Monday, November 14, 2005

on the roller coaster again

it seams that i cannot keep myself off the damn roller coaster of life long enough to enjoy myself these days. as soon as i clear myself of some pending drama, try and recollect my thoughts and move on, WHAM, heres another thing coming. funny thing is, well maybe not so funny but one has to laugh out of frustration, anger, and depression; i think that i cause the better half of everything that is going on. my actions are slowly backfiring and absolutely destroying my life. i think i need to take a serious timeout from everyone, step back, and sit and think. have some long serious thoughts about what im doing, why im doing it, and who im affecting. i dont like this any bit, so i need to take some action fast. as for everything else, i made a 76 on my math test i was stressing hardcore about, which is a good grade for how bad i have screwd that class up. so i took the initive and i didnt drop, and im going to stick it out no matter what happens, and im GOING TO PASS! anyways, i gotta get going. off to help a friend with a paper. later


Damien said...

Hang in there bro. Nothing good will come without sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Seems I'm the "sacrifice", u definitly don't mind killing me...hope ur having fun

Damien said...

Uh I was reffering to the latter half of the post.

"and im going to stick it out no matter what happens, and im GOING TO PASS! anyways,"

Sorry Anonymous