Thursday, August 07, 2008

Office Mishaps

Well... let me explain Jason. Jason is one of those people that disaster just follows him around wherever his presence may be. Kinda like pigpen with that cloud of dust from Charlie Brown.

Whether its his motorcycle spewing oil all over his pants, his truck tailights falling out on the road, or contantly spilling drinks on himself; he's a walking DISASTER! He provides our office with non stop entertainment, unfortunately for him it is all at his expense.

Today he topped the charts with this stunt. He was trying to replace his battery backup under his desk and we have these crazy complicated cubicle things. Anyways, he was trying to disconnect the upper desk part, with all of his things still on there, and WAMMMO. The entire desk piece flipped over and he was yelling for me to come and save his monitors. Sorry for the blurryness of the pics but we were just laughing too hard! Yes thats a coke on the ground and it got all over everything!!!!!!!!!!!
In the end, the battery backup didnt even plug into the wall socket that was behind all that! He did it for NOTHING! Gotta love it! This is for you Jason, I told you I would put it on my blog. hahahahah thanks for the non stop fun.

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