Friday, July 11, 2008

Subway Lines

Well, not those trains but the restaraunts.

Why does it seem that every single time I go there I get stuck behind some douche bag who is ordering for the entire office? Why dont they ever have enough sense or kindness to let me, single sandwich guy, pass and pay????? So I just want to say thanks to the lady who drug her 3 very young children into the store and let them choose their sandwiches while explaining all of the available options and wasting 20 minutes of my lunch period. Asshole.

Not much else going on, just hungover and tired. I had a late night last night and some more drama and I swear to God Im so ready for this week to end. Its has been NONSTOP shit all week and it has to end. Its too much to explain but lets just say I have never been so well reminded of why I have been single for almost 2 years now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Im going to try for a sail despite the shitty wind forecasts. Lol, love the optimism today in this post

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