Thursday, July 28, 2005

BACK FROM SPI. all i gotta say is WOW

well the title should say it all. hahaha where the hell do i even start??? that shit was just plain madness. as soon as i got there, my friends from monterrey and i got a room, and the drinking started. we hit the beach, but saida was pretty much dead, as was everywhere else. we met up with our other friend salas, and we just chilled, has some beer. the next day we hit the beach and pretty much just drank all day on the beach, went home, shower, and we had some vodka that night i think. i dunno i got my days all mixed up. anyways, this guy i met through mty friends named chuy, we talked with these HOT girls from matamoros, and arranged a nice size party that night consisting of like 4 18 packs, a 30 pack, and a bottle of vodka. well in the morning it was pretty much all gone. fun fun! then my friends had to return to mty, and we had our parting moment. i went on to saida again to hang out for a bit before leaving. i ran into some of our other friends, checo and jonathan, and they invited me to stay another night with them in their house they ahd rented with a bunch of other people. HELL YEA IM DOWN. i basically ended up staying until wednesday hahahaha, and we partied like crazy. one there was a big mty party at padre grand or something. anyways, big turned out to be a crowd of like 300 people. it was fucking crazy. we met a bunch of people, and then a fight broke out with the gangsterish, not so rich, quarter back of TEC de Monterrey and some other kids (mostly rich kids from San Pedro). hahah it was hilarious. anyways, we met up with some american girls and 2 came back to the house. i semi talked to one for a bit, but then texas holdem was calling my name so, that was WAY more interesting. the next nigth was probly the craziest. the younger guys staying with us got 2 girls to come over and they were all hanging out etc, jonathan and i left to go grab food and some vodka. when we got back we were informed that the girls had "made out" etc. hrmmm, good girls from monterrey dont do this shit, so we had us some 'special' ones hahaha. anyways they came back, and we had this huge game called "mamas" or something, and its very fun. anyways, one girl was like upstairs making out with one of the guys, and the other girl was playing this card/drinking game with us, and she was already drunk. anyways when u get a king, you have to give a command. wel all the guys were getting kings, and we making her loose clothes, but she made us too as part of the deal. we only got her panti-less and bra-less, the 3rd king we got to slap her on the ass and she did us too. so now there is like 4 cards left, we know there is 1 more king in the pile. guess who gets it? yours truly. hahaha now im not one to demand girls do shit, so i handed over my demand rights to the other guys, and wow they got a good one. her friend came down and they made out, im talking ass grabbing, boob grabbing, rolling on the couch kissing like crazy. guess who has a video ???? yours truly hahhahaa. i will be getting a better one soon from my friends digital cam when he gets back, so i will post that one. the one on my phone is not that great for quality. anyways, we get trashed again, and jonathan and i walk to saida cause we heard about a party. no party but fun nonetheless. well that about sums it up folks, i know there is a shitload of details im leaving out, but its just too much to type. im off to go reg for school, i hope there are some classes still open dammit.

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Damien said...

wow, sounds like you had fun. welcome back