Tuesday, October 11, 2005

police today

well as it just so happens, the beating in new orleans is something i have been talking about for a while. im really getting scared of police today. i think, and i will carry this thought to the grave, that they are a bunch of gun toting fucks that swing their weight around while they drive around all day, making their measly salery in true high school diploma fasion, while they fuck with innocent people. "The confrontation came as the New Orleans Police Department — long plagued by allegations of brutality and corruption — struggles with the aftermath of Katrina." i too was a victom of this shit in New Orleans, and its BULLSHIT! i was attempting to get into a strip club when i was there for my first time, and i had been declined all night. when finally i had a chance, we went to to get my older brothers friends, and then we tried, but the doorman had changed, and wham, they wouldnt let me. out of frustration,i flipped the card of the place over my shoulder when i walked off, and it seriously pissed off the doorman, and he proceded to yell shit at me in the street trying to get me to come and fight him. i just stood there, and laughed my ass off with josh, cory's (my older bro) friend. the doorman then walked to a new orleans police officer and told him what happened, which was obviously NOT A CRIME! i proceded to walk off, and then they grabbed me from behind, jacked my wrist/arm around my back, and the officer said to me exactly these words "welcome to new orleans, your going to apologize". now, isnt that some shit. if the world ran my way, i would, and i mean this seriously, i would have shot him right in the face where he stood for that corrupted bullshit. needless to say i apoligized, or else i was headed to jail for whatever bullshit charge they would have hit me with. people wonder why the youth of today is so against government, police, and authority, well shit i wonder why. when bush and all his clowns can go golfing and fuck the entire world up over $3000 a plate dinners, i would say we are in a pretty shitty state folks. people always say, " i would never live there, that country is so corrupted". WAKE UP! YOU THINK THE USA IS ANY DIFFERENT?? and no im not some liberal guy, running my mouth. political parties are bullshit they brainwashed you with so you would pick sides. im on NO ONES SIDE. anyways, police of this nation need a wake up call. just read this is excerpt from yahoo news, about the police depts quote on the matter. "Police Superintendent Warren Riley said any misconduct would be dealt with swiftly. He noted the video showed "a portion of that incident."
"The actions that were observed on this video are certainly unacceptable by this department," Riley said.
ummmm, seriously they can all goto hell, and i wish every bit of evil shit upon them. thats all i can do when what i would really like to do to them and all their bosses would land me on death row. if any "real, honest" police or former "real,honest" police read this, im sorry if you do a good honest job every day but the rest of your idiot friends are screwing it up for you. good night

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