Thursday, July 21, 2005

recap of tuesday(night) and wed morning

well, the meeting at work went ok, they were impressed with the work i have been doing thus far. i have some new assignments so ill be working on those in the weeks to come. well charlie fucking called me like 6 times in 30 sec in the middle of my meeting, which seriously pissed me off. anyways, i get to surfside and meet my friends. the SURF WAS A MESS!! the hurricane was pretty much just too close to us, and was all blown out. if you could imagine the inside of a washer on spin cycle, thats what the damn waves looked like. anyways, after talking with shane and them, they were already pissed at charlie for some shit he was pulling once again. so as the night wore on, we were steadily getting more and more mad at his commands and attempts to somehow run the night. (keep in mind he is like 6 months older than me) so he gets a little trashed at dinner, and we get back to the room. shane and the rest of us want some beer, but charlie is freaking. we decide, fuck him, we are having fun too. (i paid 56 for the hotel, so i wanted to do something cause the waves sucked and i dropped cash for nothing). so we get some beer and come back, no biggie, except charlie is trying to sleep. its 11pm haahahahaha. hes like ok just be quiet. we were really quiet but charlie kept waking up and freaking out, only yelling at me. i kept telling him to fuck off/fuck himself and it was getting funnier by the minute. we almost got in a fight when i walked out with my beer in my hand on cell call, and he snatched it outa my hand. i wasnt mad because i didnt even pay attention that i had it in my hand when i walked out. we had made an agreement to keep it in the room since hes a cop and we are under age. so then he comes out to talk shit to me, gets right in my face and starts babbling about what the fuck is my problem, blah blah, so i told him to get the fuck out of my face and i walked off. hes still freaking when i come back in, and we are just ignoring him more. we then goto sleep, surf in the am (SUCKED EVEN MORE) and i decided i was going home. well i was charlie's ride so that made for an interesting drive back. long story short, we had it out, and i told him everything everyone has wanted to tell him but didnt have the balls. i dont think he is going to costa rica with us anymore (his choice cause HES A FUCKING SELL OUT AND A HALF) and i dont know where our friendship lies at this point in time. pretty much it is up to him. i will only meet people half way so many times, and if you have a serious character defect/flaw such as him, then i duno what to tell you because im not very interested in helping you sort your shit out at my expense. i have dealt with you long enough, now you get it together. thats pretty much everything. o hahaha, now i dunno about spi anymore, because my friends in mexico are in the middle of the tropical storm right now. i will call them again tomarrow and we will see. hopefully i can still meet them, i need a good vacation after that bunch of drama. anyways, time for bed. night everyone

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Anonymous said...

Stop goin on about shitty waves!!! You know just as well as i do all you need to do is hop on a plane and come see me in OZ!! Theres always waves here!!! Fuck bring ALL ya mates if you really want!! Miss you xxxx PS i dont wanna fuck you! JJ