Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Air Bags Installed... Took her beach camping

Exhaust rerouted out the side to clear the bag

Bags installed
Well I got the airsprings installed! These have greatly improved the ride and the support in the rear. My leaf springs are old and worn and instead of replacing the springs, I got these adjustable bags for the same cost as a new set of leaf springs. They can support up to 5000lbs of weight at 100psi. I run them at 15psi under normal driving and I love they way they ride! They have also raised the rear ride height by about 1.5 - 2inches as well! I ran my air valves out the rear right next to the license plate so I can air up both bags in the same spot, however they are NOT tied together. So far I have been airing them up with a small handpump commonly used for footballs and the like and it works great!
I took the van down south to Kemah/Galveston this weekend for a surf and just to put some miles on her and see how she would drive. I have to admit, I was very nervous taking her back to the location she last broke down and subsequently stuck for 2.5 months but she performed flawlessly.
The surf was a little better than I expected and with the sun we had on saturday I was actually able to trunk it in 67F water. It was a little chilly but I just decided my hatred of wetsuits would motivate me to get over it and paddle out. This is only the 3rd time Ive been in the water in 2 years! Ive decided I need to get back in the water before I leave, mostly because I was VERY rusty! My surfing was seriously lacking and my paddling strength was nil. Ugh... I just shudder at the thought of starting all over again.