Wednesday, June 29, 2005

wooooo damn

well i coudnt think of a good title, so that one will work. well sabina is off, and in poland now, i guess we will wait till she gets back. Dont really have much of a choice but yea. anyways, wow, im have been working out pretty steadily now, swimming and working on my bowflex, plus nightly basketball games w/ charlie, and skating. hopefully this will all sum up to...... me being in extreamly good shape. overall im doing pretty damn well, confidence is coming back, which is always a good thing. i guess i have just accepted that there is now way i can change the past, and as long as janna and i are still friends, then i havent ruined "everything" completly. so ya im ok. damn i wish we had some surf, im getting very ancey ( <---- is that spelled right???? ) and i need to get back in the water and on some waves. btw did i mention i swam 13 laps today???? not continous , but 13 none the less. most were down and back, so 2 at a time. damn im wore out after that, but im about to work out, so then ima be really tired. WAVES....WHERE ARE YOU?????? i have been watching the damn weather/swell charts like religiously, and this just sucks. there is nothing headed our way for a while now. i was hoping for something with the disturbance in the gulf, but it turned into TS Brett and slammed into mexico by tampico and veracruz. too bad, it was soo close to bringing us beautiful groundswell. thats ok, because this year is looking like a good year for costa rica. it has been getting nailed by solid swell all freaking summer. the south pacific is really churning some badass storms this year, and its looking like its gonna be an awsome trip to costa rica if the pacific keeps up its trend. well im off to do my thing, and them im out to see "war of the worlds" and hopefully beat that damn crowd. later

Monday, June 27, 2005


well, we just got back and wow, FERRY ROCKED ALL NIGHT! janna ended up getting a severe headache so she didnt make it out, just me and the bro. man that shit was amazing. ferry spun some of the best trance and progressive i have heard yet, and yes, he did spin "punk", which of course initiated a mega dance/jump frenzy in the crowd. im soo glad i got my tickets for that one, and its shows like that and paul van dyk that just keep me going sometimes. when shit is rough and its hitting the fan, i swear these things come to my rescue, and i wonder why i seem to take a break from the scene. i mean, what the hell, its awsome, not that much money, GREAT EXCERCISE, and they take me on the ride of my life. i yell my head off, dance my ass off, and jump until my feet burn. and then i do it again. ferry held us all night with his amazing sounds and he guided us into the place we needed to be. i want to sincerely thank ferry corsten and paul van dyk for an awsome summer so far. its amazing to me to see people that just cant grasp the beauty of it all, they go because its a club or a dance thing, and they stand there, or whatever it is that they do. its a time of relaxation, a time of reflection, and a time of healing. you lose yourself to the music, the beats, the buildups, the huge chorus of wonderful sounds like take your drifting through your own mind. i pity those who dont feel it like 'we' do, and maybe one day, when u let go, and dont care about whats cool or all that, and just let it go, u can see what im talking about. ..... and no, hell no, on the floppy clown pants raver fags. go home and listen to ur dj irene shit, leave the real shows for the true hardcore fans. this is dave rich, signing off. to everyone, have a great night, and may the dancing never stop.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

last night

well last night was so much fun. me and my buddy moe hung out with our friend sabina from poland. she is going back on tuesday so we had a little going away thing. me, moe, her, and her friend, i think it is spelled alicia(she is also from poland) played a fun drinking game, that lasted entirely too long, and we all got officially drunk. this morning sucked, but im doing ok now, about to fill my stomach with something. well im gonna miss her tons, and hopefully she will be back very soon. she is scheduled to fly back on august 3rd or something, so it wont be too long and we will have our friend back. as for tonight, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn, im going to ferry corsten at M-bar with my ex janna and my little bro. man if i can get my little bro to get back to work on his stuff, we will be releasing some tracks on a site we are currently developing for him. visit sometime anyways, well im outa here. time to do some laundry, yea i know, fun fun!

Saturday, June 25, 2005


hahaha well here we are its saturday, and woooo la. played a damn good game of basketball last night against my bud charlie. that felt very good because i loved basketball as a kid. my ultimate goal was to play in the nba but i soon realized after playing in junior high, that i freeze up on the court. i could never relax, so i played awsome d, but i was never aggressive enough on offense. so i stopped playing and i let basketball slip from my mind. good to know though that last night, it all kinda came back, my shooting and everything. we also did some very good skating, and im getting pumping down on the carve board to build speed just like i would do on a surfboard. i fell very hard, pumping too aggressivley and i ate shit. my hands were numb for a good 5 min, but i got up and kept it going. that was about it for last night, and im seeing new light in my life. well im out, ill try and post later. lates

