Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The most boring day ever!

Well today was officially the most boring day ever! I didnt even wake up till around 2 something, because i just had this feeling. I called some friends to see what was going on. Disaster! I did eventually go swimming with my surfing buddy charlie, and we got a good work out, and strengthened our lungs a tad. To give you guys a heads up, surfing is not what it seems at times. It is one of the most strenuous sports i have ever done, and i have done alot of extreme sports. The main thing is all the paddling around until you are actually in the wave. I guess if your a weekend surfer, surf when you just feel like it, then sure paddle out, do your shit, and have fun. I take surfing very serious and am trying to improve in every aspect, plus the health benefits are nice. We are leaving august 15th to head to costa rica for 9 days for some of the best surf in the world. I will be surfing pretty much every day, at least 5 hours a day. This is going to kill me if i dont start getting ready now, strengthening up, conditioning, and working on my stamina with my breath(in case i get worked) and my stamina with padling through heavy current and hopefully, huge walls of whitewater hahahaha. i didnt do much last night, coded a little bit. im working on a program to allow me to monitor the status of all of my machines at work plus the network segments they are on. i know i know there is already software to do this, but it is much more fun to me to write my own. man did i mention i went to see Paul van Dyk last saturday??? OMG IT WAS AMAZING! i went with my ex janna and her friend craig who is cool as shit. ill post some pictutres of it. Im also headed to Ferry Corsten this sunday on the 26th. gonna be awsome. hopefully tonight i will be going to some friends houses for a tad of sum drank! BTW IM BROKE AS SHIT! damn $168 cell bill + padre surf trip + bourbon street killed me. cmon friday, i need ya.

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