Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Damn Clark Foam

My hopes and dreams have been crushed! I have been checking out a brand new Al Merrick 6'2" Sashimi for quite a while now. Today I swung into the shop to have another look and maybe check out some other boards when BLAM! The prices on all Al Merricks have jumped 50-80 dollars! I know this doesnt seem like much, but now this board will not get anywhere close to my vehicle for less than 630 after tax and thats just ridiculous! My friend recently bought a used Surftech Robert August 9'6" for like 450, and its in primo condition. Anyways, I started looking at some other boards and I stumbled across a board maker I checked out once after seeing 2 of his boards in our shops. The brand is WaterCooled and I forget the name of the shaper, but they are based in Australia. So Im checking out the board, it has pretty much the same shape of the Sashimi, a good rocker, and a nice like winged swallow tail. It is designed for small surf to a couple of feet overhead, just like the Sashimi. The problem is, they only have 2, a 6'0" and a 6'4". DAMN! The price difference is 600+tax for Sashimi, and 350+tax for Watercooled. I could deal with the size and just ride a 6'0" but, the watercooled is much thinner, like most australian boards I have seen. This worries me because it will more difficult to get into waves. Whatever Ill figure something out. So work has been a little boring lately. We are slowing down right now as we are in the middle of tax season. Rami and I have just been enjoying the new place and I have been learning the joys of cooking and cleaning. I knew it would all come back. For months my mom made fun of me saying that I would be so sloppy when I moved out, but now I want to cook and clean because its my stuff. For some odd reason its just way different than living at home or something. Anyways, no good surf for next couple of days or so. I wont miss another session dammit. Later

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