Monday, June 27, 2005


well, we just got back and wow, FERRY ROCKED ALL NIGHT! janna ended up getting a severe headache so she didnt make it out, just me and the bro. man that shit was amazing. ferry spun some of the best trance and progressive i have heard yet, and yes, he did spin "punk", which of course initiated a mega dance/jump frenzy in the crowd. im soo glad i got my tickets for that one, and its shows like that and paul van dyk that just keep me going sometimes. when shit is rough and its hitting the fan, i swear these things come to my rescue, and i wonder why i seem to take a break from the scene. i mean, what the hell, its awsome, not that much money, GREAT EXCERCISE, and they take me on the ride of my life. i yell my head off, dance my ass off, and jump until my feet burn. and then i do it again. ferry held us all night with his amazing sounds and he guided us into the place we needed to be. i want to sincerely thank ferry corsten and paul van dyk for an awsome summer so far. its amazing to me to see people that just cant grasp the beauty of it all, they go because its a club or a dance thing, and they stand there, or whatever it is that they do. its a time of relaxation, a time of reflection, and a time of healing. you lose yourself to the music, the beats, the buildups, the huge chorus of wonderful sounds like take your drifting through your own mind. i pity those who dont feel it like 'we' do, and maybe one day, when u let go, and dont care about whats cool or all that, and just let it go, u can see what im talking about. ..... and no, hell no, on the floppy clown pants raver fags. go home and listen to ur dj irene shit, leave the real shows for the true hardcore fans. this is dave rich, signing off. to everyone, have a great night, and may the dancing never stop.

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