Sunday, October 16, 2005

im still alive....amazing

hahaha yes its true, i somehow made and im alive. friday night was pretty crazy. i got a lapdance and i made out with sabina, and i got pretty trashed. my bro and i had a blast with rami and everyone. the on saturday, we hit up main event and played some games and a badass game of lazertag, which he beat the shit outa me in. then we went over to tommy bahamas for some of their microbrew, and well i didnt like it that much. it tasted better the first time i had it or maybe i was just drunk lol. then saturday night came, and wow did it come. we started at barneys, played some pool. i didnt drink too much, just like 2 beers, a captain and coke, 2 kamakazi shots. then we headed to tokiyohanas, where i went friday night, and we, well mostly i and janna, got SMASHED! i dont know how much, i dont remember much, but i had ALOT. as soon as we walked in, we had a shot of 4 horsemen. then sabina came, and the group got together, me, my bro, rami, rami's coworker and her friend, sabina, janna, and like 4 of janna's friends. me and sabina and rami and cory all had another shot, then i had a mytai. then i got another shot, and then i got a drink for me and carly (janna's friend) because that night was her graduation from aveda school or something. then i remember friends of sabina's buying me a shot of yager i think, and a shot of petrone, and i pretty much dont remember much after that. i have several stories from everyone of me takign what im guessing is another 2-5 shots that they know about. wow. aparently i made out with like janna, some other girl, rami's coworker, lol i dont know but it was fucking crazy. i threw up in the bathroom of the place and all kinds of crap. they said i pretty much could not even walk out of there, and i was falling down like crazy in the parking lot hahahaha. ohhh man, then we get to the house, and my mom was awake. i was throwing up and laughing in the grass of our front yard for a while, and i ran into a treee and kept eating shit in the grass, all the while laughin and giggling and saying "im 21 yaaaayaya, im 21 and im a virgen". i do not have any clue what that meant, but i said it. then i threw up in the sink in the kitchen, and in my bathroom, and i passed the fuck out. that was pretty much my night, i didnt feel too bad the enxt day either (today). no headache, no puke, close but no. i feel a little crappy, but i have had way worse hangovers on way less drink. i dont think i will be drinking like that again anytime soon. thanks everyone for a badass 21!!!!!

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