Friday, June 24, 2005

last night recap

well as you all probably read the short posts, i got drunk last night. btw, if they are short like that its cause they are coming from my cell phone, and im very limited on the number of characters in the message. anyways, ya so i got drunk at rami's again. we had a great time, a shitload of people came and it was very fun and entertaining. we ran out of OJ for the second time and no one was in the shape to go drive and get some, so i started taking shots of vodka mixed with wine. yes wine. i know it sounds horrible but it actually was not that bad, i had like 3 or 4. things got real interesting when the cops showed, they never actually knocked on the door or anything, but they were standing just outside his apt, i could see them from the window. they eventually left, and everything was fine. janna, my ex, went out with her friends last night too, and i hate even thinking about stuff like that. well i got a txt and a call, so i was talking with her, and it all just kinda hit me. i got upset, i cried a tad, but yea just kinda lost my composure there for a min. i apologized for everything i did in the past and i talked with her for a another min or so, and i just got off of the phone, because it wasnt getting any better. i took a couple of minutes to gather my thoughts and get my shit together before i walked back in. the rest of the night went on, pretty much uneventful. i did end up kissing some girl , but once again, it just doesnt get my mind off her. so i think im taking a break for a while, kinda need to calm down, get my shit together again. my good friend sabina is leaving to go back to poland on tuesday and im not happy about that either. she has been a wonderful friend and i enjoyed every second of hanging out with her, studying with her and moe till fucking 4am, and partying with her. she tells us she is coming back for fall semester but im doubtful, not that i dont believe her, but just because thats a tough situation, and i need to be a tad doubtful, so if it doesnt happen, it wont bother me as much. hopefully i will see her this weekend before she leaves because she has been very busy working and getting everything together for her departure. well im outa here, time to get moving, i think im gonna go skate or something. where the fuck is the surf???? gimme a hurricane or something

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