Saturday, June 25, 2005


hahaha well here we are its saturday, and woooo la. played a damn good game of basketball last night against my bud charlie. that felt very good because i loved basketball as a kid. my ultimate goal was to play in the nba but i soon realized after playing in junior high, that i freeze up on the court. i could never relax, so i played awsome d, but i was never aggressive enough on offense. so i stopped playing and i let basketball slip from my mind. good to know though that last night, it all kinda came back, my shooting and everything. we also did some very good skating, and im getting pumping down on the carve board to build speed just like i would do on a surfboard. i fell very hard, pumping too aggressivley and i ate shit. my hands were numb for a good 5 min, but i got up and kept it going. that was about it for last night, and im seeing new light in my life. well im out, ill try and post later. lates

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