Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bombing the Ditch

I took my board to school/work this morning with me. The board is some length unknown sector9. We have a ditch that the concrete goes up on both sides and the entire ditch slopes down as it goes down a hill. The slope is perfect for speed and the front part of the ditch is gental sloping walls while the middle to end get pretty steep and hairy. Sound like a wave? Well it feels just like one! I had a great session out there by myself today. First I was just getting a feel for the board again, doing big carves back down the face and into the bottom, pumping for speed for a return to the lip. Then as I got a little more comfortable, I started turning hard at the top into the bottom, all the while trying to stay as fluid as possible and make it look as good as possible haha. I tried to replicate my movements on a wave and get a better feel for my next waves (hopefully soon) so I can start being more aggressive in the water. At the top of the hill I started going big and pumping in the bottom and heading straight (vertical) up the face on the other side to follow through with a big tailslide at the last second to keep from launching the lip. Ahhhhhhhhh! Ill try and post some videos of this madness very soon, maybe I can get the crew out there this weekend for some shredding.


gracefullee said...

Hey, you might be the person to ask. I've been playing around with the idea of getting a skateboard. I don't want to do tricks. I don't really care about air. I'm a longboarder in the water, so I figure that's what I should be out of the water. Can you give me some insight into a cost-effective basic skateboard?

dave rich said...

Im pretty much after the exact same thing you are, however I dont longboard :) Anyways.... the board I ride is mainly used for downhill and a light aggressive skating. I ride a Sector9 and you can check them out at goto products and boards, check out the cloud9 series. i ride what is basically the #3 or #4 on that page. they are long and feel like a long board, but they can have the speed in turning and trims that a long board has. I can even walk the nose and get 5 over, sometimes a little nose manual if Im lucky. I bought this from a friend for around 40 dollars. They get a little pricey brandnew, I think just over 100. To me, especially being a Texas surfer, they are amazing training tools. Not only will you learn the dynamics of low turns and carves to build/control speed but you will learn to be fluid with your legs. Your stance and body motions feel, to me anyway, almost exactly the same as when I ride a wave. I will take some pictures on thursday of the ditch I ride to show you guys its wave like qualities. So yea, just check out that site and gravity boards are pretty good too, but I think they are meant for a little more aggressive skating. Ill post some pictures of my board too very soon. hope this helps!

gracefullee said...

The ditch video is GREAT. Makes me want to get a skateboard. Thanks for the tips. I'll take a look at the boards.