Friday, June 24, 2005

last night recap

well as you all probably read the short posts, i got drunk last night. btw, if they are short like that its cause they are coming from my cell phone, and im very limited on the number of characters in the message. anyways, ya so i got drunk at rami's again. we had a great time, a shitload of people came and it was very fun and entertaining. we ran out of OJ for the second time and no one was in the shape to go drive and get some, so i started taking shots of vodka mixed with wine. yes wine. i know it sounds horrible but it actually was not that bad, i had like 3 or 4. things got real interesting when the cops showed, they never actually knocked on the door or anything, but they were standing just outside his apt, i could see them from the window. they eventually left, and everything was fine. janna, my ex, went out with her friends last night too, and i hate even thinking about stuff like that. well i got a txt and a call, so i was talking with her, and it all just kinda hit me. i got upset, i cried a tad, but yea just kinda lost my composure there for a min. i apologized for everything i did in the past and i talked with her for a another min or so, and i just got off of the phone, because it wasnt getting any better. i took a couple of minutes to gather my thoughts and get my shit together before i walked back in. the rest of the night went on, pretty much uneventful. i did end up kissing some girl , but once again, it just doesnt get my mind off her. so i think im taking a break for a while, kinda need to calm down, get my shit together again. my good friend sabina is leaving to go back to poland on tuesday and im not happy about that either. she has been a wonderful friend and i enjoyed every second of hanging out with her, studying with her and moe till fucking 4am, and partying with her. she tells us she is coming back for fall semester but im doubtful, not that i dont believe her, but just because thats a tough situation, and i need to be a tad doubtful, so if it doesnt happen, it wont bother me as much. hopefully i will see her this weekend before she leaves because she has been very busy working and getting everything together for her departure. well im outa here, time to get moving, i think im gonna go skate or something. where the fuck is the surf???? gimme a hurricane or something

We5l im drunk again and

We5l im drunk again and the convo w/ janna just upset me so bad.maybe i siould have another shot 2 wash it down.all worries gone.

Wat is itbout exgirlfrhend and

Wat is itbout exgirlfrhend and callin u from a club drunk 2 make u feel l4ke drownin urself in a day ill forget about her

Josh just said 'harible' haha

Josh just said 'harible' haha wat a douche. damn im throwed haha again but we r runnin out of the V! ahh damn

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Kill me. sumone kill me

Kill me. sumone kill me qwick. dont u love being reminded of the shit u try so hard 2 forget

wow wtf happened

hrmmm last night is kind of a blur. haha just read the damn posts from my phone, lol. anyways, man i got throwwwwwwwwwed! i didnt expect that to happen but it did dammit. i had some vodka at rami's and then we went to barneys and played some pool. well we know a waitress so we got free play, yay! i had 1 rum and coke, and 2 screwdrivers there and rami had a screwdriver and a HUGE long island ice tea. wow, then we got back and i had some more vodka and rami started drinking wine. whatever hahahhahhaa. anyways we went swimming and all kinds of shit with some girl named becca, and then we had like a huge battle royal in his room, and well i got my ass wooped. then i lost my celly and i swore his dog ate it. 1 hour later i finally found the damn thing in the closet. i set my alarm to goto bed (btw its now like 6am) so i could wake up for work. I FORGOT TO TAKE IT OFF VIBRATE! dammit im sooo stupid lol. but i did wake up around 12 something cause our other friend joe came over and he needed a ride to work. dammit, my head hurts, i hate cheap vodka. rodji, ramis dog tipped my glass of vodka over last night and started drinking it!!!! hahahah. ok im done, time to get back to work. lates

haha woonnn6onoo damn im drunk.

haha woonnn6onoo damn im drunk. yea mang wat7 the deal? rami is my bro 4ever. man umm fuck u alllllkl i am goin 2 costa rica

Hey everone im drunk w/

Hey everone im drunk w/ my best friend so much fun @ barneys.i love vodka its the best thhng on earth. sorry im on a cell.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

some pictures of paul van dyk show baby!

The most boring day ever!

Well today was officially the most boring day ever! I didnt even wake up till around 2 something, because i just had this feeling. I called some friends to see what was going on. Disaster! I did eventually go swimming with my surfing buddy charlie, and we got a good work out, and strengthened our lungs a tad. To give you guys a heads up, surfing is not what it seems at times. It is one of the most strenuous sports i have ever done, and i have done alot of extreme sports. The main thing is all the paddling around until you are actually in the wave. I guess if your a weekend surfer, surf when you just feel like it, then sure paddle out, do your shit, and have fun. I take surfing very serious and am trying to improve in every aspect, plus the health benefits are nice. We are leaving august 15th to head to costa rica for 9 days for some of the best surf in the world. I will be surfing pretty much every day, at least 5 hours a day. This is going to kill me if i dont start getting ready now, strengthening up, conditioning, and working on my stamina with my breath(in case i get worked) and my stamina with padling through heavy current and hopefully, huge walls of whitewater hahahaha. i didnt do much last night, coded a little bit. im working on a program to allow me to monitor the status of all of my machines at work plus the network segments they are on. i know i know there is already software to do this, but it is much more fun to me to write my own. man did i mention i went to see Paul van Dyk last saturday??? OMG IT WAS AMAZING! i went with my ex janna and her friend craig who is cool as shit. ill post some pictutres of it. Im also headed to Ferry Corsten this sunday on the 26th. gonna be awsome. hopefully tonight i will be going to some friends houses for a tad of sum drank! BTW IM BROKE AS SHIT! damn $168 cell bill + padre surf trip + bourbon street killed me. cmon friday, i need ya.

first post ever!

well, this is my first attempt at a blog. This is going to be very interesting, i mean hell i dunno why im even doing this but o well. things right now in my life are going a tad slow. i work a badass job, paid salary but this is our off season, so i only work 2 days a week, 8 hours a week max and i still get paid the same. i thought this would be badass but now its turning into a disaster because i just have way too much freetime and im going insane. i have been reflecting on alot in my life lately, basically trying to figure out my goals and where i want to go. also i have been strugling alot recently with loosing my girlfriend. we are still friends and all, but i cant really seem to let go of the fact that i pretty much single handedly destroyed us. she was an awsome girl and probly one of the best i have ever been with, and now im pretty much stuck on the fact that i dont have her right now, cause i was an ass. well i hope to keep this thing really up to date. im gonna try and figure out what the hell to do with the rest of my night now. lates