Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Surfing...The Lack Thereof

I have been surfless for quite a while now and im going INSANE!! Notice the new counter at the top of the page? That is currently set on an estimated date but its pretty close to accurate. Right now Im trying to devise a way for my readers (are there any?) to track my location as I make my way through mexico. I have been looking into APRS position reporting system but Im not sure if there are any HAM nodes in Mexico to keep me updated. O well I have some time to figure that one out. I have been tossing around numbers and this is just pretty much gonna be the way, unless my friends bail, in which case Ill probably just head back to Costa Rica. k well im out.

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Anonymous said...

yes. seeings how i never hear form you anymore, i read this when i get the chance, still much prefer talkin to you though :( you have AGES to go before you go to mexico, poor ting :( i wish i was going newhere, australia sux at the moment :(