying a pistol and a shotgun, and my little brother is with him. anyways, im thinking of going to the astrodome with a big fucking poster that says "SEND NEW ORLEANS TRASH HOME!!!!!" after i heard they are now fileing a lawsuit against houston for mis treatment and no cars/money or something like that. also being extreamly rude to houston PD. o well, such is life.

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