Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Back From the Dead

Well, at least partly. The surf ha sbeen non existent but Ocean Gods are finally giving us a ray of hope. Surf should firm up to chest+ by thursday, but as usual, I have class at 10am followed by work. Ill just have to wait till our next decent little windswell and hope to god that it falls on a day that is good for me. On a lighter note, we are halfway through feb, and just that much closer to summer. Being that much closer to summer means Im just that much closer to warm water pumping hurricane swells and my much anticipated Mexico trip. Life has been treating me well so far and I can honestly say that everything is going well. Im pretty much all moved in to the place, and Rami (my roommate and best friend of 12 or so years) I bought our beds last night. So im sitting here at work, about to pass out in my chair from boredom. What I would give to be in southern pacific Mexico, in a hammock with a cerveza. Just relaxing, waiting for hightide to come and work its magic on the 6ft. 14sec swell breaking just out in front of me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mother Nature save me.

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