Wednesday, June 29, 2005

wooooo damn

well i coudnt think of a good title, so that one will work. well sabina is off, and in poland now, i guess we will wait till she gets back. Dont really have much of a choice but yea. anyways, wow, im have been working out pretty steadily now, swimming and working on my bowflex, plus nightly basketball games w/ charlie, and skating. hopefully this will all sum up to...... me being in extreamly good shape. overall im doing pretty damn well, confidence is coming back, which is always a good thing. i guess i have just accepted that there is now way i can change the past, and as long as janna and i are still friends, then i havent ruined "everything" completly. so ya im ok. damn i wish we had some surf, im getting very ancey ( <---- is that spelled right???? ) and i need to get back in the water and on some waves. btw did i mention i swam 13 laps today???? not continous , but 13 none the less. most were down and back, so 2 at a time. damn im wore out after that, but im about to work out, so then ima be really tired. WAVES....WHERE ARE YOU?????? i have been watching the damn weather/swell charts like religiously, and this just sucks. there is nothing headed our way for a while now. i was hoping for something with the disturbance in the gulf, but it turned into TS Brett and slammed into mexico by tampico and veracruz. too bad, it was soo close to bringing us beautiful groundswell. thats ok, because this year is looking like a good year for costa rica. it has been getting nailed by solid swell all freaking summer. the south pacific is really churning some badass storms this year, and its looking like its gonna be an awsome trip to costa rica if the pacific keeps up its trend. well im off to do my thing, and them im out to see "war of the worlds" and hopefully beat that damn crowd. later

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