Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That Hurricane is just tooooooo close!

Dolly Dolly Dolly. I wish you a speedy death.

It would have done us wave starved Texans much much better had she taken a middle of the Gulf route. Instead the Florida pan handle caught the goodness we usually are blessed with, as if they dont get enough swell!

Its getting big around here but the conditions are less than ideal with us being on the "dirty" side of the storm. The winds are all over the place and our surf is in total 'victory at sea' condition right now. Everyone is hoping on Thurs or Fri, IF there is enough swell left over. Im just writing it off and hopefully we will have some decent winds this weekend for some good sailing.

Rami and I went sailing on sunday and we had a damn blast despite the late start. He hasn't been out there in a long time but he quickly remembered. This time though, I was going to give him the full crash course and get him handling the boat comfortably. We had a great sail with light winds at first but they steadily increased later on and it was my first time to sail into and across the ship channel. We were just enjoying the vibe, drinking and I was laying down below trying to imagine and pretend we were sailing across the ocean somewhere. Total bliss! I got Rami to start single handing and forcing him to tack and work the sails at the same time. We sailed all the way through the channel coming in and were coming along nicely but a little slow. A beautiful classic cruiser passed us motor-sailing through the channel and a motor boat was stuck behind us and our little sailing traffic jam. I was worried he would pull the typical "power boater" attitude and I apologized to him as he passed and he just laughed and said "no worries man, isnt that what its all about??". You rock dude! So the wind picked up and I forced Rami to sail straight at the Sundance Grill2 to scare the people a little and get the most of our tack. We pulled a BEAUTIFUL tack maybe 15ft before running into the dock and we caught some thumbs up and shouts from the crowd eating outside.

Coming across the lake I asked Rami what time he had to be home. He informed me that he didnt have any schedule to adhere to so we quickly turned around and headed for the Turtle Club, a floating bar. We tied off and headed in to get the sunday special called Bushwackers. All they told me was "a couple of types of rum, some Kahlua, some licqour crap, and yea...... they'll put ya down. After 2 each, we decided it was time to get outa there before being on a boat would have just been too difficult and we motored on back to the marina. What an awsome night!!!!!

Everything else has been going ok. Ive been getting a little bored as always so Im thinking of a new direction for this site in conjunction with my youtube account. I have a good camera and I would like to start filming some sailing and stuff so stay tuned.

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