Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Basically she's gone

Yea that sums it up. The boat didnt make it. I dont know what Ill do now but yea... I have to find something to occupy my time.

Man it has been a long time since I have posted on here! I need to get back in the groove that I was in for a while.

In some recent news, I finally got a spot screwing aboard s/v (sailing vessel) Catharsis. A friend of mine Greg owns the boat. Its a Morgan 382 and we are headed offshore early thursday morning, october 16th. The race we are participating in is called the Harvest Moon Regatta and we will race non stop from Galveston Island to Port Aransas offshore in the Gulf. It should take at max around 2 days to get there. I can say that I am VERY excited about this as it will be my first offshore passage. Ill be offshore with a great crew of knowledgable sailors and one who does yacht delivery work for a living. I cant wait to pick that guy's brain! I have been doign a lot of sailing research and study on storm tactics and dealing with heavy weather while at sea. I got the book "Storm Tactics" by Lin and Larry Pardey and its awsome, especially accompanied by the dvd. Its putting more courage into me to possibly attempt a voyage by boat for my next trip. Storms and dealing with that has been a major concern for me along with a few others but I have been learning that with enough practice and the right gear, a sailor can make it through even some of the roughest weather while at sea.

In some other news, I have been thinking about buying my first motorcycle. I have been eyeing a 99 Kawasaki KLR650. Its basically a street legal dirtbike, an enduro/dualsport if you will. They are very durable and you can take them almost anywhere, and ohh did I mention, 45mpg????? The deal is a decent one at $1800 so Im thinking about taking it to have something to do with my time on the weekends now that my sailing has been brought to an abrupt end. That might change as well, I might be in the market for a small trailor sailer to keep racking up hours and experience on the water. I need to keep turning those miles under my keel. Keeping my boat until it was time to upgrade was the plan originally and I really didnt expect to loose the boat so damn fast. Its really dissapointing. Basically, she made it through the storm but was drug by a truck in the apartments by residents clearing paths to get in trucks so they could move out. I really need to post some pictures but Im just not in the mood tonight to hunt them down.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

been a while

well the hurricane is coming....

The boat is tied up and Ive battened all the hatches haha.

I dont have much faith that she will make it....

Storm surge is just gonna be too rad.

Im hoping they are hyping and full of shit.

We will see